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  1. Lictor, No dodge here - I'm waiting for something real from you and will continue to do so. Speaking of dodge, though, thanks for the implicit acknowledgment (again) that you're outside the fringe of conservatives such as GW Bush.
  2. Lictor, There's really no evidence of this, although as I have stated in my discussion with Kimmy it wouldn't surprise me if it were true. I guess you're acknowledging, then, that I never said that one group 'deserved' coverage ? Thanks, if so. My response is that race is just one aspect of the news that is distorted by our information industry operating as it does. Unsurprisingly, you appear (by use of CAPS) to fly into a rage when any issue of race comes up that doesn't favour whites. Again, these are delicate issues which is why your sledgehammer (ALL CAPS) handling of them is far, far apart from the mainstream. As your conservative president indicated: "Islam is peace." If you don't buy that, then get thee to the sidelines.
  3. Lictor, I don't think I hear them talk about infection rates by age, gender or religion very much either. Well, it depends. It sounds racist to me coming from you because to be honest I suspect your motives for discussing race all the time. I have my reasons. If I heard somebody on PBS discussing it, I would suspect that they're examining the problem as an objective issue. I don't know that. Discussion of race is necessarily a delicate matter, and best handled by people with tact is all. This is why you're not reading the news, and Peter Mansbridge is.
  4. OB Clearly, that's not the case or you wouldn't have had federal and state courts overruling each other in the 1960s. [edited to add] Or trying to overrule each other in the states' case.
  5. There was a professor on CBC1 this morning talking about development of this book. He pointed repeatedly to Canada's 'Civic Heritage' as opposed to our ethnic or cultural heritage, which I thought was a great way to describe this country.
  6. Lictor, Please try to read things twice before you post. Where did I say that anybody 'deserved' coverage ?
  7. K, Local TV and radio news carries a good load of crimes and the coverage seems to follow your rules for inclusion but it should be pointed out that the level of coverage changes as well. A downtown Toronto accidental shooting in the tourist area at Christmas shopping time is still mentioned today, whereas a murder that occurred across the street from where I lived around then received scant coverage.
  8. Lictor You still haven't shown that this is the case. Just pointing it out, though, for folks browsing the forum lest they think that your views are accepted at face value around here. No need to respond, really.
  9. Kimmy, Ok - well it makes me ask why individual crimes need to be covered in the first place. They're always there but do we need to know about them in such a way ? Aren't trends and statistics more important to us than individual crimes ?
  10. MD, Yes, that's the basic law of economics. The reason you give is the only reason. My father paid about $14K for a house in the lower beaches in the early 1960s, which was about 3.5 years' pay. Doing the math makes you really wonder what is going on.
  11. Pliny, Not at all. My degree is valuable, and my intelligence is sound IMO. A friend of mine knew a door-to-door scam man who once bragged about fooling Albert Einstein in Princeton NJ out of a few dollars. The story was believable.
  12. Pliny, That's kind of a semantic distinction. In fact there were laws in some cases, and practices in other cases. Laws can be brought in to enforce behavior that society sees as moral, however as you point in the reason has to come from elsewhere. I believe we are on the cusp of understanding each other here, and it seems to me that the grey area is the area where we may differ, which is as it should be.
  13. bjre, I don't think that this is right, but perhaps after we kill everyone in the world the pirates will be dead.
  14. Lictor, Absolutely not - you're misrepresenting what I said, as expected.
  15. MD You're entering into a tricky arena when you try to explain the market, and although your explanations here are plausible, I would add a caveat to your post as there's an element of guesswork there. With that caveat in place, I would add the following: Although salaries are level, most families have a 2nd income. Also families have fewer children, and other costs have fallen over time, such as grocery costs. As such, families have money to spend on things that are important to them, such as housing. For example, in downtown Toronto how many homes are owned by families with more than 1 income and less than 3 children ? I would say quite a bit more than in 1960.
  16. Argus, I don't think it would. I think that type of crime wouldn't elicit the type of righteous indignation that the editors want the viewers to feel. But I also agree with this: "Yet we never get entertained by that - for some reason."
  17. I agree with Kimmy. Some posters here may not be as familiar with technology, and as such I need to point out to them that the internet changes fairly quickly. New look, new features are an annoyance at first, but you need to remember what the board offers in the first place and trust that you will get used to the changes, and eventually learn how to operate the new machine. I mean, you didn't stop driving cars in the 1960s when they dropped tail fins did you ?
  18. We can debate his purported Xenophobia, but he's definitely an America-first type and anti free-trader. Given that he has a bachelors degree in economics from Harvard, I would suspect that he's actually a bit of an opportunist who says things that he doesn't really believe for personal gain.
  19. K, The point is that news items about racists get attention - that they get attention. They are therefore part of the selling of the news, or the entertainment part. It seems that way to me anyway. Don't you agree ?
  20. DoP, Since I have very little knowledge of military matters, I'd appreciate it if you could fill in a little more information. Which army and why do you say that ? Is it the men themselves, the organization, the leadership ?
  21. eyeball, No response yet. As I said on that thread, it seems like the panic of the first week was just that - a media-fueled panic that lead to a temporary rush. But, the powers that be did a bad job of communicating what was going on, and the media didn't ask enough questions. And the big question is always what does it cost ? I have heard 1.5B.
  22. DoP Who are the Arab counterparts you're referring to ?
  23. Private doesn't necessarily equal worst, nor should you expect to be treated as badly when calling a crisis centre as when you call to complain about phone service. However, terms like 'best practices' also mean that results are measured, and communicated to those who have an interest, and that feedback is taken in from the ministries and their outsourced companies. This is their JOB: the media, the government and the outsourced company. And the public is owed an explanation. If you don't get it, then make some noise. It might work, or it might not.
  24. MD True enough, but there's also a certain humour in a joke you know is coming and can see from a mile away...
  25. Let's face it... not much gets you excited. Am I right ? You're underwhelmed and jaded, or at least behave as though you are. It's hard for me to imagine you giggling, or jumping up and down or twirling your fingers together. Did you even like the original series ? You posted earlier to Kimmy "while I might be a fan of your posts, I am not your stalker"... and I almost fell off my chair that you professed to be a fan of something. Ironically, that statement was as close to stalking as you seem to get.
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