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  1. Yeah, I realized this mistake on my way to work today. I actually have a degree in Math, but apparently not in arithmetic.
  2. Again, the 'which is the worst religion game' is entirely subjective. And again, those who see religions as threats, and who don't want to do a 'live and let live' approach tend to be extremists.
  3. Argus, I went from the first post and that's all I saw that was controversial. I didn't research the man beyond that.
  4. MrC, Ok... so you support the buying of indulgences ? I tip my hat to you as you may be the most conservative person I've met on this board. You are literally in the era of the 'flat earth' and the fiats against Copernicus. I admire the courage it must take to live your faith in this modern era of the internet (and electricity, and movable type). Best of luck, sir.
  5. S'ok TB - I linked in the Wikipedia article on the reformation. I know we've had to backpeddle as far back as 1980 on this board in the past - to justify having a constitution. But I never thought I'd find myself arguing against the divine right of kings, or Mary Queen of Scots converting an entire country etc.
  6. Surely, it's not that bad. ONLY 59 per cent ?!? What is the threshold for success here. High school history teachers have taken over the world, I'm afraid. I'm much more concerned about the fact that Canadians don't seem to care that there is no way to monitor the basic operating level of government. Service levels, costs, and performance measurement is only done privately, if at all. Businesses that don't pay attention to how they do business will fail. The government doesn't fail for failing to deliver quality service. And we're complacent about it. That's a much worse problem than 31% of people not being able to mouth the words 'constitutional monarchy'. Who put the damn history teachers in charge ?
  7. dpw, Ummm... proof ? I don't remember my grade 11 history all that well, but the period we're talking about is the 'reformation' Wikipedia Article Eventually the idea of the right to practice faith evolved into the separation of church and state, which was championed by French philosophers, that were read by colonial Americans. These ideas ended up in the American Constitution.
  8. Ok, dpw, then I don't understand what you meant with this post.
  9. dpw, Are you pointing out that many Christians didn't follow the teachings of the New Testament ? That's not exactly new information.
  10. Well, Cameron, I thank you for that. Although the page is somewhat lacking, the four priorities are clearly stated there. Also, when you talk about the electorate wanting spoon-fed information, you're preaching to the converted. I think that the biggest challenge facing Canada is the apathy of the electorate. Our health care systems are failing mostly because the public doesn't demand better. And this problem repeats itself in ministerial portfolio after portfolio. The solution ? MapleLeafWeb of course...
  11. It's a challenge for a democratic society to balance the principles of openness, questioning of authority, with supporting our troops and keeping up morale. It's even more difficult to do this in an environment that alternately overstates and understates the importance of emotion in such things. You're right, Cameron, that it's difficult to get reliable information on the war. Part of this is due to the nature of the enemy in this case. The Taliban is elusive and essentially unbeatable in that they will never surrender. The government might do better to communicate other achievements to Canadians - such as progress on infrastructure, stability in the cities, improved education. My understanding is that the Afghan people want us to stay, and communicating our achievements might make us understand better why we're there.
  12. I find those who suspect the polls are most often the same types of people who have no idea how these things work. The polling companies wouldn't be in business long if they published bad information.
  13. Keep up with the times ?!? Mr C - I asked you if you were interested in going back to pre-reformation ?
  14. MrC, You know - the laws based on our constitution - that allow people to worship in their faith if they so choose.
  15. MC, You may not share our views, but you still have to follow our laws. I'm starting to understand that you don't think you need to follow them, though.
  16. As fun as it is to have posters like Mr. Canada around, he seems to be posting slogans and not responding to questions or (obvious) problems with his argument, which is apparently to return to a pre-reformation state of affairs. Is there a moderator on here that could explain to him how this forum expects members to discuss issues ?
  17. Mr C - I'm astounded that you don't think that the separation of church and state has been successful. Those ideas even preceded democracy. Are you looking to re-establish the monarchy as absolute rule as well ?
  18. Agreed, Oleg. I would much rather frame this argument as 'constitutionalists' versus 'non-constitutionalists' than 'pro-Christian' versus 'pro-Muslim'. Historically, "my religion is better than your religion" never seems to get resolved. Even if the religion is atheism then this is the case. A constitution, though, seems to successfully reduce the conflict, or at least confine it to an 'agree to disagree' status.
  19. Here's an article from the "New Straits Times" - fresh from today's Google search. Dated Dec 1, 2008: nst online There are plenty of bogeyman around.
  20. Argus, You must realize by now that this just isn't going to happen. Harper's government is looking to continue our economic growth, which means immigration will continue. There isn't much doubt of that, at least in the near term. And "it is more difficult to assimilate Muslims" than - who ? The 'sending the children home for a proper wife' story was floated on here once, as I remember, and found to be another falsehood. It was, as I recall, based on a magazine story that (intentionally ?) misprinted a statistic to seem that this was happening in a significant number of cases. The hard-left types will argue that the Christian right is continuously growing in power and size, and that they're REALLY REALLY SCARY. Exactly like the anti-Muslims on this board. The world has changed. There's no reason to think that Muslims won't integrate. My best advice is get used to it.
  21. Wow. We need to all be on the same side. That means forced conversions. Now THAT is quite conservative ! Which Christian sect should all Canadians be baptized into before we start the next crusades ? Do you think that Harper should suspend elections before suspending the constitution or not ? It seems to me, "Mister" Canada that you don't really like anything about Canada.
  22. Mr Canada, These simple slogans - "secularism is the new communism" - are just stupid. This isn't the fashion world or People magazine. You're just posting general anti-liberal rants and trying to make it into something substantial. Did a public figure say something ? Did a politician propose some new legislation ? Do you have a opinion that you have thought carefully about ? If somebody points out a flaw in your logic, will you consider changing your argument or your opinion ? If so, I look forward to reading that. Post it and give us something to talk about.
  23. jdobbin - Keep in mind that the 'who would you prefer as PM' polls aren't the same as 'who would you vote for polls'. The former type of poll tends to highlight the leaders' personalities, and frequently shows better results for NDP, Greens, etc.
  24. Argus, That's exactly the point: what are the anti-Muslims on this board advocating ? You can't get them to answer that most of the time. Instead, we have to endure endless posts of faulty logic trying to 'prove' the evil of a certain religion. And, many hard leftists actually do think that they're threatened by the "growing" Christian right. My guess is that has more to say about the general paranoia of those with more extreme political views.
  25. Arg, This is a simple question. Of course not.
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