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  1. It is still something Harper complained about when the Liberals did it.
  2. True. of Education. Not infrastructure. And once again, it is not his money. It is the province of Manitoba's. Why is any name appearing other than Manitoba on a Manitoba cheque?
  3. If the Tories have their doubts, put money in research. The victimization that the Tories play with this idea that scientists, judiciary, media doesn't address the problem. Nor am I convinced that Harper suddenly drops global warming policies if he gets a massive majority. It won't solve the problem of international moves on things like cap and trade. Seriously. If Harper doesn't believe in the science, get some solid research to back up the government policy of not doing anything. Instead what we see is these constant threads on global warming where a few on the right criticize the science but not the politics of the people in power who fund the response. And what do we get from it? The ethanol policy which doesn't do anything meaningful except act as a farm support.
  4. Things going from bad to worse in Phoenix? http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/capress/091016/...coyotes_tickets
  5. http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/capress/091016/...an_cda_payments Holy crap. Even if one country in NATO did it, I think it is terrible. I don't believe Canada paid anyone but I'd like to know more from the French press. After the release of Fowler, I think scrutiny is needed about what is happening and if payments by some in NATO is happening.
  6. I think the Canadian Press story speaks for itself. Somehow the PMO has blamed the Liberals for the attention it is getting. I have no problem with a website on stimulus. But the slogans and use of word such as "Harper's government" along with other electioneering is something Harper has opposed in the past. It seems the only retort is "The Liberals did it too!" That can't be a very satisfactory answer for many supporters of the Conservative party. Many have to be looking for something that is different than a repeat of unseemly link between party and government.
  7. Your personalization on a regular basis is a derangement that really defies explanation.
  8. Not according to media reports. The NFL does not list her as an owner, only her husband. Once again, not according to media reports. Ja Rule wrote the lyrics for the re-mix song with whereas Lopez has the cleaned up version which is how her lyrics went. Not that it matters, she isn't an NFL team owner. Well, Rush wasn't rejected. He quit.
  9. I think you forget it is the who record that the Military Complaints Commissioner is looking which includes both Liberal and Tory governments. Am I to understand you want it buried now?
  10. First, Lopez isn't part owner. Her husband owns the team. Next, Lopez didn't write those lyrics, they came from a remix of her song sung by another artist who inserted their own lyrics. From a song Fergie didn't write for the first. As far as the rest goes, if right wingers think it is enough to oppose her as owner, by all means.
  11. Your constant attempt to deflect from who makes the decisions on spending money on global warming is annoying. If you spent half your time pursuing Harper on the subject as you do here with people who support parties who have no chance of power or are not presently writing cheques, you might actually make some progress. I'll post where I want because it is deadly accurate and relevant about the environmental plan you oppose. I don't think you are serious about it when you can't even confront your inability to address who is footing the bill. Try to take ownership over the fact that your vote for your party ends up supporting something you oppose every single day in these forums.
  12. Because Harper complained about this when he was Opposition leader. Now that he is in power, we see him doing it and we see his supporters asking what the big deal is. Yeesh. You are the guys who said it was a big deal. So were you wrong then or are wrong now?
  13. It's funny the NDP saying the Liberals and Tories are guilty of this only. Let's looks at whose name is here: http://www.jamesbezan.com/photos_detail.asp?photocat=69 And here: http://www.jamesbezan.com/photos_detail.asp?photocat=70 Well, lo and behold, it is an NDP name.
  14. It failed because it was a water and air legislative measure and not a real emissions program.
  15. I read your post. You have been mostly deflecting from the Tories who in government and have been spending money on global warming. If you don't believe in it, criticize them. All I see is the shrug and the hands up and the..."that's politicians for you" and then... back to the usual finger pointing at the Liberals. Harper is the prime minister and is spending billions on this. I happen to think he is spending it poorly. Some of you probably think he should be spending nothing on it but don't say a peep. All we see here is that the science is not settled and that people pushing global warming are zealots. Well, grab some balls and actually go after the people who are spending the cash. Actually, it isn't. I don't believe in the ethanol program which I don't think is concrete action. I think it is a failure except as a farmer support program. I think some of the thing the Tories are doing are very poor use in terms of spending on the environment. Carbon capture may have some potential but it will be many years to know for sure how it is doing as it is still very experimental. Harper has never been clear on cap and trade. All the experts know is that there will be significant costs, some saying higher than a carbon tax. Harper has ended up with a programs that costs a lot but is a license to pollute.
  16. Here is the Quebec arena announcement. http://www.google.com/hostednews/canadianp...f_nnm7A8un_UYJw Holy crap that is a lot of money. If Winnipeg had received that amount of money from the Feds, a whole arena could have been built. The total public money from all three levels of government for the MTS Centre was $40 million. The private sector paid $93 million.
  17. Quebec will need its new arena first. It might have helped them be on the priority list if they had at least maintained an AHL for the last years as well. Winnipeg has a new arena and maintained an AHL team since 1996. The arena is expandable although has enough seats that it could still be in the top half of the NHL in attendance if at capacity. The arena is also partly owned by the richest man in Canada. If an NHL owner is looking to move, Winnipeg is the only city ready to go with both the arena and long term fan base in the country. There is simply no other city. Has the arena but no indication they even have a fan base for hockey after so many years of no team of any kind. Has a small arena but a successful ECHL hockey team. The city is notorious for not having any major league sports teams. Any attempt to get anything other than minor leagues has resulted in failure. The economy is another reason why trying to get money to build a large arena and a new team might not be in the cards.
  18. Phoenix has never made money in Phoenix. Never. It has been millions in the hole every year, year after year. That much was clear from the bankruptcy proceedings.
  19. As Andrew Coyne says, none of these MPs has authority to cut a check using government money in their names.
  20. It amazeds me the bloviating by Tory supporters here about how wrong global warming science is and how they pull back from criticizing their party for the billions they are spending on it. Is that all you can do but attack everyone else but not your own party which is actually spending money on the issue? You talk about posturing but what I see here every day is reams of argument, none of which is directed at the decisionmaker in office.
  21. It wasn't just one MP using a prop cheque with their name on it. And it does seem to be Tory policy since Harper just said yesterday that can MPs do it. The only thing he said is no Tory logo on the a prop. But it appears that they can put anything else on it including Tory party slogans like Scott Goodyear.
  22. I guess that will be for the Ethics Commissioner to decide.
  23. You didn't see Tory MPs handing out checks and taking credit for them? You don't remember Harper criticizing it?
  24. Harper used to criticize the Liberals for handing out cheques in their riding and taking credit. He is now doing the same.
  25. I think the Internet will be the hula hoop.
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