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  1. RCMP killer turns himself in http://www.cbc.ca/story/canada/national/20...cmp-regina.html Glad they finally caught up with him.
  2. Globals TV is reporting that several cabinet members of the NDP government havve had expense accounts larger than their salaries. I'd love to see a break down of what their expenses were.
  3. I've heard this story many times but I have never actually have seen it in the media. The only women who could fly to Canada, time it just right in the last month befire birth, find a place to stay, pay for birth in the hospital and then wait to get a citizenship card and passport made up... must be fairly wealthy women. You would have to show me one of those stories about women doing that. I just don't believe you could see tens of thousands of births like that and then expensive sponsorhip years later of the familie.
  4. So are you voting against Stephen Harper for continuing this policy?
  5. I was not referring to you on this particular thread. I was referring to the people who have been making this a prime issue in Canada who did vote for Harper last time.
  6. The CBC is reporting that the federal government now estimates that there are 50,000 Canadians in Lebanon. They don't mention whether they are dual citizens.
  7. I have no idea what the cost is. Harper is the guy now to change the rules. It wasn't part of his platform though. If he fails to carry it out, you could vote against him next election.
  8. And then the critics can't bring themselves to vote for someone other than Harper. Makes you wonder.
  9. Since February 15, 1977, a Canadian citizen who acquires another nationality may retain Canadian citizenship. I think we should go back to singular citizenship recognition. If you want to be Canadian,then you must only be Canadian and renounce any other citizenship you may have. If you believe in Canada then Canada comes first. How do you feel about not allowing dual citizenship? There are possibly over 100,000 or more Canadians citizens living in Israel as well. is it only Lebanese Canadians that you are worried about? My wife is a dual citizen of Canada and Britain. Is that a problem for the few hundred thousand Canadians living in Britain who also have Canadian citizenship?
  10. I think that is what is starting to scare Europe and even some quarters in the U.S. Too many foreign citizens are in Lebanon. As soon as Americans gets killed, Bush will face pressure.
  11. You're not a single issue voter. From some of the comments here, you would think it was the only issue. But it does make you think when people complain incessantly about it. Go to Harper, I say. Run for office. Don't try to convince us here. Some people won't follow their own convictions.
  12. Diplomacy gains traction? http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/13897540/
  13. What are some of the reactions of some of the Arab press to what is going on? In saw this in the Jerusalem Post and it has a few reactions but I'm not sure about other reactions. http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid...icle%2FShowFull
  14. You could run independently. If it is that important and you don't think Harper will do it, do it yourself. Otherwise, the complaining here isn't really sincere. Repeatedly, some have said this is all Ottawa's doing. Well, Harper's in charge. He has said he is continuing the policy. Vote him out.
  15. Hope you include your own remarks. I apologized for my outburst. You haven't.
  16. You still haven't said if you will vote against Harper.
  17. There once was a guy who sucks at poetry, rhyming and...well, you know He wrote such terrible prose For which we hold our nose We'd like to run him over with trucks
  18. http://www.cbc.ca/story/world/national/200...ionalforce.html International force to Lebanon?
  19. But how much? The forces recently got a pay increase under the Liberals. Several media outlets looked at the military pay scale two years ago. Experience and the most common ranks showed some fairly good salaries compared to other industrialized nations. Combat pay raises that salary. It is hard to know what is a right wage when your life is on the line but a comparison I showed of police and what others in Winnipeg's civil service made showed a fair sized gap.
  20. You first said it was untrue a top level constable had that sort of pay. I asked what the pay level for a cop should be. Most cops can expect overtime due to being in court and tesitfying, extra time on crime scenes and the like. It is part of the job. Winnipeg Police Association comments were that even with $106,000 pay for a top constable, it is still less than what other forces were making and they were losing officers to other jusrisdictions. So what should payment be for a cop?
  21. dobbin, this forum has rules against posting long articles. Post a quote and link instead. If copyright is involved, the issue is more serious. The Free Press has only password protection for an article. I'll remove the rest of the piece now.
  22. You are still in violation of the copyright act with your website. Cease and desist with the illustrations that you have no permission to use.
  23. I am not surprised by the numbers. Large amount of Iraqis moved back into the north and the south. Likewise, lots of Afghanis moved back to Afgahnistan. Still, there are some areas where refugees have not come back in full strength. The report doesn't give a full outlook on where refugees have not been able to go back to in full numbers.
  24. The quite simply, it will pass. The other parties won't let it come to a confidence vote that defeats the government.
  25. Harper said in his speech recently that he will continue with immigration as it stands. And yet you will vote for him. And you will vote for him even if he doesn't do what you want years from now. Why don't you vote for someone else? Your complaints on immigration are not that important to you that you will put up with years of the same policy? Why don't you run yourself?
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