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  1. Why not just kill people you think are guilty of something if death is what you want anyway?
  2. So you agree with violent prisoners escaping from overcrowded prisons because you increased non-violent prisoner numbers?
  3. Then let's see the costs. It is hard to believe that rising prison costs won't result in higher taxes or cutting of service elsewhere. That much is apparent. It is why I don't see the deficit going down anytime soon because some people don't care what it costs for their issues to be funded. What you guys haven't figured out is that "must have" includes a balanced budget. The cost is never irrelevant. Fine. Tell us what the costs are. I don't believe police make decisions based on whether they will get a conviction or they wouldn't investigate a whole lost of crimes including murder. I have not argued against better regulatory and policing of commercial crimes. I just think that we had better hear the costs of imprisoning people for ever longer sentences without figuring the costs and seeing if there are some better alternatives in many cases. I don't want deficits from here to eternity. Canada needs to carefully look at policies that have long term costs and see what the best plan of action should be. The right wing accuses the left of being emotional but in this case, the cry of "I don't care what the costs are!" is an emotional one.
  4. Then let's see the comparison. I keep asking for the numbers and yet don't see any produced. From some on the right, I hear they don't care what the costs are no matter how much. To me that is pretty scary since we have seen prisons become ever more crowded and prone to escapes. Overcrowding them further with non-violent offenders seems to be asking for more of the same. The Tories seems to be arguing from pure emotion and we might find ourselves digging out as other places have from the crackdown. One need look no further than California.
  5. And your answer is more guards killed and mass escapes because the Harper government has underestimated how crowded the prisons are now? Or have you forgotten the riot in Brandon prison in the last weeks? Or how about escape of murderers from Saskatchewan last year? Then tell use the cost. Hundreds of millions? Billions? And what tax will you increase to do it? What will you cut? Don't be coy. You seem to have the answer. I think I have asked your party to put up hard numbers. We have heard the figure of $60 million. Many would like to see a breakdown of how they arrive at the number. It is sad that your party isn't transparent. Do we really want it to be a case of prisons versus pupils as we have seen in some jurisdictions? Do you hate Canada that much that you want Grandma to freeze in the dark while you have a gleaming supermax prison built with her old age security?
  6. If costing is not taken into consideration, people will die. It is as simple as that.
  7. I find that hard to believe. If prisons become the largest line item of government operations, that means nothing to you? There may indeed be an issue of ensuring better parole guidelines. However, let's see the government numbers on costs. All we get is Van Loan blasting away and saying it is $60 million but many think this part of his plan is closer to $200 million. Add that to other justice changes and we are looking at numbers approaching $500 million or more. Who knows? At the moment, there isn't a prison in Manitoba that is not over capacity by a fair stretch. I don't have the figures for other provinces but I can't imagine it is different elsewhere. We might be looking at a massive prison building program as well. Let's make sure that we balance security, justice and budget issues wisely. These are the international figures. How many of these crimes originate here and what are the costs? Hard to charge them at all if they are from Nigeria. I think you are speaking about a different issue when you are speaking about policing. I agree that our commercial crime squads are too small and too regional.
  8. Actually, I was putting that it was Van Loan who is blaming the Liberals for the mess in his speech the other day until it was pointed out that PCs (which is he used to be) created the accelerated parole system. I like the deficit fixed too. Let's hear the numbers rather than an emotional "git 'er dun" response that eventually has a system groaning under the weight of ever increasing costs.
  9. And watch it get hammered by the provinces where it covers their jurisdiction constitutionally. A Tory majority could certainly eliminate the CBC but they certainly could get a boot in the balls for it as well.
  10. Which is why I have asked for numbers. Let's see the long term pros and cons of the doing this and examine a variety of ways in dealing with the problem. At the moment, I see a spending program which are piled on top of other spending programs.
  11. But it will likely be. I suspect some people will do whatever to get their issues entrenched in the Constitution and block everyone else's.
  12. It would probably cost the government an election and the taxpayers billions. For the nation, it would probably result in worse as mischief makers would want to throw everything but the kitchen sink into Constitutional talks.
  13. Quite a deflections from the fact that the PCs introduced accelerated paroles.
  14. The NDP government's main reason for not putting the hydro line in was that it would damage the environment but they are planning a road through the area which many analysts say is more disruptive. If it sounds confusing, it is. And it is expensive as well. The government has to be challenged on such a plan. The costs, the efficacy and the environmental pros and cons all have to debated vigourously.
  15. Hadn't read that yet. It really isn't making national news in for the most part. I wonder if we will see some investigation announced.
  16. It is a former UNESCO President that says the hydro lines are less intrusive than the road the NDP government plans to build.
  17. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politi...article1339276/ I'd like to hear more on this before making any conclusions but the whole thing as described needs investigating.
  18. I was joking when I made the comment. It was referencing Harper's talk about not doing anything on CO2 if it hurts the economy.
  19. I think the Harper government should come out and say that preventing this flu should not be taken if it hurts economic growth.
  20. I'm sure a majority would give Harper cause to cut CBC's budget. I suspect a severe kick in the balls for it from Quebec quarters especially.
  21. Taxpayers' Federation seeks to stop west-side power lines http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/breakingn...s-66030107.html It is interesting that a UNESCO person is coming out in favour of the east side line since it is UNESCO whom the NDP government said they are trying to make happy by running the line down the western portion of the province. Manitoba Hydro is facing serious charges that it will not be able to provide power to Manitobans and yet the government is prepared to spend a billion to put the line down an area that might be inherently dangerous in continuity of supply. It is a awful lot of money and it is difficult to find experts in hydro development anywhere thinking it is a good idea.
  22. Why waste time and just shoot everyone thought to have committed a crime? Save time on prisons and courtrooms. It should be done especially for people who don't use their turn signals.
  23. It seems obvious that the right wing doesn't care about the numbers. I see deficits rising further and further until extremely difficult decisions are made on taxes or cuts. Van Loan is saying $60 million a year. Experts are saying $200 million a year. And that is with this change only. It was the PCs who originally created the accelerated paroles because of deficits and the belief there was a better way to handle non-violent offenders. They had a majority back then too.
  24. Sorry that you hate older people. CBC radio is one of the top radio stations in many of the markets it is in. I imagine they might be excited about not competing with CBC for Hollywood far, sporting events and getting the $200 million or so in ads. I imagine they will continue to be excited by the large profits they get. Delusional and angry. Be sad that it isn't going anywhere.
  25. Funny how your attempt is to avoid talking about the success of CBC radio and that they don't take money from advertisers which lends to an overall healthy radio market. One wonders what it would be like if CTV Tv went the same way. Your hate of CBC is amusing. I support no taxpapyer money going to CBC. I believe it should come from private industry, have no commercials and the CBC should get out of bidding for things like the Olympics and hockey.
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