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  1. The Democrats held a fake hearing to investigate a fake insurrection to cover up a fake election.

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    2. sharkman


      And of course Biden is a fake president…Bannon should be a hoot!

    3. Dougie93


      the Democrat Party plantation aristocracy is on the run

      with the Party of Lincoln on the march once again

      free all the slaves everywhere, or die trying

      With a whack, rowdy-dow,
      Babylon is fallen,
      Whack, rowdy-dow,
      The end is drawing near!


    4. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      Here's something to think about:


      On June 9, Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.), the top Republican on the committee that oversees Capitol security and election reforms, said a GOP-controlled House Administration Committee would launch a "full investigation" into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the Jan. 6 committee as one of its top priorities next year.


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