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  1. I questioned one of them. Number 12,416. They never got back to me. Those bastards...
  2. I don't know, I've never thought about it. Is there any reason I should?
  3. You'd think someone would tell the poor dear that if he lives to 2100 he's going to be 436% better off.
  4. Hmmm... I have a bunch of leftover deck stain I don't know what to do with. Not only will it prevent them from getting COVID, but they won't have to worry about getting wet for a while too.
  5. Peaceful protest anywhere, about anything, should be allowed without question. Preventing access by anyone to anywhere, or any form of harassment, disturbance of the peace or vandalism, regardless of the cause, should be stopped and the perpetrators charged.
  6. Only sports events that you approve of should be broadcast.
  7. An attempt to put actual history back into perspective. https://historyreclaimed.co.uk/ I think it's fairly new. A lot of dazzling names with Oxford and Cambridge mentioned more than once in the list of contributors. I only read one article, but what the hell, it made sense to me! Here's a quote from it: “Truth is incontrovertible. Panic may resent it. Ignorance may deride it. Malice may distort it. But there it is.”
  8. I don't think I could have made my point any better than you just did.
  9. I can't speak for the others but I argue with people like you because people like you think Trump is good, when he's not. Because you think Covid is a hoax, when it's not. Because you think climate change is not real, when it is. Because you think women are inferior to men, when they aren't. etc. If you think Biden cocked this withdrawal up, why would I argue with you? He did.
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