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  1. Check that - under scenario 3 - each MIC (Mass Immunization Clinic) would be open 12 hours. According to this - they're open 6 hours per day. City of Toronto - Clinic Schedules Hmmmm.... so far, it looks like the staff did their job, and provided some solid plans, and the city went with the 2nd slowest roll-out, then only provided 1/2 the hours of service. The plot thickens.
  2. Since healthcare is offered to the public as a state-controlled monopoly, it is essential that we the consumers of health services pay close attention to ensure that services are run properly. Towards that end, I have been more than curious as to how Toronto (and other jurisdictions) experienced large line ups and confusion. In looking into this problem, I happened across the City of Toronto website: http://www.toronto.ca/health/pandemicflu/pandemicflu_plan.htm Chapter 19 has it all laid out, in arithmetic that a high school student can understand. If you look at the document, the plan looks fairly solid. See the staffing tables at the bottom. I can't find any reference to which Scenario was selected, however we know that 10 MICs opened initially - which follows Scenario 3. http://www.toronto.ca/health/cdc/h1n1/clinics.htm City of Toronto - Influenza Pandemic Home Page http://www.toronto.ca/health/pandemicflu/index.htm If you're up to solving the mystery of where the plan went wrong, dive in and Google yourself some information - post here if relevant.
  3. My feeling is that far worse things happen all the time - doctors work the system and jump the queue, and people aren't treated fairly. But of course fame, celebrity, excess always grab the headlines.
  4. CR - so how will a flat tax ever help them ?
  5. Mo, The gov - the provincial and city gov. Yes, 10 centres for 3 million seems like a bad start. If 30% wanted vaccination, that gives us 900K/10 locations... or 90K per location. It still seems askew, so I ask-yew (heh heh) what's wrong here ? I'd say what's wrong is that government managers (I've met these people) see their title as just that, a title like "baron" or "governess". They don't see it as a set of tasks such as planning, coordinating and asking lots, lots, lots of people if their plan is correct. As I said, I've met these people and they seem to be the types who are above getting into the dirty details of work to be done.
  6. Good to hear that common sense now includes spending money on social programs instead of jails. Ms. Redford was on CBC (!) this morning talking about keeping addicts out of jail and empowering the community. Herald Tribute Article
  7. Although understandable, they should have been able to plan for quicker scalabilitiy.
  8. Thanks, Greg, for providing us with the best Canadian board out there.
  9. Pliny, Interesting, but this seems to be more of a complaint with specialization isn't it ? Those who specialize in rules and law just follow the rules, as does every person in the specialized society pay attention to their area of responsibility.
  10. Even though I consistently vote left-of-centre, I'm against proportional representation. It would give the NDP an almost permanent balance of power, and thereby change our current system to unknown ends. This is the same system that our country used to develop a balance of social safety net and fertile business environment.
  11. You can't reason with a corporation, nonetheless.
  12. dre, I don't need to know for myself - this is an effort to understand how Argus sees things. My belief is that such things are cultural in nature and as such inextricable from surrounding factors. The problem I have with the Muslim=bad crowd (and I'm not talking about Argus here necessarily) is that they can't be pinned down to explain what exactly about Islam that is the problem, yet they're sure that religion IS the problem. They will, at times, point to the texts as the source of the troubles but other times not. If it's the text, then the question about other religions' texts needs to be answered. But if the Muslim=bad people start allowing the problem to be framed as cultural, then they start to realize they're in trouble and they become evasive.
  13. Argus, So then what causes the religion to be violent ? Their books are the same as Christian books, and you contend the people are not the same as Christians. What do you think is the cause then ?
  14. Based on the observation that the mafia causes a lot of violence, I think we need to stop Catholic immigrants from coming to North America, and deport all Italian-Americans and Italian-Canadians (including me) to Italy.
  15. As many of you know, I like to follow Government/Interweb interactions as I believe that our new medium has the potential to break through and improve how Citizens and Governments interact. Have a look at Mike Kujawski's website. Especially this wiki page: http://government20bestpractices.pbworks.com/Canada
  16. Ghost, And this is a good thing. People who post opinions as fact should last as long as a Big Mac in a shark tank.
  17. wulf, Firstly, it's having the "gall" to say, not "gull". Secondly, you have again shown that you shouldn't be on a discussion board because you don't read my explanations. If you read them and didn't understand them you would at least come back with questions. But you haven't done so, and therefore proven your ignorance. Also, please take the time to read your posts before posting, they're very hard to read. Thanks.
  18. Lictor, Depending on what you mean by 'motivated by'. Motivation is one of those terms that can easily have its meaning changed mid-argument, as I'm sure you're aware. The proponents of violence have stated motivations, which may not be in fact the real motivations. Witch burners would tell you they were motivated by a concern over the witch problem. The bible tells you to stone, cut off your hand, force women to marry their rapists and on and on.
  19. Also: Deuteronomy 22 Luckily, I have NEVER discovered my father's skirt.
  20. Lictor, The bible tells you to cut off hands and (I think) penises as well as stoning adulterers and so forth. So ?
  21. We could have done without that mental image...
  22. WB You seemed pretty dismissive before, and now you're saying that your problem is that they didn't follow a scientific method. Well, the studies need to state what their methodology was. If they don't state that, then you should be suspicious. And real world observation is exactly what these studies should be doing, as opposed to newspaper reports for example. But that doesn't address the issue of culture vs religion. What direct experience do you refer to ? Why those schools in particular ?
  23. Argus, 1. Yes, it leads one to believe that. It may even be true but it doesn't really tell us why. 2. Yes, I'm aware but there are other countries and other resources.
  24. MDancer, I got that impression too. Too bad we only get impressions and not answers.
  25. Argus, Evidently it takes a lot of time. We're all bright enough here and we haven't been convinced that a particular religion causes violence yet.
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