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  1. Well, he certainly has them amused. And I will say this: I know a lot more now about the American system of government than I ever did before he showed up.
  2. Because it's disingenuous to compare Trump to other presidents. He's the only one who got into the office purely for his own benefit, without any allegiance to a political party or desire to serve the country. He's the only one who cried when he lost, and actively tried to reverse the loss. The only one (along with those RINOs who are subservient to him) to turn your country into a worldwide laughing stock. He's the only one who has sucked up to authoritarian leaders, even supporting one over his own intelligence agency. He's the only one who bragged about grabbing women's privates, and about how he could shoot someone and not lose any votes, thereby showing what he actually thought of the people who vote for him. (although in that regard he did turn out to be very good judge of their character) He's the only one with multiple likely indictments for a variety of infractions. And he's responsible for the creation of a brand new trivia question: Who was the second worst President in US history?
  3. I know you do. With you, (and quite a few others on here) it's a badge of honour.
  4. Agreed, but I do wish he would stay off the TV. When he turned towards the camera and addressed Trump directly on CNN last night all Trump's defense attorneys gave thanks to St. Jude.
  5. I don't know about the indictment being politically motivated, but the GOP response certainly is. If they had waited to see what was actually in the indictment they might have had a little more credibility in their outrage.
  6. Yeah. You should take the bus.
  7. Didn't you say something about justice prevailing? Heavens falling etc?
  8. Get your cheque books out guys!

    If you are doing poorly, as so many of you are, do not send anything. If you are doing well, which was made possible through the great policies of the Trump Administration, send your contribution to donaldjtrump.com/.

    Actually, best if you just send cash.  He doesn't want yet another potential indictment to worry about.

  9. Yeah, yeah. Hey, did you get around to showing where you got this from yet?
  10. Quite right. Unnamed sources (at the moment) indicate that there are ~ 30 counts related to business fraud.
  11. Maybe it should have been Gore x 2.
  12. I understand. Contrarian said the same. I disagreed, citing the aforementioned respect I feel for Americans in general. I also understand they will neither know nor care about that.
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