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  1. More piling on happening on this thread, I see. We've already established elsewhere that the behavior exhibited by this US ally isn't universal to all who share their heritage. Thank you.
  2. MD, You're saying that jobs aren't going overseas ? I thought that was a 'given'. Ok. We'll have to find some stats on this - you and I both.
  3. Arg, Where did I say that ? The goal of trade agreements is to allow countries to specialize in whatever they're best at. Canada, with high labour costs, has no advantage in manufacturing. Now, for some reason, I see conservatives on these boards complaining that there are no well-paying jobs. Why don't we just connect the dots ?
  4. Arg, So the conspiracy has spread to the CPC then ? Could it possibly be the case that a growing population base provides for more demand for goods, more commerce, more home construction and a growing economy ? Sometimes the simplest argument is the answer.
  5. Graham, please support your statements that there are too many 'bad' immigrants, thanks.
  6. I'm heartened by the fact that this subject wasn't posted on for a few months. I'm disheartened by the fact that this thread is almost a year old. I posted on it on December 10th. Thankfully, the general public has largely remained apathetic to this non-issue. Hopefully, future generations will be able to filter out this conspiracy nonsense better, as these allegations come up far too often.
  7. From 'About Us': There's nothing mentioned therein about providing a forum to insult religions via specious arguments.
  8. Jeff, And what, exactly, does this give us in terms of useful information, that can be translated into policies and laws ?
  9. MikeDavid, then why hasn't the CPC reversed the tide ? Your silence is deafening.
  10. Scott, Alas, you describe many left-of-centre types here, including me in days of past. Thanks to the evil mouth-breathing righties like you and Auguste, lefties like Morris and me have evolved and for that I thank you. I'll try to get you a better cage after the revolution.
  11. Arg, Scott has the right to like/dislike anything. He has the right to be emotional, and despite his continued calls for reason, his emotions drive his arguments. I was trying to answer a point - specifically that a poster perceives Islam to be the most violence culture - when Scott leapt in to 'help'. He often does this - jumps in to assist the worst web posters that agree with his position.
  12. Do you think that the violent passages were translated IN to the Bible ? As for the second part of your post, you've completed another circular argument. It goes (and goes and goes and goes) like this: Q What do you say makes Muslims more violent ? A Their violent holy books ! Q What about the violence in other religions' holy books ? A You don't see those other religions committing violence do you ? So is the holy books that cause this violence, in your mind, or not ?
  13. It's truly odd to see some of the conservatives lobbying for higher wages, after all these years of lowered wages and manufacturing jobs losses. Now, we're blaming feminists for flooding the workforce with women ? Even Scott is promoting social engineering: So, are the conservatives here going to start advocating unions next, to help raise our wages and cost business more ? And why don't I hear more criticism of the Harper government ? If the perennially incorrect Mike David is to be believed, immigrants only vote Liberal so what is going on ?
  14. Kuz, A good point, however I still think the list is a good idea. Most of the foot soldiers of these groups would likely travel through commercial flights.
  15. Scott, you can't jump in at the end and change the context of what I was saying. I was commenting on jefferiah's post. You've been trying for years, but still haven't put together a convincing argument that Islam is a threat. And reading all of your posts together, it seems that your arguments spring from an inherent dislike of different cultures.
  16. As a percentage, it's pretty close to France I think - about 10%
  17. It was just an example. Do you have an idea as to why some would be left off the list ?
  18. AW, that's what I'm saying. If someone of BL's rank were dumb enough to board a plane, then it would be easier to apprehend them.
  19. The question is, then, why does it seem that way ? Not, why IS it that way ? 800000 or so were killed in Rwanda in a conflict that had nothing to do with Islam, but our world view starts from our own backyard, and events that are relevant to us.
  20. Yes, but the press gave us Beatle Bailey. Interesting paradox. And I think most of us agree that poets should be killed. How do you NOT read something of your own free will ? And if you wrote this in English what other language could I read it in ???
  21. K, We're perfectly healthy, so I submit that we shouldn't shoot ourselves at all.
  22. Is it true that he wants to eliminate all income taxes and disband the federal reserve ? That sounds pretty extreme to me. Fortunately, we're not at the point yet where these unknown rock stars can sweep to power and wreak havoc on government. In twenty years, though, watch out.
  23. What I don't get, though, is that there's nothing stopping somebody who is not on the no-fly list from getting on any plane, right ? Including between US locations. It seems to me that they just want some suspected terrorists off the list, possibly because they're not an immediate threat to civilians, but fill a role higher in their organizations. I can't see any other reason for it. Anyone else ?
  24. My response: Uh... um.... er.... No, I hadn't thought of that and no I don't have a response.
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