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  1. Abe Lincoln doesn't appear to like either.... ...suggests another option: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLAh3pui-CI
  2. I think his chances are slightly better than 50%. Johnson will likely focus his efforts on New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. If he can poll well in these states, other parts of the country may look at him more seriously. I think his numbers will creep towards the 15% hopefully hitting the target in time.
  3. Video of the rally today is already up on youtube:
  4. Right now? The six polls I've seen yesterday or today, have Paul either tied or leading Sanitorium in Sud-Karolina.
  5. Colbert most favorable among GOP candidates I have to admit that I've been enjoying following Colbert/Stewart during these primaries.
  6. Mark Steyn: Ron Paul beckons GOP to Fortress America Article Link
  7. Update on the Dr.: A (Bloomberg) poll released yesterday has Paul in second place in Iowa, one percentage point behind Cain. A (Bloomberg) poll released today has Paul in second place in New Hampshire. And a new (PPP) poll has Paul ahead of Obama among independents, 48% to 39%.
  8. In case you missed it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6an4zSj8LhU
  9. No you probably bought the old bungalow down the hill away from the dump. I guess most people would given the choice. But, to continue with this analogy and as I gaze into my crystal ball: Unfortunately, not too long after the purchase, a hurricane passed over the town causing a flood that damaged and/or destroyed all the homes .... ....except for the nice house on top of the hill next to the dump. To make matters worse, the entity that insured all the homeowners went bankrupt due to the overwhelming amount of claims made by the townsfolk. You may believe some of his policies are ludicrous, but there are some who believe (yours truly included) that supporting any of the other candidates among the crop available could be potentially devastating in the not-too-distant future. For the record, I do not equate RP with a dump.
  10. I wonder if polls conducted after September 7 will have Perry leading by double digits. It'll be the first time he will be on stage with the other candidates, and I'm sure some will have him in their crosshairs.
  11. Excellent article by Peter Schiff on Ron Paul. For those that don't know, Peter Schiff is another one of those "in the know". Snipetts from the article:
  12. Some of his predictions are quite specific and events later unfolded just as he said they would. For example, he foresaw the growth and burst of the housing bubble. Looking back now his words back in 2003 definitely puts him "in the know" category.
  13. Interestingly, there is a poll out today that has Ron Paul ahead of the other republican candidates for the "under 30" age group. The Gallup poll taken between August 17 to 21, 2011 has Ron Paul with 29% support from this group. Governor Perry is second with 21%. Unfortunately for Paul, only 4% of the over 65 age group supports him... ...compared to 40% for Perry.
  14. At best, printing money out of thin air devalues the currency. This is basically a tax on everyone holding the currency as their purchasing power decreases. See Weimar circa 1923 for a worse case scenario.
  15. I didn't suggest that you suggested that, but I see where you are coming from. I would also like to state for the record that I am not endorsing the current Governor of Ohio for President. Not sure what you are asking here. Will the ends and the means matter to the U.S. voter? What else is there but ends and the means to achieve them. I would just like to say, If I were voting in the U.S. election, I would like to know whether Perry's assertion that the employment situation has improved under his Governorship is accurate. If it in fact did not improve, but actually deteriorated, I think that fact would have some bearing on my eventual voting preference. Not sure why you bring up Obama, but his policies likely had very little to do with employment in Texas. As I had written earlier, population growth of over 20% during this period, is the biggest factor in rising employment numbers, which should not be confused with employment rates, which have gone down.
  16. Moving to Texas doesn't necessarily transition one from being unemployed to employed. Since Perry has been Governor, employment as a percentage of the population has gone down from 47% to 43.5%. Although there was an increase in the number of jobs in the state, this was dwarfed by the increase in the population of Texas during the same period. Should also note tbat about a third of the jobs created were public or government jobs, probably created to accommodate the larger population.
  17. They're not just ignoring the guy. Just found this video: Fox coverage of Ron Paul CPAC win ...
  18. Looks like Azimuth is a new polling company, so they don't have a record to show how credible they are. After doing a few more searches, its seems polling numbers are very inconsistent. PPP has a poll suggesting that Paul has only 9% support among Texas Republicans, which seems a little odd considering that Texans do have a history of voting for him. Here is another poll from USA Today/Gallup: http://www.usatoday.com/news/politics/2011-08-08-poll-gallup-election_n.htm Romney leads (24%) followed by Perry (17%) and Paul (14%) I assume this a poll of everyone, not just registered Republicans.
  19. I found this: http://www.azimuthpolls.com/ In the State of Texas they have Ron Paul leading with 22% followed by Rick Perry with 17% support. The poll was conducted at the end of May and the beginning of June. This is just after Paul announced his candidacy and before Perry announced his.
  20. It is easier for them to label him a nut than it would be to actually debate him on the issues. From what I've seen, engaging Ron Paul in debate more often than not leaves one looking foolish. And remember, the labeling works. The casual voter hears about "crazy Uncle Ron" on one network and then sees political commentators mocking him on another, an unfavourable impression is formed in that voter's mind before they even hear Paul speak. Since many don't bother with researching the candidates and the issues, this form of attack is rather successful in delegitimizing Paul.
  21. I agree with this. Liberals probably lost some voters to the Conservatives at the end (after the last polls). I aslo think the Conservatives were better able to get the vote out which would result in higher actual results.
  22. Harper likes kittens... ...how about cute little bunnies. I actually like a good rabbit stew now and then.
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