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  1. Trump doesn't denounce Sandy Hook deniers after being asked to by Newtown officials.

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    2. blackbird


      There are countless things going on every day.  Some of these controversies are manufactured by Democrats who are working constantly to try to make the President look bad.  This sounds like one of those.  I don't think he needs to spend his time trying to speak against everything.  He has lots of important things to do.  There are thousands of other political leaders, in states, local, and celebrities etc.  Go ask them to speak to it.

    3. BubberMiley


      This is a guy who tweets about SNL and Apprentice ratings. It would take nothing to respond to a polite request from Newtown to condemn these people. Unless, of course, he believes the conspiracy. Where do you stand? Do you think it was all orchestrated by Obama?

    4. blackbird


      All I can tell you is there is a massive concerted attempt to discredit Trump.  The less he gets involved in issues like that the better off he is.  I couldn't tell you if it is orchestrated or not.  Maybe.

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