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  1. Bro: I was just saying that this hasn't been their whole agenda. EI, for one. Maybe you don't count this as a social benefit, as it is insurance. Your points here support the fact that something has been done in 35 years. Whether you support it or not is a different question.
  2. Playful: Actually, I don't think it ever was banned in Canada. I certainly don't recall a test case. It seems that most schools just dropped it voluntarily over the last 25 years or so. Also, there shouldn't be anything wrong with any theist saying The Lord's Prayer as it makes no reference to Jesus himself, just God. Any Jews, Muslims, Buddhists on the board can correct me if I'm wrong. These holidays were co-opted and promoted as mini business booms a long time ago. I hear a lot about this not being allowed to speak, but it seems to me that any examples I hear are abuses of the system. Here's another example from DAC: I looked into this matter after a discussion on another board, and discovered that a text was being debated as 'promoting' homosexuality. That text was a reader for children that included two male neighbours who were living together. That was it. Of course, their sexuality was implied but that was all. Does that promote homosexuality ? Or does it just acknowledge it ? I personally don't think you can make anybody gay or straight anyway, but surely our books should reflect the reality of the world out there. Shouldn't they ?
  3. I should point out that the survey results don't mean that a kid will do better in one system or the other. The professor can only rule out so many cofactors. That said, it's a well-known fact that teaching college graduates are paid better in the public system, so they will attract better people.
  4. Hyperbole ! Obviously they have done more since 1969 than promote bilingualism. Since then, we have streamlined our social benefits, established a constitution, entered into a major free trade pact, and have been active on the world stage just to name a few events.
  5. There's a difference between casual political bias (which occurs in all media) purposeful political bias (which occurs in newspaper editorials, and on FOX News) and propaganda and hate mongering. If Al-Jazeera is anti-semitic then it shouldn't be allowed. We have to set standards for acceptable journalism.
  6. Maybe because hockey players are more important after all. Or ...put another way... that society values hockey players above teachers ? I would think that CEOs began their climb to the top in the heydey of sexism. We'll see that number go up in time.
  7. Be fair, MS. Everybody ran deficits back then. Just as the right in Canada has evolved to understand the necessity of socialized health care, the left has evolved to realize that imprudent economics hurt us all. Remember that Tommy Douglas once said "debts and deficits only make the banks rich".
  8. I'll say this much: Canadians as a group are aching for better management of the existing systems, even if they're reluctant to embrace radical change. This is the story behind the government of Mike Harris. The results of the PC government were mixed, but the promise of better management was what got them elected.
  9. I agree CM. Our political parties today are the great-grandchildren of these parties. And the differences between them are far less than they were.
  10. Another page: Links to many articles including advocates and the Fraser Institute. Canadian Social Research Net
  11. Good job ! Check the link at the bottom of the page for some other interesting stats, such as this: Canadian Welfare Incomes as a Percentage of the Poverty Line by Family Type and Province, 2001
  12. But it's not false either. It all depends on how the money is spent. What if they're investing their money ? Is that taking ? What this discussion needs, firstly, is some facts - welfare payouts as a % of disbursements, abuse rates, etc. We should talk about some solutions that haven't been tried. I'm curious to see what would happen if a truly comprehensive workfare program was attempted. By this I mean, counselling, interviews, job placement - the whole package. Welfare dependency is a complex social problem, and to truly get people off welfare would take more money in the short term, I'm sure. It's easier to cut a cheque for these people and to pat ourselves on the back for having social programmes. Sometimes getting cut off welfare is a good thing for people, sometimes it's a disaster.
  13. I'm with Stoker on this one. I think Democracy is a bit of a victim of its own success. If we had real pressing problems affecting the majority, then we'd be out there voting. Right now, elections seem to have taken their place among many entertainments available to us. You can see from many of the personalities on this board that many people vote as an expression of their personal philosophies about the world, as a way of identifying themselves. Why else would people have such strong opinions about parties that have such similar policies ?
  14. Aha. So this is about "democratic reform is needed because my party didn't win the election". The NDP is doing basically the same thing, arguing for PR.
  15. The differences based on province are miniscule. If I put a Minnesotan, a Seattle resident, an Edmontonian, a Torontonian... anyway you get the picture... If I put all of these people in a room, you wouldn't know where they were from. You'd be more apt to make assumptions about what kind of people they were based on their clothing, their age, and so on. And you'd be right. At some point the CPC will win an election. Hopefully at that time, somebody (either the east, the west or both) will realize that the east-west divisions in this country have been played up to no good end.
  16. Let's all start ignoring the media more, especially television. They only seem to amplify misconceptions that are already out there. I reluctantly voted Liberal, but I didn't believe that Harper would be sending Canadian tanks to Iraq soon as the commercials implied.
  17. Yes, and my friend's cousin, who is Albertan, kicked his dog once. If you set out with the idea Ontarians are biased, you will find plenty of evidence I'm sure.
  18. Luckily, even Mr. Harper doesn't have such a careless attitude towards our country. The insistance on Triple-E senate seems to be based on the idea that 10 provinces deserve equal say but there's no reason for that to be the case. Most of the people live in just two provinces in the east. The Senate doesn't really do anything but block legislation (or send back) anyway, and they haven't done that in a long long time. If you want less government, then you should be in favour of abolishing the senate. This is an idea whose time has come.
  19. They don't think they're the centre of the universe, but they don't think about the outer reaches of the universe either. Kind of like Americans. I remember the American stand-up comic who said that Canadians asked him "what do Americans think about Canadians"; his response was "we don't". I'll admit there may be some lazy thinking by some Ontarians about Albertans, but no more so than we think about Quebecers, Maritimers, or Northern Ontarians for that matter. Hell, you even hear stereotypes about people who live in your own town, don't you ? Why get hung up on that, or use it as evidence of some kind of seething bias ? Kimmy - I think you threw an extra negative into that sentence.
  20. The rates were more skewed towards the rich then, and less to the middle class. I don't have a link to give you, but I have looked this up before.
  21. Don't forget the sky-high tax rates of that era too. Maybe that had somethingn to do with our social stability. Hmmm...
  22. BD is right. You just have to look at the proposals of the three main parties to see that we have drifted far to the right, fiscally. Even the communist party was proposing a 20% corporate tax rate this election ! As for this comment from Bro: The Liberals are no less moral than any other party. Didn't Preston Manning say he was going to turn Stornaway into a bingo hall shortly before moving in ? Didn't the Reform MPs eventually accept their plump pensions after making a big show of not accepting them earlier on ? Don't look to politicians of any sort to make your life worth living. They want to get elected, period.
  23. Again, it's inferred here that the east is 'lazy'. Is the West 'Alberta' only ? Is Saskatchewan a 'have' province ? Is Ontario to blame for a net revenue loss from the Maritimes ? What about Toronto ? Toronto pays out a net plus of $2B in tax revenue to Canada per year, according to Craig Read's website. I'm beginning to wonder if all of this is just another myth.
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