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  1. It's primarily a PR problem, I think - but maybe the investigation will turn up some widespread conspiracy theory. I highly doubt it, though.
  2. Further to that, we need to take these things one step at a time and not bundle the solution in with discussions of the problem, or we will lose people. Progress has been made: there appears to be a popular consensus that warming is happening, which we didn't have 20 years ago, and there seems to be a general agreement that CO2 appears to be the cause. The next step is to get popular consensus that human-caused global warming is indeed the cause of this. At present, less than 50% agree in American and 50% agree in Britain. This is why the Climategate emails need to be investigated as a PR issue. The next step would be coming up with a solution that solves the carbon problem. As Riverwind has pointed out, the Kyoto process appears to have serious flaws, perhaps because it's been set up as a global wealth-sharing system.
  3. What does that mean 'required of IPCC' ? They have a moral obligation as scientists to see that their work is applied to the betterment of the human race and this is part of that. The doctor is required to explain to the patient that he needs to take it, and indeed you'll see that medical associations will express concern about societal health problems such as obesity all the time. Democracy + internet is a reality and they need to adjust to it if they care at all.
  4. Again, you say we need to change ? But as I have pointed out we're going in the right direction. We live in a society where problems are discussed openly, and progress is made. To redesign that into a utopian anarchy in the form of the Venus Project would involve horrific adjustments. Why do we need to change when things are constantly getting better - please answer that. You are not listening. I already explained to you that if you make a claim the onus is on you to prove it. I don't think you're crazy, but I think you have come to this board with your mind completely made up. I have done the research myself, and I know that what you're proposing isn't feasible. There are changes to be made, and changes in spirituality as well as our material wealth - but these have happened under our current structure, and will continue this way.
  5. Isn't Alex Jones one of those truther conspiracy types ? What kind of person makes their living by pretending that the world is ending, and trying to convince others of that ?
  6. But these things have been with us for ages - you seem to think things are WORSE today. They're not, they're better though not perfect.
  7. Why do you keep saying that poverty, disease and war are such a problem ? Do you know how much poverty has been reduced since the time of John Lennon ? The cold war, and its attendant regional wars have ended, and disease is on the decline too. Why do you think otherwise ?
  8. If you want world peace and one world government as you say, then support the status quo - we're getting there slowly. You're more than a "glass is 1/2 empty" kind of guy, it's like there's 1/2 an inch of beer missing and you're saying that the glass is almost empty.
  9. Look into what ? I'll rent 'V for Vendetta' how's that ? Yes, money runs the world but it's a big leap from there to the rest of the theories. Don't call me blind, either, thanks.
  10. Proof lies with the positive claimant. If you state something, be prepared to back it up. That's web forums 101. How can I prove there's NOT a grand conspiracy theory running everything ?
  11. I would encourage you to stop basing your reality on sci-fi movies and read the Robert Caro books on Lyndon Johnson, particularly Master of the Senate. You will then see how power accumulates, how it is executed, and yes - how it corrupts. But the Matrix and the Wizard of Oz have nothing to do with it.
  12. I'm surprised that his ratings are so high, given that he's pushing hard for socialized medicine. Good for him.
  13. I read the Venus Project site. It's quite Utopian. The fact is that progress is being made, that there is less war and less starvation. If you see misery in the world, and things getting worse, then it's in your own mind and you need to sak yourself why you dwell on the negative when there's so much good going on.
  14. Not the video linked to - but the ones on the side are relevant. The 'climategate' video was the one that misled me. However, in video #4 he goes after Al Gore's film...
  15. I'm usually skeptical of YouTube-based arguments, and should be more so as one of those caused me to "step in it" recently with Riverwind, because it cherry-picked quotes that the skeptics are talking about, but left others out. This isn't about research, it's about the USE and DISSEMINATION of information.
  16. The "Ice Age" argument has already been dealt with here. To bring you up to speed - most of us agree that GW is happening, but some are skeptical as to whether it is human-caused, or - if it is - whether anything can be done at this point.
  17. They were real. Giant conspiracies like that generally don't happen in an open society.
  18. Some of these things have been covered in this thread already.
  19. Well, the IPCC could do it as part of their mandate to make their research known to the world, couldn't they ?
  20. I'm talking about a way forward here. If you care, as you seem to, then I would think you could see the value in things moving forward. You appear to be seeing the parties involved as static, and incapable of discussion or engagement.
  21. There are conspiracies out there, but they're not as common as huge problems happening in plain sight, ignored by many.
  22. It's an in-joke: I had a 'Zeitgeist' project of my own on another forum, which Morris used to poke fun at.
  23. Side note to Morris: The Venus Project has a side project called... wait for it: http://thezeitgeistmovement.com/
  24. Moon Hoax, MIA Hoax, 9/11 Conspiracy, New World Order conspiracy, Federal Reserve Conspiracy, flouride, UFOs... these discussions are examples of what happens in an open democracy when the people have dominion over all. We've also had, in the past, the 'free silver' debate, and the "know nothings"...
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