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  1. And I made a simple lighthearted joke about what must happen regularly in your life when you act out. Only someone delusional would regard it as a threat.
  2. If the right wing feels this way, let's see a polling of cops across the country. I keep hearing about the left wing conspiracy on this but it sounds like a way to dismiss it all and simply go to ending the program without a proper assessment.
  3. Some of the linked articles here indicate that a lot of the sentences would exceed 2 years with the changes. I'd like to see some more analysis of the whole thing because it comes on top of other changes but this is what we were hearing last week.
  4. Think it is yourself with the passive aggressive tendencies. I can't imagine that you act in such a way publicly without being called on it. Generally, speaking I call such anonymous sniping as cowardly.
  5. Afraid not. We've seen it in Saskatchewan where murderers escaped. I won't even go into places like Ontario where last week we saw things explode in Milhaven.
  6. Not at all. Just an observation about what must happen with such behaviour so routinely.
  7. http://www.voanews.com/english/2009-10-30-voa20.cfm Holy crap. First Italy and now France where the top dog faces charges.
  8. However, none of these are the reasons for the trouble in Canada. In Canada it came from a federal order to re-jig the vaccine mid-way through the process thereby causing the delay.
  9. The change in the vaccine was ordered by the government. Ergo, they did have control over the supply. Blaming the company for the delay passes the buck for the fact that the Feds promised a guaranteed supply but then changed course to re-jig the vaccine.
  10. Liberal financing in as well and money still coming in. It was $2 million for the quarter or twice as much as last year this time. That's $7.5 million thus far for the year.
  11. And who is to blame for the present choice? The shortage still comes back to government and the decisions it takes.
  12. And yet the anger out on the streets for people who are waiting in very long lines is very real. I hear ya. The government should care because now it looks like they interrupted their production lines for a less effective vaccine for pregnant women.
  13. Think I made my point that the vaccine would not have been delayed if the government hadn't ordered a change after promising a guaranteed supply to the provinces. This blaming the company for following government instructions is passing the buck.
  14. I suspect that Harper would hurt himself if he did this within a year of promising not to. It might not bring down his government but I can see it bringing down his poll numbers.
  15. Well, lo and behold... Emera mum on talks with Hydro-Quebec http://thechronicleherald.ca/Business/1150179.html There is legislation in Nova Scotia to present a takeover. Guess it is okay for Emera to buy other people's energy assets but not have someone buy theirs.
  16. I am saying they could have been vaccinated with the present vaccine just as Europeans were with no problem. Now, the WHO has confirmed that Canada has made the wrong decision.
  17. It certainly doesn't help when Canada is not as forthcoming on stimulus. That doesn't help clear things up.
  18. Think Newfoundland knows what Quebec has their eyes on. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/newfoundland-labr...c-labrador.html
  19. The company is switching to the new vaccine because that is what the government wants and thereby limits its supply that is promised. Are you saying they made the decision on their own? The government ordered the change one week after they guaranteed supplies. Or have you not read the Canadian Press report? They are the lead government on this and they were the ones that guaranteed supply just last week. I don't know how you think they won't be accountable for things. It is what happened in 1976 and the 2004 in the U.S. I can't imagine it will be any different in Canada. The buck stops somewhere and you are blaming the company. Well, the company is following instructions from Ottawa.
  20. That's not true. They have been talking about it all summer about the fear of shortages. It is why they believed it was important to let people know about the steady supply and guarantee the provinces they would meet it. It is why Obama is also facing the test right now. The promise was that the Feds were going to get on this and not let chaos reign. So far, they have failed. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/29/us/polit...hortage.html?hp
  21. I consider it another example of Harper spending out of control. That is not something that you can accuse Chretien of. Make up your mind. Are you a Tory or a separatist? Maybe a little of both as you try to get as much as possible of out of Canada in taxpayer money? You separatists look to sew dissent in the rest of Canada. We are on to you as well.
  22. Harper promised just last week that supply would not be a problem. If the provinces knew that there would be a shortage from what was promised, they would have changed the process of screening for who got vaccinated. Afraid that isn't partisanship but the plain truth. The provinces set up clinics based on the numbers of vaccinations they expected to get every week. They would have been much more restrictive had they known about shortages a week ago.
  23. If people do stay away and only high risk people are vaccinated, they still run out. They would have run out anyways if only high risk people had been vaccinated. The issue of supply was guaranteed no less than a week ago. The clinics are not doing more vaccines than what they allotted for based on the supply that was promised. If they had known about the shortages last week, we would have seen a very different type of vaccination than we have thus far.
  24. Senator Housakos is intimately linked to the issue but you think it nothing. What do I think of Lebeaume? As mayor of Quebec City, I expect Harper will hand him $40 million for a new arena.
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