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  1. It wouldn't be the first time that teams have retreated from the U.S. I think the best example is the Atlanta Flames - Calgary Flames move.
  2. Seems you should be having this argument with Harper and his government because he continues to spend money on projects such as ethanol and carbon capture as if the facts are in evidence.
  3. Think I was making a joke about what some people in the past have said about how the vote went. You did get all angry though so at least your consistent. But that is where the polls have shown you are wrong. As Ekos pointed out, there is no great love for Harper at all. His support was tied with the Liberals until there was a threat of an election. You make out that the Tory numbers rose completely based on satisfaction. Doesn't really look like it, does it?
  4. Right after the Olympics and a budget perhaps. We'll see. The high dollar is likely to have some repercussions some of which that could affect the polls up and down. The euphoria of shopping trips or buying power might be tempered with a renewed round of lay-offs.
  5. And if they go up, I'm sure you'll say it is the media and the ethnic vote and get all angry, right? Harper is benefiting from people not wanting an election now. We'll see if he continues to benefit from staying in power or whether there are a few bumps in the road ahead.
  6. I think not unexpected with Tories handing out checks in their ridings all over the place in the last several days. However, as has been noted by a few... http://www.nationalpost.com/news/story.html?id=2104119 People eventually start to realize that it isn't only their area getting money but it is happening all over and that the tab for the party is getting larger. At the moment, the fear of an election is keeping Liberal numbers down. At some point, the fear of the mounting debt is going to creep into the number for the Tories. And as they keep conveniently reminding us, it is their party right down to the last MP who is doing the spending. Moreover, when some of the spending is analyzed: http://thechronicleherald.ca/Front/1147746.html
  7. It is the arena and ownership of it that is a major factor. Saskatoon would have to work that out in detail before even looking at corporate support to sell it out afterward, The old Winnipeg Arena was owned by the city and it made big money while the Jets were making a lot less and heading into losses. But then all Canadian teams were struggling with rising salaries and lower dollar. It is amazing what a difference having a higher dollar makes to the bottom line in a league that pays in U.S. dollars. There are some major corporations in the city that could be tapped for some support such as Great West Life, Investors, Wawanesa and the Richardsons if need be. However, no one is going to waste money pursuing a team. The only one who wants to do that is Balsillie. The rink was built at that number deliberately to serve an AHL team. Like the Ottawa arena, it is built to expand. Ottawa's arena expanded in 2005. Winnipeg's could add 3000 to 4000 on its present footprint according to the architects when the building opened. 18,000 seats would be fairly good number in the NHL, especially if they are not discounted like so many U.S. arenas are doing to the tune of huge losses/ Certainly not enough to pursue a team. The way this is going to happen is if a U.S. owner is looking to move rather than go bankrupt. I think Phoenix is ample evidence of how not to do it. As I said, it won't be Winnipeg approaching the NHL, it will be the other way around.
  8. Bigger corporations than in Winnipeg? Look, I'm not denying that Saskatchewan has done well in recent years but it isn't anywhere on the NHL's radar. The main reason the Jets left was not having a new arena with box seats and the revenue that comes from the facility. Winnipeg now has the arena and it is busier than anywhere else in Canada except Montreal and Toronto. As far as corporate support goes, one big owner can make a difference. If it is the Thomson family, as some suggest, they would be the richest owner on a personal scale in the NHL.
  9. Subscribers of the Post in Manitoba had their subscription ended and the paper was unavailable anywhere in the province in boxes for some time. The only paper that is on the shelves at stores is the Saturday paper.
  10. If Quebec gets an expansion team, it may very well be that the NHL don't like the cut of his jib because the poke of his jab. Maybe they will make Rush pee in a cup.
  11. Well, let's see why I would make that remark: First, as as subscriber, they stopped delivery in Manitoba among a few provinces. Second, the paper is largely unavailable even in the boxes in Manitoba, third: they cut staff and found other writers leaving that many people did actually read, fourth, their readership went down nationally as they concentrated on the Toronto market and fifth, I found they were not updating their website very fast in comparison to other newspapers so that if I did want to stay in touch with them, they made no effort to stay in touch with me. You and your ilk may try very hard to read the National Post but they have abandoned much of the country. And that isn't nonsense, that is the truth. I used to get four newspapers a day. Two of them gave up: The National Post and the Winnipeg Sun (which has been given out free in the boxes in my area for two years after firing nearly all their local reporters).
  12. http://content.usatoday.com/communities/th...-as-nfl-owner/1 Given that the NFL generally doesn't want owners it thinks may court trouble, I'm wondering if Limbaugh has even a hope of getting ownership. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/13/sports/f...3vecsey.html?em Note: the NHL seems to have the same thoughts on the cut of the jib of Balsillie. They seem to like Marcel Aubut's jib though.
  13. I think you msread me. I am saying that people who say that Cirque has received no government money are incorrect. I've said I have no problems investing in thing worthwhile using taxpayer money. Just don't pretend afterwards that no public money was involved. http://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums//index....st&p=471759
  14. The more likely scenario is a contraction of about four or five teams and a cut in salaries. I keep hearing people talk about Kansas and Las Vegas. Well, no one has found a way to be successful in Las Vegas yet with a major league sport. Heck, they don't even have an AHL team. They have an ECHL team playing in an arena with 9,500 seats. Kansas doesn't have any hockey at the moment. It would help if they at least showed there was a smidgen of interest there before getting a franchise. Given what has happened to their other pro teams in hockey, it is hard to say if there is fan support. Winnipeg is no rush. It has a new arena that the present team owns and the MTS Centre continues to draw more people. The last ranking had it as the third busiest arena in Canada and 19th busiest in the world. No one is looking to get an NHL franchise that pays $9 million a year for a coach. It is a recipe for financial disaster. My fear is Quebec is going to get big government money to possibly get a team and I don't know that it makes financial sense to have Canadian cities competing with taxpayer money to do this.
  15. Probably missed because the National Post is hardly read by anyone and they published it on Monday? No real change from the last Ipsos. It is a poll that puts the Liberals ahead of the Tories in Quebec and Tories ahead of the Liberals in Ontario.
  16. Which was an evolution of the Implied Bill of Rights which preceded the CCF's existence.
  17. What part of national do you not understand? No money meant no sustainable provincial programs. That drive came from Diefenbaker. Certainly if Layton starts to bloviate about how world peace was an NDP idea, we will see him take a tailspin.
  18. The point from the beginning that saying they created CPP is a load of hogwash. I have suggested nothing about the NDP except that they are bloviating about their achievements.
  19. Think I said on the the provincial front. Diefenbaker was the one who pushed on the federal front before Saskatchewan got their program running. As you said: the big issue: money. And Diefenbaker drove the initiative for long term sustainable funding. The idea that it was all NDP and no one else is treading on thin ice.
  20. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/ottawa/story/2009...-candidacy.html Haven't heard anything behind the story thus far.
  21. The bloviating by Layton is one of the least attractive qualities and taking credit for policies while never forming government certainly doesn't give one incentive to vote for an NDP government. I can see them taking credit for peace next and claiming it is an original idea. In other words, the NDP praises itself for achievements while discrediting the government that actually did the work to bring it about. That hasn't worked out so well for the NDP over the years at the federal level. Truth be told, people have looked at the NDP policies and found many to be unappetizing.
  22. And they won't as long as they continue to make out that they are responsible for everything under the sun.
  23. We created CPP! - NDP. We created air! We created water! We created life!
  24. I can't believe how bewildered some NDP are or how much they lie about CPP. OAS and CPP are two different plans and the NDP did not create CPP. It is a contributory plan related to workers and not just based on old age. http://www.hrsdc.gc.ca/eng/oas-cpp/index.shtml It is a separate plan and is different from OAS. Big brass balls of a lie and they've been caught out.
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