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  1. jbg, Excuse me ? Show me where I made a personal attack. I have nothing personal against you, but I would like to have a real discussion with you. I do feel that you're capable of one, but that you don't understand that this is the point of a discussion board. This is the basis of my comments - your argument, or lack of it so far.
  2. lictor, I'm confused. Are these things all caused by welfare then ? Or are you just generally lamenting about society here /
  3. jbg You're playing a rookie's game, and one that most MLWs have seen before. Namely, you come on here, and make a claim, and when somebody asks you for your real evidence, your response is to tell me to prove otherwise. You are the positive claimant, therefore it's on you to prove that these people are violent and then (if you intend so) what the cause is. Of course, as I mentioned we've had similar arguments with the anti-Muslim types with regards to that religion so you might want to flash forward by reviewing some of those. Again, I don't know why you come to a discussion board if you have no intention to really discuss anything.
  4. Thanks, jbg... and snakes talk too I take it ? Until one offers me an apple, I don't think I should accept the book as a basis for reasoned arguments.
  5. Use this - http://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums//index.php?app=core&module=search&do=active
  6. jbg Yes, and there was a flood in those days but does that validate the story of Noah's ark ? No. Not to me, and not to most reasonable people. So how about answering my question ? Dodge. Sorry, I took your lack of familiarity with the old testament as evidence that you're Christian - my mistake and apologies. Now, my main point remains unanswered: why come on here to debate based on your particular sects holy books ? We can debate that shellfish is unhealthy to eat too. Would you really expect it to be a productive discussion if I weren't Jewish ?
  7. Yes, Gabriel, I read all of the above but it wasn't clear to me that your post was about CBC bias itself. Now that we have that cleared up - have a look at this: http://www.cbc.ca/aboutcbc/discover/termsofuse.html#submissions There's nothing in there that says you can't criticize the CBC so if I were you I would ask for an explanation.
  8. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/toronto/story/2009/10/07/ehealth-auditor.html Google me this batman.... The top story I found on a search had the word 'Liberal' in it and plenty of anti-Liberal comments on the story. Is there some detail about your comment being censored that you left out perhaps ?
  9. AW My current boss moved from California to Ontario. His perspective on it is quite different from what I have expected. He prefers the Canadian system, having had to pay deductible out-of-pocket for emergency room visits. His perspective is that his paycheck was roughly the same when taking taxes and health-insurance deductions together. I was shocked to hear that, but he explained that California has a higher tax rate. The other thing to take into perspective is that he required specialists in Ontario to assist with a child's health problem and this did not cost him anything out-of-pocket in Ontario, whereas (he suspects) that it wouldn't have been covered under his California employer's health plan. Personally, I'm hoping that the US reinvents public-private healthcare and reinvigorates the model so that Canada can follow that. As it is, our healthcare model is failing, which I would say is due to lack of vigilance by management.
  10. jbg, But the people you're debating aren't likely to accept that oral history as fact, so why bother ? But why ? You can't really have a discussion with people if you're not going to use commonly-accepted points of fact, so why bother ? You're just talking about some religious beliefs towards no purpose other than to display them to others. Doesn't that represent vanity ? You have missed my point. Again, your form of reasoning is held up by anti-Muslims as evidence of their ignorance. Got me now ? Soccer ? On Sunday ? Instead of reading the Bible ? Ok... well, as Abraham's newphew isn't he a Jew as well ?
  11. Pliny To a certain point - people shouldn't be able to enter into agreements that take advantage of them. You shouldn't be able to sell yourself into slavery, for example. If you're stupid enough to work as the highest scoring forward in the NBA for minimum wage then that's your decision, but you can't agree to do so for nothing. Why do we limit peoples' choices in this way ? Because people will make poor choices, and others will take advantage of it.
  12. Reputation ratings could lead to more partisanship, group behavior and cliques IMO. MapleLeafWeb is one forum where a community value of quality posting seems to be emerging, and I would hate to see that impacted by 'reputations' which could merely be popularity contests.
  13. jbg I will not engage in a thumbnail review of the civility of various peoples. Such an undertaking serves nothing but self-satisfaction and is impossible to be done based on facts. Case in point, you're using a holy book (presumably one of your favourites) as a supporting document right out of the gate. Sorry, but subjective holy books aren't a basis for common understanding, and are no way to build a progressive discussion. Why are you on this board if you intend to try to use the bible as a basis for discussion ? Don't you know that you will only be able to discuss things with people like you ? My point stands. Basically, you have shown yourself to be subject to the same fatal flaws that the anti-Muslim posters attribute as being the root cause of Islam's 'problems'. ( Their quotes, not mine.) Judges 19:22. The story starts there and moves onward. And what was Lot's heritage ?
  14. Greg, I don't think that the voting feature will help things, and will likely distract from our discussions.
  15. jbg, I find it ridiculous that you appear to be quoting the old testament as fact, and using it to damn the people of that region. First of all, the anti-Muslim contingent has, in the past, tried to tie that religion's adherents to their holy book, saying that their inability to interpret that document or take it as anything but fundamental truth is at the cause of the 'problems'. And now, here you are doing the same thing. Secondly, the story of Lot appears elsewhere in the bible as another story, showing the flaws with oral histories. Also, your hero Lot slept with his daughters: does that reflect on his people ? And prostitution exists pretty much everwhere in the world.
  16. It seems that if he has the freedom not to be deployed to Afghanistan, this tragedy might be avoided. That's not freedom you're referring to, it's the right for one party of a contract to nullify that contract. Surely you can see that it would be impossible to structure a legal system if that were possible.
  17. Why not explain what your problem was with Obama's plan ?
  18. Argus, If you're going to load your questions, then please answer them yourself.
  19. Interesting and depressing film about the civil service circa 1979. I doubt much has changed. nfb film - Paperland I got this link from Douglas Bastien's site: http://blog.gc20.ca/index.php/2009/10/the-1979-canadian-bureaucrat-explained/ I couldn't bear watching the whole film so I skipped to the last 15 minutes which provides a sane perspective on an insane life.
  20. Having reviewed Mike Kujawski's website, it's interesting but again very little acknowledgment of the role of the interweb in providing management data to citizens. It's pretty clear from the discussions of Government 2.0 that people really believe that Government is the provider and citizens are the consumers. What's forgotten is that citizens are also shareholders, and shareholders need data.
  21. DoP Ok, so you're not Christian or Jewish but still you want to focus on the Muslim religion for some reason. Why is that ?
  22. It's impossible to tell where this will go, but if I had to guess, I would say that this tiny mouse step this week will cause a major elephant shreik in the distant future. The more the citizens get comfortable with owning their own [i.e. the City of Toronto's] information, the more they will demand it. And the day will come when we demand information on performance reporting and budgets. It remains to be seen how open toronto.ca/open will be then.
  23. Ok, I've had a look at what's going on here and it's pretty interesting. Summary To summarize: The City of Toronto has started releasing data, in alignment with it's toronto.ca/open initiative. In turn, a group of citizens, organized by Mark Kuznicki have formed a website and a Google group to organize using the data. City data catalogue page: http://www.toronto.ca/open/catalogue.htm Citizens' group: http://www.datato.org/app/ (the Google group is accessible from their site) Mr. Kuznicki's website is here: http://remarkk.com/ The project manager from the city appears to be: Philip Scott Project Management Office I & T Division City of Toronto ---------------------------------- Pros This has happened and the initial structure seems sound. There are people signing in to the site and looking at the data and running applications. ---------------------------------- Cons It's too early to tell, but the first release of data from the city is rather tepid. See below: A Municipal Address Points - Toronto One Address Repository Point representation for addresses within the City of Toronto. Apartment Standards By law infractions against apartment buildings in the City of Toronto. B Business Improvement Areas Boundaries for the active Business Improvement Areas within the City of Toronto. C Toronto Centreline Linear representations of streets, walkways, rivers, railways, highways and administrative boundaries within the City of Toronto. Licensed Child Care Centres Licensed Child Care Centres in the City of Toronto including their capacities by age group. F Festivals & Events Real time of festivals and events in the City. Food Banks Agencies that provide meals, food, nutritious breakfasts for a variety of clients. G Geocoder WSDL A series of SOAP based s used for validating addresses, streets and other geographic features. M Web Map Services A series of web map services for access to live geospatial data. N Neighbourhoods Boundaries of Toronto Neighbourhoods. P Parks This data set contains the boundaries for the green spaces within the City of Toronto. Priority Investment Neighbourhoods Neighbourhood areas designated as priority for investment purposes. Places of Worship Religious locations such as churches, synagogues, temples, ashrams, mosques, etc. R Rent Banks Locations of Rent Banks which provide limited, interest free loans to qualified Toronto tenants at risk of eviction. Rent Bank Zones Area of operations of the various rent bank offices. S Solid Waste Management Districts Management boundaries for the harmonized waste collection areas within the City of Toronto. T Transit City Approximate areas of planned public transportation improvement corridors. TTC Routes and Schedules TTC tables of surface-route schedules by route. W City Wards Boundaries for the City of Toronto's 44 municipal wards.
  24. DoP Ok - so I guess you're acknowledging my answer that you generalized about all Muslims on this very thread. And now you're starting up with generalizations again. "A religion with a chip on its shoulder"... couldn't you say that about protestantism. But then again, you haven't acknowledged a point yet so I doubt you'll acknowledge this either. Let's see... a religion that includes 1.5 billion people, including progressive Western people, and people from the farthest corners of the earth of all cultures and races... I don't think there's much that they have in common and that's the point.
  25. Hey cyberphiles - great news: Toronto.ca/open is no longer 'under construction': Some links: http://www.toronto.ca/open/ http://rocket9broadcasting.com/Webcasts/2009/11/CoT/index.php?Page=Home http://torontoist.com/2009/11/toronto_exposes_its_data.php I'll have a look at this over the next week or so. The first thing I notice, though, is the word 'tax' seems to be absent from any of these pages, doing an 'CTL-F' search...
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