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  1. The contracting out is his government's responsibility. The delay in getting the vaccine out later than other countries is also his government's responsibility. The Feds guaranteed the supply and that is how the provinces set up their clinics. You think the public is blaming the company entirely for the chaos, the supply problems and the growing numbers of people going to ICU?
  2. Not quite. The federal government promised a certain amount to be delivered and they are the ones that contracted out to the company. There would still be shortages even if every person who was supposed to get the vaccination got their shot. In other words, Tuesday will see many places out of vaccine and it isn't just a question of demand. It is a question of what was expected in terms of supply.
  3. I haven't let the provinces or health authorities off the hook. However, the supply issue is a federal issue. Canada's delay in getting vaccines is starting to result in deaths. Other countries have been faster. I wonder if Harper realizes that Canadian doctors are saying there will be more deaths if the vaccine is delayed because of shortages.
  4. And yet... you don't have anything to say about Tory Senator Leo Housakos.
  5. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health...article1344606/ Utter chaos across Canada and it comes down to the Federal supply. All the backslapping just a week ago and now this.
  6. Latest Decima poll on stimulus: http://www.google.com/hostednews/canadianp...hsOKJtaaITzcxQw
  7. We have gone over this before. The police say the registry is something they want and need. I haven't said we don't need to work on prisons. I am asking for a costing out of it. Still haven't seen it.
  8. This is because it transfers people from provincial jails to the federal jails because of sentences larger than 2 years. Other changes the Feds make though clog the provincial side of jails.
  9. Think I was just making an observation that some people probably end up getting a boot to the balls when they act like donkeys.
  10. I think my point is that Manitoba as well as other problems have a problem already and will have an even bigger problem with the Tory changes. I keep asking to hear the financials on all this but I don't hear any details yet. I suspect much higher deficits.
  11. Sooner or later I'm sure someone will kick you in the balls. It's just a guess on my part but probably an accurate one.
  12. I realize that some people think Canada is a buffet where you can pick and choose. Don't like a war? Deduct my share from taxes? Don't like the CBC? Deduct my share from my taxes. Etc, etc. It is a rather petulant attitude where we see some people screaming why should I pay for someone else's road when I don't drive? Why do I pay for someone else's water when I have a well? Yadda yadda.
  13. There is nothing secret about Harper spending like crazy since 2006. We are going to see deficits for some time under Harper since he can't control himself.
  14. Which will be how many years after the legislation already starts seeing numbers built up in prisons already crowded? This is a recipe for more escapes from murderers that we have already seeing in a few provinces under the Tories.
  15. So you'll be okay so long as it doesn't hit the highwater mark. Acceptable if it is 100% over? 200% Your fallback position will be that at least it didn't hit that mark? And if it did, I'm sure you would be saying it was justifiable.
  16. Which led to the report that came out a few weeks later that showed that overcrowded conditions existed in every jail in Manitoba and was leading to troubles across the board. It is hard to come to any other conclusion that the system is creaking under the pressure now and escapes, riots and other issues are going to come up even more.
  17. Certainly the public will think differently if it escalates wildly in costs. They will only think about how it hits them in the pocketbook and what else might have been done with the money.
  18. I never supported the gun registry and have said so. Will you say the same thing if prison building goes wildly out of control?
  19. The idea was not to be seen as supporting the government every time. The results could very well have looked like what we see now if they had supported the government back in September. I can imagine the NDP would have voted against the EI legislation then. I guess if you're lucky, you will see the end of the Liberal party.
  20. The Liberals can live without it out now given the change in their ability to raise money. However, I can imagine it would look bad for Harper who promised not to do it again.
  21. One of the thing to consider before embarking on a large prison building binge.
  22. The danger for the Tories, of course, it is difficult to ride high in the polls given the unexpected. One disaster that is poorly responded to can be a gamechanger. I find it hard to believe that Harper won't be the one choosing the election time. And the longer he waits, the greater the danger that is catches his government when they are down rather than up.
  23. Latest Ekos poll: http://www.cbc.ca/politics/story/2009/10/28/ekos-poll.html I figure Ignatieff has about three months to right the ship.
  24. http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/cbc/091029/cana...power_deal521_1 I don't know enough about the deal to say if it is good or bad. It does look like the other Atlantic provinces are furious at New Brunswick for doing this though.
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