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  1. Sorry, but Auguste is correct. It's far more often to hear even Conservatives to say that Canada is a Liberal country than to hear Liberals accept that Canadians can be against things such as multiculturalism and gay marriage.
  2. 911myths.com on the Chertoff angle Chertoff says:
  3. That story has been addressed on 911myths.com. What do you think of that explanation ?
  4. This is another in a long line of posts that tries to say it's obvious that Muslims are different, that they will subvert our society and change us into a secular state. The last time I asked for some real evidence of this, I was told 'can you prove it ISN'T true' ?
  5. Poly, the observation that the crash itself woudn't engender enough terror is completely fantastic. If you remember the shock you felt after the crash, but before the collapse you might know what I mean. Here's an example of a conspiracy lie that has been copied all over the internet. The man in question was not a cousin, let alone a first cousin yet try to find that fact from a google search. This is an example of people claiming that officials 'won't let the truth out' on one hand, while propagating rumours and misinformation on the other. I have not watched the video because I think it's better to read something where there is some interactivity. Videos tend to broadcast a single point of view. 911myths contains some charges, responses, then reiterated counter charges. It is from reading these exchanges that you can form a good opinion. There may be gaps in the official story, but they're nothing like the gaps, omissions and even intentional disinformation that comes from the conspiracy folks. If you want to claim that the officials aren't telling the truth, then it's quite hypocritical to misinform your audience at the same time.
  6. I'm interested, but your link didn't work. Please point me to the section where that is posted.
  7. Poly, So... all of this extra effort and risk was added why ? Because it would not have been terrifying enough for the planes to just hit the buildings ? The assessments I have read were that the hijacking teams ran a few test runs, boarding planes to determine how they would take control of them. They also had received flight training. The exposure to the public at large was sufficiently limited with this plan, so as to minimize the risk of detection. Now, to add the collapse of the building as the icing on the cake would require infiltrating building security, subverting security systems in order to sneak contractors in to plan the explosives. That's a much more complicated plan, for not much more payoff. The bomb-sniffing dogs issue is addressed here; 911 Myths It's not that bomb sniffing dogs were removed from the buildings, but that security removed to normal levels from a level of heightened security. The dogs might not have been taken out but moved to the other tower.
  8. Auguste, you seem to almost be pulling for Rae. I can't imagine what a Rae-Harper election would be like. After Trudeau, Mulroney, and Chretien these two almost seem like a throwback to the 'committee men' of the past. Very smooth.
  9. CBC Link Here's another link. Rae comes across as very genuine. I'm surprised to say that. I like Rae, but he will have to come up with some good economic ideas to counter his record.
  10. I thought it was because only old people listen to AM anymore...
  11. I don't know what you're talking about but I haven't seen much unity lately, ie. since 911.
  12. They matter because they represent future assets for the large conglomorates that will buy them, and future minimum wage jobs for the new Canadians that will be imported to work there. At least we'll finally see minorities in Saskatchewan, I suppose.
  13. Morris - that is really tough. I'm sorry. Sharkman: In other words, 'oops'. The truth is - if you push all responsibility for safety into the hands of the line workers, you will get more accidents and grief. Compared to India and Africa is not where I'd like to be. I'd like to live in a country where this kind of accident does not happen. I read that, and I am hopeful. It's conceivable that this small company followed safety guidelines to the letter but due to multiple failures in the system they triggered an accident that was caused by other entities.
  14. CBC They probably didn't even have to declare bankruptcy like a normal immoral corporation. I think this decision is a shameful reminder of what's wrong with our system. We've had threads before about the immorality of taxation but how about the immorality of the business world ? Anyone ? Edit: The fine was actually $225 K or about 30K per victim.
  15. I guess the Conservative response is: find another way to make a living.
  16. Ahh... the Canadian Conservatives... I'm thinking about the 'old boys'... Bill Davis and so on...
  17. I don't know if it's bad as you describe here, but you certainly have outlined a lot of the major challenges to America. The best salve would be political unity, to begin with, so that the country can agree on solutions. But as your post itself indicates, there is too much division right now.
  18. It's easier to convince people of a point if you couch your argument in more neutral terms. Unless you really mean to say that it was an open, understood, agreed-upon goal for the Canadian government to launch a program with the expressed intent ot screwing Western Canada.
  19. A great quote: "" The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam. That's not what Islam is all about. Islam is peace. " " Who said it ?
  20. Can we have a link with those testimonials ? This means that the people on the jet were made up ? That their families are all just actors ? Fighters were dispatched. Again, go to 911myths.com Sometimes, reports are wrong. There was a report of a distress call from the small plane that crashed on 10/11 a few days ago, but it was wrong. The difference between the debunker sites, and 911myths.com is that 911myths.com tells both sides of the story. I did read it. It says no such thing. How can you expect people to be truthful when you post misleading information such as that yourself ?
  21. As a non-rural person, I have to ask - why would they want to give up a monopoly ?
  22. Poly: Almost all of the things you say have been debunked by 911myths.com. There was no stand down. There were no computer guided jets. The powers that be could have drummed up support for war in Iraq without 911. They didn't want to control the heroin trade. I don't think you will ever be convinced, though.
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