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  1. Suzanne Somers once gave my dad a lovely smile, as he was getting out of the passenger side of my car in Vancouver. She was getting out of the same door of the car in front. Being a visiting Brit he'd never heard of her, of course.
  2. Yeah, but they only had to put on that front for half an hour a week. What do you think they up to for the rest of the time?
  3. Well, there are two answers to that. 1) No, it doesn't. 2) There's nothing irrational about blasphemy. Let's face it. You support freedom of speech for speech you don't mind. Don't worry about it, a lot of people do.
  4. Aren't you of the opinion that blasphemy should be illegal? That would make criminalizing speech part of your ideology too, wouldn't it?.
  5. That's what they told you, but it was really because you were from Lancashire.
  6. So you're living in the open on raw potatoes and blueberries. You don't have a house, or a stove, or even anywhere to put a house or a stove, because you don't have enough potatoes to afford those. Not if you want to keep getting blueberries from Mary. And where does Jeanne get her coffee?
  7. That would definitely be a concern for me if they wanted to outlaw drag queens or stop schools from teaching that homosexuality and trans people are perfectly normal. (Or that women should not be allowed out without a veil and blasphemers should be killed, but I imagine that's down the road a bit) That said, an earlier post by you says that 15-20% of Muslims can be described as Islamists.. That would mean 80-85% of them would not be. So we should do what? An outright ban on any religious people entering the country without a sworn statement that they are well aware of the secular and tolerant nature of the society they are joining and an affirmation that they approve? I'd be okay with that.
  8. Potatoes! That's your next step right there. And then, when you need a bigger truck, you move up to turnips. Of course, there will still be billionaires controlling everyone. They will be the ones with the clean water.
  9. I don't care what your beliefs are, why should I care what theirs are? I just care what people do.
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