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  1. Look, if you can't understand that the people you cite are professional naysayers and still throw doubt on tobacco among other things, I don't know that you get where they are coming from.
  2. Guess you should tell that to Harper next time you post here. Carbon copy each message you write. Once again tell Harper all about it. He doesn't seem to to be listening to you since he is still pursuing a carbon reduction program.
  3. And you love blathering on warming raising the same doubts that the smoking lobby still makes today. And yet people still use "might", "could" and "possibly" about the dangers. And some people still raise hypotheticals on smoking. Some of them in fact are also some of the same people you have cited in global warming as I have pointed out to you before. Think I pointed that out to you about some of the people you cited on global warming to no avail.
  4. Like Harper with his carbon capture in Alberta and ethanol? It is all the wrong policies if the aim is to get more clean energy. Might have been better to build a high powered lines from Manitoba to Ontario and Saskatchewan. I think even investing in the LED street lights that the Halifax company is so good could save a ton of energy and unlike the sodium lights, they last 20 years and actually make the streets brighter and safer. Heck, you could even say it was a crime fighting venture. I still think thermal is the way to go as it is the cleanest and once installed, the cheapest to run. Even if you don't believe in warming, these are things that make sense, make us less dependent on oil and save money. If you can capture methane in the north, it might be worth something. Less ice cover means more ground exposed and more methane released which begets more warming and more ground exposed. As far as CO2 goes, we will see if the change back to El Nino in ocean currents makes for hotter temperatures again. The last el nino ended in 2007.
  5. Afraid the evidence is still disputed by some with "could", "possibly" and "might."
  6. I'm sure the right wing would love to ask leading questions just as they did with the Wheat Board. The try to do it right rather drawing connclusions before asking a series of questions. Because I believed there was a better way than a central registry. Think I'd like to actually hear police views on the issue. And yet we see more police saying the support the registry. That should speak volumes too. Because it is a tool for the police to do their job. That's not what the Tories are doing. They are just trying to kill the program slowly. In the end, if they don't get a majority, the program will be back in force. It would be better if they tried to find out how and why it is used and if there is a better way. I don't think they will do that.
  7. The legislation is in place to hold it at 15%. From the Chronicle.
  8. I am reminded of the tobacco industry saying that there was no link to health issues and smoking. I can imagine that some people probably still think that way. In any event, it isn't just CO2 that causes warming. Methane has to be looked at as well.
  9. heh I first read that as taking off your wedding dress about half way through the ceremony.
  10. The shouting down with sexist comments is pretty new. The Feds are responsible for the vaccine, not the provinces. If it is a supply issue, it is in their domain. If you think that a federal government doesn't take heat in a pandemic then you forget what the reaction was during SARs. The Liberal government rightfully took its lumps.
  11. Perhaps if the Tories didn't treat it as a joke in Parliament, it would be a start. The chaos happening now is going to have people question who is in charge. Your answer seems to be no one, everyone. The Tories wanted to be in charge, well, live up to the job. It is chaos out there and someone has to take responsibility for it. And all we get from the Tories is heckling.
  12. The no one is to blame, everyone is to blame is probably not going to wash with continued chaos in terms of supply and when vaccines start over again. Ah, there is the blame the Liberals tactic I've been expecting.
  13. The buck stops somewhere. Perhaps if they had considered answering these questions rather than shouting the Opposition, we might have seen something different. It isn't like they can blame the Federal Liberals for this.
  14. Blaming the manufacturer for the delay even though the production line stoppage was government ordered is what the Tories are doing. You want to apologize for the Tory ordered change in the production line that has caused the shortage. That's what this is about. They were asked questions about this which they have heckled the Opposition about and now they are left scratching their heads about the shortage. It seems you will continue to believe that the manufacturer somehow failed even though you insist no blame is being set. Or have you forgotten the sexist heckling every time Bennett asked a question about the vaccine?
  15. This is where the blame seems to be directed at the manufacturer. It seems to be the Tory talking point. I do take it you read the CP report tonight on the delay, right? Or are they confused? It is literally chaos in terms of delivery. The production line was late to start compared to other countries and mid-stream the government ordered a change to the vaccine. Shutting down a production line causes delays and there were questions about the changes in Parliament for some time and they just end up getting shouted down.
  16. But who ordered the production line stopped to restart on the re-jigged vaccine? The government did. I have watched it three times and you seem to think it means something different. According to the CBC website, it is the main reason for the delay.
  17. I did. And that is why I say you wrong and I have shown you the CP story on that which you also seem to ignore. It was also talked about on Politics today about how the order came from the Feds to change production midstream. http://www.cbc.ca/health/story/2009/10/30/h1n1-canada.html You blame the manufacturer even though they were ordered by the government to change production.
  18. I have read this and the order still came from the Feds to interrupt production to start production elsewhere. The government had been asked about possible delays but all they do is heckle and make sexist comments. The supply of the vaccine is not controlled by the provinces. It is the Feds that ordered it and changed production midway through. I realize that the talking points are to blame the manufacturer and refuse to answer questions in Parliament about using sexist comments but it is getting a little ridiculous.
  19. I suppose if you want to blame the company for this that would be the route to go. Too bad the Tories heckled and refused to answer questions over the last weeks as noted on both CTV and CBC about the vaccine. Looks like they wanted to politicize this with juvenile activities.
  20. Actually, that is not what was said. They said that the government ordered a change in the vaccine mid-stream and that has caused the delay. Go back and watch again because this is what the story is: http://www.google.com/hostednews/canadianp...4cpiw4AitEF9EoQ So are you still blaming the company for following the government's instructions?
  21. Think a secret poll is just that. Secret. Unless you are thinking the police will tap in to find out how the vote went and punish cops accordingly. .All I hear is the right wing shouting to end the program. I didn't support it to start with but I'll be darned if I don't find out if it is indeed useful to the police. I just don't believe police chiefs are afraid for their job and supporting the program to keep those jobs. The police access the registry all the time. The Tories are the ones trying to dismantle the program or make it useless.
  22. Until the change in the vaccine, Canada did not have shortages. Period.
  23. I don't see a panic. I see people concerned and frustrated that the promised supply is dropping because the Feds ordered a change during production. Provinces are running out this weekend.
  24. I don't see how they can stop it. It is like thinking the Canadian Wheat Board could stop polling their members on the end of the Wheat Board. They couldn't do it. I'm surprised you are taking the angle that the chiefs are only saying what they are saying for fear of their jobs.
  25. I never made any threats. However, I see you're up to your usual childish behaviour.
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