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  1. That was possibly the funniest anti-leftist bit I've seen yet. Well done.
  2. Smallc, Yes, you are correct. However, there clearly isn't enough action by individuals to make a difference. Something else needs to happen - a healthcare user's union perhaps - to demand that these things get solved.
  3. Smallc, I used to cheer for Canada's healthcare system. You're correct about the general status of the system, however the fact is that our situation is not improving, because it's not being managed. What Argus said is correct. I searched for something and had about 1/3 of the hospitals with data, and 1/2 of those had "special notes". The system needs to be managed, and it's not being managed. It's not improving, and it won't improve until we demand that it does. Continually saying "it's better than the US" system virtually assures us that our system will deteriorate. Also, trying to find data that's been tracked over a longer term, or something specific (emergency room times ? hello ?) is next to impossible. And the data that does exist isn't audited independently. These should all be basic requirements, yet they're not being met simply because the public doesn't demand that they be met.
  4. I listen to 640, 680, CBC and Xm/Sirius. CBC is the most annoying because they carry the banner of 'good journalism' but are only marginally better than AM.
  5. Good luck in trying to find statistics on this. Not surprisingly, the government is abysmal in their efforts to track their own efforts to reduce wait times. There are individual snippets of information, but nothing that is persistent, independent and clear. These conditions would be a minimum requirements for the average person to be able to assess the situation. And since the government doesn't send out press releases advertising this fact, the press doesn't cover it. I hated Harris as a premier, but McGuinty is worse in a different way. He absolutely relies on the sluggishness of the electorate, and only responds when something appears on the political radar.
  6. Revisiting this thread... Eyeball, why wouldn't other fishing vessels have their catches audited as well ? Are there independent (non DFO) studies of the situation as well ? Sayings such as 'governments lie, fish die' are - to me - evidence that the current situation isn't engaging everyone. But, those who are disengaged may be doing so for the wrong reasons. Kind of like people not voting - everyone seems to assume that it's the politicians' faults when most the reasons I hear amount to laziness/carelessness.
  7. Progressive Tory: If the problem is that people don't understand the system, why does making it more complicated help the situation ? The problem I have with PR is that in almost every case, the argument in favour of PR either doesn't make sense, or it's negated by the proposed 'solution'. This is an example of the latter. Another example is "there's too much squabbling between the parties now", as if increasing the number of MPs and making constant coalition governments a la Italy would help things. The best reason to have PR is often between the lines of the stated reason. Plainly, I think the reason many want PR is "I want the greens to have a seat". If that's the case, then let's address that rather than rework the entire system to solve one little problem. For example, make a 10% rule that says any party getting 10% of the popular vote gets a floating MP to represent their voice in parliament. EDITED TO ADD: My heart is warmed by the fact that most MLW posters don't seem to be swayed by this Proportional Representation fad.
  8. Theimp, Interesting. Worked out per hour, it's still a higher pay rate for HS teachers.
  9. MadM, That's not the type of training I was referring to. I mean email training, technical training - the type of 'teaching' that occurs in the private sector.
  10. CR, although I concur with you that Morris' assertion is single-faceted (it was a lot more than wage issues that put her in hot water), I also think it's too simple to say "greed". Greed, basically, motivates every corporation. Mismanagement, wrong guesses and short-term thinking are what makes American greed less successful than Japanese greed.
  11. MadM, There's some truth in what you write, however the term 'difficult' is completely values laden. Managing a classroom may be more difficult to some than others. I'm curious, too, from you post - does anyone know what a training person (an educator, say somebody who does email training) earns in the private sector ?
  12. I'm curious as to what is the % of conservatives versus % of liberals that would be against this plan.
  13. Ok. So I won't go there and slap the... pencils... out of your mouths then...
  14. Dancer plays this too ? Morris, can I work where you work ?
  15. WIP, I think you can find your answer by looking at what they have in common.
  16. People can claim lots of things. Fortunately, the gospel provides us a guide as to whether or not they are what they say they are.
  17. Mr. Canada What you fail to understand is that it's not enough to declare yourself a Christian. To declare that "you live by your faith". People expect you to actually follow what the gospel says. It's not tough for me to swallow, though. Unfortunately, there are many people in the world who are under the mistaken belief that they're Christian.
  18. Mr. Canada. Here, in plain gospel English, is proof that you're not a Christian. From Mathew 5: 38 Wiki Note that it doesn't show Jesus saying: "Do not take crap from anyone." The Christian philosophy is based on the opposite practice, which is golden rule, and as such you're just not a Christian. I'm sorry to tell you, but I can't believe that I'm the first.
  19. Mr. Canada, I did respond, by explaining to you that your assertion that you don't need to take "crap" proves that you are not a follower of the Christian philosophy. It's not an attack. Christianity is a philosophy as well as a religion. If someone was professing to be a Darwinist but didn't believe in evolution, then they'd be incorrect as you are with your false belief that you're a Christian. And I don't support crime, no.
  20. Actually, being a Christian means turning the other cheek Mr. Canada. It involves loving those who hate you, and not having these types of feelings: As is the case with many outspoken and angry types who call themselves Christian, you are clearly not one.
  21. Hi Argus, I have debated you enough on this topic to know that you are one of the best prepared posters on this topic, as such I will ask you for a cite on this:
  22. I think that the Canadian people would like to see a process set in place so that these claims can be settled, at least to the point where Native Canadians do not see the need to engage in protest in order to be heard.
  23. Mr. C, I just wanted to point out Mr. Canada that the "attitude" you refer to, isn't an attitude at all. Loving sinners is supposed to be a tenet of Christianity. ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- MadMax: As evidenced above, Mr. C isn't really a Christian though he thinks that he is one. It's very important for people to realize that just because somebody says that they belong to a religion, it doesn't mean they're following the religion properly. This goes for Islamic terrorists as well as misguided self-defined Christians.
  24. Eyeball, So some boats were monitored for overfishing and some weren't ? That sounds suspicious. Where did this end up ? What was the "big deception" that you seem to allude to ? Was there a single incident you can relate here ?
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