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  1. Business is hard. Getting stupid people to send you money is easy.
  2. Brian likes them because they are shiny! Brian Very high quality trump bucks. Better than expected. The quality of the bill is very good. It looks very shiny and beautiful. I recommend Trump Bucks to everyone.
  3. Well, he's not here now but... I had to laugh at that AI drone that killed its operator in the simulation. Of course, now it's just a thought experiment, and not a simulation at all.
  4. Yeah, me neither. Hell, imagine what we would owe women!
  5. He was a Trump supporter. Those are prerequisites.
  6. This one should be right up your alley. (you'll have to look up SPG (Special Patrol Group) to fully appreciate it, and I forget the significance of the hedgehog after all these years, but still)
  7. Strangely enough, I don't find Rowan Atkinson that funny when he doesn't talk. I found Black Adder and Not the Nine O'Clock News a lot funnier. Black Adder was a classic.
  8. Neither does my wife. It's a cultural thing.
  9. Only 7 warning points in twenty years? What a boy scout!
  10. Wow, are those the requirements one has to meet join the club, or did you think of those yourself? Because I'm thinking, sign me up!
  11. Not only that but he expects a detailed response to whatever his "friend who surfs the dark web" tells him.
  12. Okay. Whatever restrictions you can get applied I will have to live with. (pun intended) When it comes to my time I still have my Benelli if your restrictions deny me something less dramatic.
  13. I never realised it. You are being controlled by the Devil. It's not your fault. I'm sorry if I have been mean.
  14. Well, Jesus was a hippy. As someone once observed, he had long hair and he didn't have a job. Hippy!
  15. I'm arguing against the idea. You keep quoting the Bible as if it is an authority on how people other than those who want to use it as a guide should act. I don't see you out on the street with a bat enforcing the issues. You don't, do you?
  16. Opposing people who want other people to behave according to their religion is neither virtue signalling nor an ideological stance.
  17. They don't bother me in the slightest. Believe what you will. The moment you try and make others act on those beliefs, however...
  18. Sure, in the same way stopping someone poking me in the eye is imposing my will on them. Guilty of that, I guess. I only have two, after all.
  19. Plus the fact I hold all religious people who try to impose their will on others in equal contempt, graded only by the effect it actually has on said others. The Muslim would probably get the worst of it.
  20. 1-0 win by Nottingham Forest over Arsenal guarantees their EPL status for next year and gives Manchester City the title. Important goal, that!
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