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  1. Why, oh why, do you insist on suspending the operation of common sense?

    Why was one Jew too many, when in general Jews are productive members of the community, yet we insist on absorbing huge numbers of Jamaicans (generally not Muslims), Somalis, Pakistanis and others who, as a group, don't assimilate?

    As a Jew, I find this extremely distasteful. It's nothing but hate speech.

  2. And when you get owned, you ignore it. You don't have the integrity to respond.

    I must have missed something. What are you referring to?

    Edit: I think I figured it out myself. Are you referring to this?

    You can't tell the difference? Reagan's was not to be read upon his death and did not use his own death to amplify a message.

    If so, you'll have to take it up with Shady about whether Reagan's message was to be considered his last words. It's his example not mine. But either way, you can't make a sentence without "amplifying a message." The question is whether you feel the person's message should include absolutely anything that someone might disagree with. I think we have determined that you and Shady believe that is so (while hypocritically smearing the character of someone who can no longer defend himself), and virtually no one else on the planet agrees with you.

    So much for being "owned." :lol:

  3. And I'm not sure why you would expect that. He was a political leader, and quite frankly, it was his death, not yours. Get over it.

    I wouldn't let him get to you Smallc. He doesn't really believe what he says. He's just trying to "annoy liberals", as he puts it. It's all good for entertainment value though. Fortunately neither are bright enough to get through a debate without having their pants pulled down once. :lol:

  4. And second, so you're saying that because the definition has been changed, in some states, regarding race, and now more recently regarding sex, that no further changes can be made? Why not? On what basis?

    Nope. If our society decides it wants polygamy to be included in the definition of marriage, it's absolutely free to do so. If enough people like you continue to fight for it, I'm sure if Romney gets in you've a chance of achieving your goal.

  5. Nope. It's you and others that have deemed marriage to be something different than it used to be. Laws were changed.

    I know you have a habit of avoiding any question that you find difficult to answer, but in the U.S. in the 20th century, mixed-race marriages were predominantly illegal. Do you feel the same way about that change in the legal definition of marriage, or have you decided in that case it was okay?

  6. In my opinion, addressing a letter to ALL Canadians and inserting partisan political talking points, talking points that were used during the federal campaign is at least a little classless.

    Now it's just "at least a little"? Does that mean you are no longer "equally" classless and are more so? After the comment in the other thread about Layton and deflowering adolescent girls, I would say "way" more so. :lol:

  7. It's wrong because it introduces partisan politics and divisiveness into a situation that shouldn't be about politics and division.

    It's his death, not yours. He can do what he want.

    Can you also explain why you think it's equally wrong for you to scorn him for engaging in politics on his deathbed, and yet still do so? Hopefully, on the day you are eventually banned from this forum, the moderators give you one last post to recant all the cheap, divisive things you've said. :lol:

  8. Um, his letter was to CANADIANS. Even people like me. :)

    But why is it wrong for a dying person to say something that you disagree with? Can you cite a Miss Manners edict on appropriate deathbed subjects? You have stated and restated that you think it's classless and inappropriate, but I am honestly at a loss to understand the reason for your thinking.

    Personally, I think you just hated the man and you were very uncomfortable seeing him praised to the extent that he was.

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