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  1. eyeball How do we prod the populace ? We are the populace, so we need to do it ourselves for a start, right here and in every day conversation. When you hear somebody start a statement with "statistics show..." then ask them some basic questions so that they know that you're not a sucker. I'm discouraged that you seem to want to wait for the government to do something that's not in its best interest to do. It's HARDER for them to manage government if we're informed, because then they have to do real work rather than just issue press releases about how great everything is.
  2. Toadbrother beat me to it. I'm sure they used to blame things on eclipses before we smartened up.
  3. eyeball, How often ? Often. Why ? Because it works. Setting up central committees to tell us the truth doesn't work as well as informing ourselves of what it is. This is a do-ocracy, i.e. yo u have to do it yourself. Learn what bad statistics are and point them out, soon others will do the sam.
  4. eyeball, If I was a hopeless alcoholic who couldn't do anything about it, I might welcome it. To a certain degree, an addict gives up on a normal life and chooses his substance as his life. The government seems to have arbitrary perspectives on certain types of vices - gambling, sex, tobacco, drugs and alcohol. For some of them, they tolerate it, for some they legalize it and tax it, and for others they ban it. All of these vices are negative types of escapism, IMO, and should be cautiously managed, with a realistic general welfare being the guideline.
  5. Pliny I don't think "appease" is the right word. I do think that the public needs to be continually told that crime is on the decrease. Fear mongering by politicians is too attractive an option to getting cheap votes, and we need to be wary of taking the low road like that. People need to understand statistics better - that would both prevent their misuse, and also would allow us to use them properly. EVERY time somebody brings up statistics, there should be questions about the methodology, who backed it, and what was concluded - especially if a faulty cause-effect relationship is implied. That being said, there's no reason that the public should accept any violence in society at all and they absolutely have the right to expect punishment for violent offenses.
  6. eyeball, Has anyone suggested an approach whereby people in this program are kept under more strict control ? It appears to me that having the affliction of drug addiction requires you to be pretty much constantly supervised.
  7. Blueblood's post, vis-a-vis the subject line, is an example of the oversupply of irony around here.
  8. justme, Absolutely, and this could be achieved with a simple question on the immigration form: Do you refuse to speak english, lack the work ethic that previous immigrants had, and often have views on life that are antithetical to western values ? Answering 'yes' would have dire consequences for your application
  9. jbg, Is that what it's about ? Saving me 15 minutes at the airport ? I'd rather force everyone to do it so nothing gets missed. Investigating charities ? I don't understand... do you mean planting spies in social groups so that they can rat on citizens ? What specifically are you proposing ?
  10. Ah well.... I got a $20 today with Joe Clark's picture on it... I was thinking that it was a Conservative plot when I realized that the picture was just an obscene pencil doodle. I should have realized that the Queen wouldn't allow an image of Clark performing that act to appear on her money.
  11. That's the Bois De Boulogne - a famous hangout in Paris. I spent some time in Paris during my youth, and observed some commerce taking place... in particular with an older gentleman, at least in his 80s, who climbed into a Mercedes driven by a comely lass or two. My mates and I cheered for him, and he waved his cane at us in acknowledgement.
  12. I notice that the eHealth job postings indicated that they followed the Project Management Body of Knowledge: eHealth Jobs If so, then there must be a project scope document, charter and list of stakeholders associated with the project. The government should publish those. If there aren't any such documents, then the managers involved aren't managing according to practices mandated by their designation.
  13. As I have said many times - this is mostly the fault of the electorate for not holding the government to a higher standard. Dalton McGuinty promised electronic health records and waiting list management years ago, so why do we only hear about this failure CBC Metro Morning had a project manager on (only incidentally of course, she had gone through cancer treatment) who finally spoke some sanity on the topic of eHealth. To paraphrase: "Why did it take consultants overbilling on tea for the public (read the media) to notice that this $1B project had failed ? I would like someone in the media to stay with this story, as it's important for the government to know that somebody is watching their management practices, not just their media presence. You can email CBC Metro Morning at the following link, as I did - quoted below. email CBC Metro Morning
  14. jbg, If you were performing such 'ethnic analysis' objectively, as if it were some kind of science then there may be a point to it. Unfortunately, it's just not possible to do so. When you say "Jews" you likely mean Jews of a certain background, likely American. Why are you not talking about the pathology of "Americans" ? Why are you not talking about the fact that so many crooked billionaires came from Wall Street ? The first step in this investigation, such as it is, was likely the identification of someone's religion from a newspaper article over any other factors. But that's not an objective selection process, or a scientific way to narrow down root causes. I'm not trying to paint you as prejudiced here, but rather I'm showing how anyone brings their natural bias to such a conversation. Sometimes when we look at issues of culture it appears as if we're being objective, but it's nearly impossible to be objective in those situations because all of us come from a culture of our own. Even if you could discount that, then you could never separate the effects (in the group you're examining) of their culture from other environmental factors. I have argued here many times that it's ridiculous to lump Canadian-born Muslims with those who come from another culture, especially when it's not done with other religions. Of course we know that groups behave differently overall, and that certain groups are more likely to engage in certain behaviors than others. It may not be PC to say that, but it's reality. But the question is, what are you going to do at the end of your process, after you identify (and I would say vilify) a group of such people whose behavior you want to change ? Are you going to punish the group as a whole or are you going to apply resources to the problem ?
  15. Machjo, you're talking about changing the rules for how parliament works here, which is no simple matter. One great thing about these forums is that they attract people such as yourself, who want to contribute new ideas. Are all ideas very bad, or very good ? Certainly not. But they're all worthy of some discussion, even if it's a quick cut from MOrris. Stick around and you'll see what problems may come from your suggestion, and you will be edified. Cheers,
  16. Mr. Canada What's the criteria, then - irrespective of the group involved ? What danger level is acceptable in inviting immigrants to Canada ? Is any risk at all acceptable ?
  17. Argus, Some of this is covered in 'Guns, Germs and Steel' by Jared Diamond. The fertile crescent also provided a crossroads and an environment wherein trade could happen and eventually codified money and banking could begin, creating huge surplus and cities akin to large cities of today.
  18. I love Turner. He speaks very plainly and trusts the voters, and always has. There's some truth in describing his unwillingness to play along with the team, but the teams play a cynical game too: I would love to hear his ideas about redoing democracy. Maybe I'll invite him to MLW ...
  19. jdobbin, $40 M investment by the government that results in a multi billion dollar business would be a good thing, I would think. At least, it would support the view that government should support business by way of grants, tax credits etc. So to be clear you don't want government to support industry at all ? What about my other examples:
  20. So, we don't appear to have moved forward in determining how to assess threats and how to implement changes to policy in order to reflect these threats. Wild Bill said it here: It still seems strange to me that people who are against Canada would want to come to Canada, so I continue to discount the impact of that threat. Am I wrong ?
  21. Ok, jdobbin.... What's your criteria for 'getting started with fistfuls of other peoples' money' ? Compare it to, say, subsidizing General Motors, or to tech companies using the R&D tax credit, or resource companies given exploration rights to tracts of land.
  22. Yes to the ancient dialects complaint -> please post in Sumarian folks... Now, Argus - This testing you speak of... I'm afraid that it wouldn't achieve your goal of reducing whatever type of immigrant you want it to as many of them have degrees from somewhere, many of them are qualified to do things, and many of them speak English well enough to work here. Furthermore, the open secret about immigration is that they want anybody with a pulse to come here. I don't think I have ever denied that, but the motivations for doing so appear to me to be purely economic. It's not because immigrants vote Liberal, or the Conservatives would have cut immigration. And I can't believe immigration continues because it's politically correct to let immigrants in, or because it's popular to do so. The public doesn't love immigration enough to justify that suspicion.
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