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  1. So he never criticized Liberals for presenting cheques in their their ridings. You really sticking to that argument?
  2. I think it you we caught in a lie because you were given details and refused to look at them even when given the exact place to go. As far as Ignatieff goes, this is what he said in the last day. No Green Shift carbon tax. Period. If you have different, please show me otherwise I think you are a complete and utter liar as always. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/nation...article1322673/
  3. It is doubtful the owners wanted an owner who routinely courts controversy anyway.
  4. He used to complain about Liberal MPs taking credit for federal spending at news conferences. He is doing the way he criticized in the past.
  5. Pardon? Harper used to complain about the Liberals going around and taking credit for exactly the same thing he is being criticized for now. You are saying he said nothing?
  6. However, Harper used to scream about it when the Liberal did it. He was wrong then, right?
  7. And he said Green Shift? Carbon tax and all? Harper announced carbon capture this week. http://www.calgaryherald.com/technology/Ca...4378/story.html Think Canada is spooked? What they don't want is a tax and Ignatieff has said there will be no carbon tax. Hardly. He said no carbon tax. Are you saying he is now saying there will be a carbon tax and that it will be called Green Shift? If so, please show me where.
  8. I don't think so. The only thing that will stop the Tory majority now is Harper's own issues. What those will be is hard to say but he does have a knack for falling short of that majority he wants. Will Ignatieff resign before the next election? Doubtful. I think even his enemies in the party would discourage that since it would likely send the party into single digits nationally. Last election, Harper should have won a massive majority. He ran a fairly poor campaign in retrospect. I believed that it was possible that he could have wiped the Liberals out save for a few pockets. The Liberal party is on the cusp. We are probably headed for the end of at least one party nationally in the next five years. My feeling is that it could be the Liberals. As I've said before, if I was left with two choices (with some fringe parties tossed in), I'd probably withdraw from voting altogether. I'd be joining a long stream of non-voters who are now the majority in Canada. And that's one poll where the number keeps rising every election, it seems.
  9. Think I have pointed that out and some pollster have indicated that if the Tories try to go to or trigger an election, it would send their numbers down.
  10. It seems you have developed a new derangement.
  11. Think I already said that they cancelled their home delivery in Manitoba and that they only print paper here is Saturday. I don't check the website too often because I don't feel they update enough and said so in my reply to you. Once again your fury and hatred seems to have gotten the better of you. I asked legitimately if anyone reads the paper anymore. They've certainly made it difficult to do so. I used to be a subscriber but the paper has cut so much that the paper is rather a hollow shell of itself.
  12. Because Harper has promised no election. You see no connection at all? You think his numbers are rising because people want to see an election and him win a majority right now? Harper has said such things before. There is no Green Shift push. Think that was pretty much obvious from yesterday's statement. It is the Tories that are spending quite a bit on green businesses.
  13. I don't know about that. The judge's decision is not done yet. The league might have to pony up quite a bit this year. I don't know that the NHL has a long term plan for the city. I don't know that it is true that the Canadian market still doesn't have some growth to it. I don't disagree that the U.S. needs growth. It just ain't happening.
  14. I think that might be up to a judge if the team survives. Let's face it: Phoenix is a mess. The league is going to run it this year for the most part but they can't be happy about it. It is a heck of a lot of money. If there was some corporate support in the town to keep the team, they probably would have stepped forward for now. No, actually. I believed that a consortium was always an option in Edmonton and the losses were never what Phoenix experienced.
  15. Not scared if there is no immediate election. You think the numbers stay where they are if Harper is the one who brings about an election?
  16. Didn't stop him last time, did it? He said his government would not call an election. Even had legislation to back that up. He can't really say he lost a vote, can he?
  17. Good luck with that. Given your comments on Obama children, I don't think you have a leg to stand on. http://www.mapleleafweb.com/forums//index....st&p=381711
  18. Harris Decima poll: http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/stor...015?hub=QPeriod It appears Quebec remains a big factor in not having a clear majority. It will be interesting to see the breakdowns a little more clearly in this large sample poll. The Ekos poll showed some recovery for the Liberals in some cities.
  19. I'd be shocked of Phoenix stays, wouldn't you?
  20. You could be right. Any contraction would be the end of Bettman. Still, what to do, what to do about Phoenix? The league is now owner of the team while they figure this out and the losses could be plenty. Last year attendance was 11,000 people or so. They have lost $316 million and will lose more this year. Pre-season games this year drew 2000 people. Yikes! They have dropped ticket prices to levels not seen in decades. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/hock...article1320714/
  21. And abortion if you believe in Freakanomics. So the Tories will support increased abortion?
  22. There are quite a few people that won't get any vaccines of any kind.
  23. I think the lying is your department. Not to mention the derangement syndrome. And the anger. And the political hackery. Have you ever been right about anything? The message in all the polls that you worship at has been that the voters want Parlaiment to work and not resort to an election. You seem to think that means satisfaction which clearly the polls have shown have not resonated.
  24. Like it or not, your argument lies with those in government. You just don't seem willing to do take the present Tory leader to task for your own political reasons. I'm sure your reasons will be "but the Liberals..." when countering but it seems fairly obvious that Harper is willing to spend a hell of a lot of money on something that you disagree with and you treat him with kid gloves. You argue completely and utterly against the science but never really stand behind the work with a vigourous defence of it where it is needed: the present government leader in Canada. So criticize other political parties all you want, in the end you support someone who ignores you because you don't do anything to indicate your support should not be taken for granted.
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