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  1. I was referring to over a hundred years ago when the West was flooded by immigrants, partly as a mechanism to discourage American manifest destiny. As far as B.C. gies, a lot of that 1990s immigration was a result of two things, the turnover of Hong Kong and of internal strife in India. B.C. was anxious to encourage wealthy Hong Kong residents to settle in the city. There has been adjustment issues for the Chinese but mostly, it has increased the prosperity of British Columbia. Moreover, as the Hong Kong situation indicated China's willingness to leave businesses alone, many Hong Kongers returned to Hong Kong armed with a Canadian citizenship. They go back and forth rotuinely which is good for trade. There has been a much harder adjustment in regard to Indian immigration. A lack of understanding of the religious undercurrent led to the greatest terrorist attack in Canadian history. Still, the prosperity for B.C. has been tremendous. Overall though, B.C. has done quite a bit to faciliate immigrants adjusting and prospering in the province. It has been called the most liveable city in Canada and one of the most liveable in the world. Quite an achievement.
  2. If Ontario is failing in to faciliate immigrants integrating into Ontario, then it is a failure of the Ontario government, not the federal government. You say you don't care and just want to end immigration. That's not exactly holding your own province accountable. And it doesn't address the needs of the rest of the country. As for people packing up and moving, what evidence do you have that people migrate immediately after they arrive in the country? I have no idea what the number of refugees or new immigrants in Ontario that are on social assistance. But since it is one of your primary arguments against them, I ask you to provide them. I won't do your research for you.
  3. What is the province doing about facilitating immigration? The west have lived with mass immigation and for a lot longer than Toronto.
  4. What on earth are you talking about? Get your facts straight. I never said "My little prairie city." Think you got the wrong person.
  5. He could have a complete lame duck final two years in power if her loses Congress. Apparently, they are dusting off the 9/11 films to show that Bush is still in a war to secure the United States. It is the one thing that unites people behind him. What will it work for Representatives and Senators as it does individually for Bush? That is the big question.
  6. You accuse me of being an advocate? What next? A liberal? I haven't called you a racist. I am asking for numbers that support your argument. You say those numbers are kept secret. Prove that they are kept secret. Who says they are kept secret? Which government? Which private business group? What think tank?
  7. So what has the Ontario government done to faciltate immigrants into the province? I keep asking again and again. You tell me I'm wrong but I haven't heard why you're right on immigration. Why is Toronto's experience in isolation the experience that happens all over the country?
  8. I never said anything of the sort. I said that the Ontario government has within its constitutional rights, the abillity to facilitate immigration. I asked you what the Ontario government was doing to bring immigrants to areas where communities really need them. You didn't answer that question. I asked you to tell me the numbers of immigrants or refugees on Social Assistance. You didn't answer that question either. So tell me the numbers. If you don't have the numbers, it tells me that you are letting your personall experiences colour your entire viewpoint.
  9. That doesn't tell me anything. Many of us have lived in crappy neighborhoods. What are the numbers?
  10. The Wall Street Journal on Friday said that one of the reasons that Bush said they removed the regime in Iraq was to make Israel safer. Over the last two years, Israel has become more of a lightening rod and the WSJ says a lot of that is a result of the war. Tim Russert on NBC's Meet The Press asked Joe Biden and Newt Gingrich their opinion on the Wall Street Journal story. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/8987534/ Transcipt is to come... So, did the war in Iraq make Israel safer? Will an escalationg war help Bush or will it show weaken him?
  11. He probably knows for experience that you keep your private religious views separate from the job you do. I am no big fan of Day but performing your job is important to me and to the country.
  12. Prove it. Don't tell me what you personally think. Show it to me. Don't say there are no stats. Show me why your point of view is correct.
  13. That might not help us if Bush asks us to get involved later on somehow, someway.
  14. Some people think that the way to end waiting lists is to make sure the poor never to get to a doctor in the first place because of the cost.
  15. This sort of shows that experience in Ottawa often helps performance. http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/15072006/2/nati...binet-role.html
  16. Bush got him back. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/13855682/
  17. There once was a man named Bredin whose ass is where his head's in. He wrote Tory notes that make everyone choke His posts are what everyone's dreadin'
  18. Your point throughout this posting that immigrants have been responsible for crime and pollution amongst other sorts of ills. Surely, you can produce some numbers how many immigrants are on social assistance. And what sort of assistance they are on. And are you referring to refugees or immigrants? No immigrants qualify if they cannot speak French or English.
  19. You should remove the picture on your website of a Norman Rockwell painting.
  20. Here, here. At least on the stand on immigration. <heh> As for the brain drain, there have been examples in the last year that it is starting to flow back to Canada. It will be interesting to see the total numbers next year but some all star scientists and doctors are making their way back to Canada because of favourable research conditions and well funded institutes.
  21. I'd like to see the report that says Canada doesn't need any immigrants. Is it a government report? A business report? A think tank? What are the numbers that says Canada can do without immigrants entirely. And do you mean refugees as well?
  22. Why don't you show me the links to where smaller communties in Ontario are growing?
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