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  1. 2 hours ago, Deluge said:

    it's you and the rest of the moderates, actually.

    Me and the rest of the conservatives. Which is about 80 percent of the party.

    2 hours ago, Deluge said:


    Try not not to confuse conservatives with centrists. 

    You clearly wouldn't know the difference.

    2 hours ago, Deluge said:

    I'm not pushing anything on you or any other centrist - I'm here to tell you, not push you. There's a difference. 

    You aren't doing either. You're blathering like an 8 year old telling someone that for SURE santa is real. 2

    2 hours ago, Deluge said:

    Candace understands the value of the unborn - you don't. 


    Candice says she won't try to change the law

    So - does that mean candice isn't a conservative?   Didn't think that through did you,

    Kid - you're not smart enough to tell me what colour the sky is never mind who is or is not a conservative. Crawl back under your PPC rock you troll.

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  2. 58 minutes ago, eyeball said:

    Which is that unvaccinated people are more likely to be diseased than vaccinated people, ergo...

    Well as it turns out that's not true. You'd have to demonstrate that. Aside from the very beginning, the vaccine hasn't really done much for transmission, Unvaxxed people catch and transmit just as much. The vaccine only helps prevent serious illness.

    And secondly you would still have to explain how that 'forced' anyone to do anything


    58 minutes ago, eyeball said:

    Maybe you've been putting to much stock in WasteCanMan's notions. Apparently he was strapped to a gurney by agents of the state and vaccinated...you know forced forced.

    Well be that as it may, you're doing a lot of dodging around the subject

    As far as forced goes as discussed coersion is legally recognized as force - a 'choice' where the choice is coerced is not generally considered an actual choice. And i'm sure you could see why.

    So - people were forced. That's pretty hard to dispute. You could argue that was appropriate given the circumstances if you want to but that's a different argument,

    So your lack of answer shows you don't really think that the unvaxxed "forced" anyone to do anything. 

  3. 6 minutes ago, WestCanMan said:

    No, they don’t. Are you insane?

    FYI, not a lot of people throw on black clothes and masks and go throw Molotov cocktails and shoot fireworks at the police. I would never be a part of a group that did that.

    That's the thing. The left and groups like antifa like to excuse their violence and hatred by claiming that it's just normal and it's not EVERYBODY and what can you expect.

    But the reality is that if they DIDN'T support that violence they would disassociate themselves with those groups.  ANd the violence is pretty prevalent.

    If a conservative type of person does something wrong the other conservatives say "That guy did wrong, lock him up we want nothing to do with him!!"

    When someeone on the left does it they literally say 'oh well, everybody's got some violent loons in their orgs" and start rounding up bail money for them. 

    Sorry - but that makes them accomplices and enablers.

    6 minutes ago, WestCanMan said:

    Antifa members really are that stupid, that violent, and you choose to support them. That’s exactly where we’re at. Full stop. You are, by choice, a part of a violent extremist group.


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  4. 19 minutes ago, Deluge said:

    Ok, it's obvious that you and "Pierre" have different ideas on what's conservative. 

    Yep, him and me and the vast vast vast majority of the others.

    19 minutes ago, Deluge said:

    Candace Owens and I believe that abortion is wrong, period. 

    Well that's fine - that's two of you then :)   But if you actually were  a conservative you would realize that while that might be a personal value of yours it's not a CONSERVATIVE value.  Even Candice has said clearly she won't push for changes to the abortion laws.  You see - she is VERY different from you as a conservative - she understands good conservatives don't demand other people think the same way.


    19 minutes ago, Deluge said:

    You see, Blah blah blah

    I see you have no idea what it means to be conservative.  You sound more like you belong on the left with that authoritarian bullshit.  "I'm the only person in teh world who knows what it means to be conservative and anyone who disagrees with me is not!" 

    Plleeeaaassee - your mommie  might tell you that you're the most important thing in the universe but nobody else is going to.

    Why don't you go ask her for a cookie and then you can go back to the basement for a nap.  You have nothing to teach anyone about being a conservative. You'd be more at home with the far left these days, they like telling people how to think too.


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  5. 2 minutes ago, eyeball said:

    It isn't retarded, but when your assessment is based on your assumptions about me and the left plus your predilection for hyperbole it's easy to see why you'd think that. But that's one you not me.

    Well it is retarded of course.  You say the unvaxxed affected the vaxxed - you are asked 'how'  - and your response is "Duuhhh i use plane inglrish. U no use dictonery".

    Well...  that doesn't say how, does it. Confusing the language that you used for the lack of information that language imparts is not particularly intelligent.

    Being insulting on top of being dumb really is what puts it over the edge to retarded :)

    And we already discussed why your tax example was dumb. \

    So it's not based on my perception of you, it's based on the reality of your words.

    So - did you want to give another example that ISN'T dumb? Or explain how the anti vaxxed forced other people to do things? Or did you just want to stick with retarded? Nutbar's choice.

  6. 1 minute ago, Deluge said:

    Why don't you name a few? You can talk about their stance in both areas. 

    Me for one. And i'll bet money right now i've fought in more elections, served on more policy boards, and attended more conventions than you.

    Did you want another name?  How about Pierre Pollievre. He's been VERY clear he supports abortion in Canada as it is now and will aggressively resist change.

    And i can tell you a hell of a lot of other conservatives feel the same. They believe in  LIMITED abortion, they believe in LIMITED welfare.  Most see no problem with first trimester abortions. Most believe there should be SOME saftey net for those who fall on hard times (just not free late's. )

    If you believe differently then you are in the distinct minority. Not the majority.

    Which is fine. Nothing wrong with holding a minorty view as far as the right is concerned, only the left requires absolute obedience to the doctrine.  But don't pretend it's otherwise.

  7. 2 minutes ago, eyeball said:

    No. I posted it in plain English. Do you know how to use a dictionary?

    Oh it's not that i coudln't understand what you were saying. It's that what you were saying is dumb. And vague.  I thought you might like to try saying something that ISN"T retarded.

    But, y'know, if retarded is working for ya then go with that.  You do you.

  8. 6 minutes ago, Americana Antifa said:

    I know, right? Why can't we just get rid of all the public health laws. What's the worst that could happen?

    Well lets think about that.

    You're suggesting that in essense nobody should have a right to their body. So it should be fine for an employer AFTER you've been hired to require you to undergo whatever medical proceedures they think are a good idea.

    So... what if after working there for a time you found out you got pregnant? And teh employer said "Well you have to have an abortion or be fired with no benefits or pension".

    I mean - there's a lot of scientific evidence to suggest single parenting is a cause of a lot of social issues. And of course you can't work effectively when you're dealing with a baby.  And you've just insisted it's not pressure to do so and that if a boss puts those condiitons in after you're hired it's fair....

    Sound pretty good so far does it?

    How about after you're hired he demands that you take birth control pills or get fired? Get 'vaccinated' against pregnancy?

    That'd be ok right? Forcing women to take hormones? Oh --- but of course it isn't 'forcing' is it. So what if a woman can't find a job and has to live in poverty , that's her choice right?

    Do you see how dumb what you're saying is? The moment we say that people don't have the right to make a free choice as to what happens with their bodies we step in to  a VERY dangerous circumstance.  Especially if it wasn't part of the conditions of employment to begin with.

    In canada every worker also pays into an unemployment insurance, in case they become suddenly unemployed due to the business having to shut down or a sudden illness or for some other reason they can't work anymore.  ANd the gov't even went so far as to take that away from unvacinated people. Saying that if you lost your job because you were unvaccinated then you would not be allowed insurance that you paid for. Brand new rule for covid.

    You're in the wrong here. And if the same ideas are applied to women you're going to be very upset you didn't oppose that kind of thinking earlier,

  9. 25 minutes ago, bcsapper said:

    I didn't.  I said "If I agree with something that someone else says is woke, then all well and good."

    Fair - i think i read that wrong initially.

    25 minutes ago, bcsapper said:

    The more definitions it has the less meaning the question "are you woke" has.

    hogwash. It has exactly the same meaning, the fact that each individual percieves the meaning differently doesn't change that. You could say the same of almost any word or question, and certainly any work of art. Tell an artist that art has no meaning, see how that works out ;)

    25 minutes ago, bcsapper said:


    If all it takes is to not be racist, then I'm woke. 

    That's racist.  The woke believe everyone is racist except marginalized groups who can't be so if you claim to be non racist you're being racist, you're just not acknowledging it.

    25 minutes ago, bcsapper said:

    What if my not being racist just involves me being "colour blind"?

    That's super racist.

    25 minutes ago, bcsapper said:

    What if I'm not racist, but I really like and support the police?

    That's racist and oppresive.

    25 minutes ago, bcsapper said:

    Exactly, it would depend on their definition.

    And there's nothing wrong with that :)

  10. 5 minutes ago, bcsapper said:

    So how woke am I, exactly.

    I realize I'm woker than you, but I have no idea how woke I actually am.

    it's not hard to work out.  Of your points:

    1 - not woke at all. Must recognize trans equality. That's a hard left wing position.

    2 - not very woke at all. Defunding the police is a large part of the intersectional racial agenda

    3 - not woke at all

    4 - not woke at all, should support unconditional welfare and better yet ubi

    5 - not woke at all, you must support illegal immigration and a 'no borders' policy.

    6 - not woke at all, you should be against anyting that is classified by your left wing peer group as 'misinformation'.


    So most of those are not just 'not woke' but would draw the hatred of anyone who was woke.

    So 'not woke at all' would be correct. Go back to sleep :)


  11. 1 minute ago, eyeball said:

    Anti-vaxxers forced everyone to take extra measures.

    In what way?

    1 minute ago, eyeball said:

    When people don't like the tax regime where they live and they threaten to leave and take their money with them they're effectively forcing the government to reconsider.

    No, that would be like saying if there is store a and store b - if i choose to shop at store b then somehow i'm repressing store a.   Now - if i were to threaten to burn store a's place of business down if they didn't meet my price.. different story ';)

    1 minute ago, eyeball said:

    You're right it's not complicated at all.

    It really isn't.  I get that you're trying (poorly) to some how make it sound complicated. None of that was complicated.

    Did you want to try again'? Maybe with thinking this time?

  12. 8 minutes ago, bcsapper said:

    don't have a definition.  If I agree with something that someone else says is woke, then all well and good. 

    if you don't have a definition for it then how could you possibly agree that something was 'woke'.  That's like saying ' i have no idea what a wombinator is, but i agree that is one".  :)

    9 minutes ago, bcsapper said:

    The question "are you woke" is meaningless. 

     well of course it has meaning. Just because YOU don't have a definition doesn't mean NOBODY does, and it certainly doesn't mean you can't think about it now and develop one

    10 minutes ago, bcsapper said:

    How can one answer the question?

    Pretty simple, If as the dictionary says you subscribe to the left wing ideology of social justice especially racial, then do the degree that you do you are 'woke'.

    13 minutes ago, bcsapper said:

    Yes, I'm woke, but just the really good, acceptable bits? 

    Sure why not.  Although that would leave a larger question of 'acceptable by whom?"

    13 minutes ago, bcsapper said:


    I daresay @Deluge won't be happy with that.

    Meh. We'll find something else for him to be happy with.

  13. 45 minutes ago, Rebound said:

    Good luck running an entertainment empire that hires only conservatives… that’s a pretty laughable thought! 

    Remember when Obama was inaugurated and there were over 20 separate inaugural parties, filled with Tier One entertainers? And then Trump got elected and his only entertainer was a third place runner up from America’s Got Talent?  

    There are almost no right wing entertainers. Definitely not enough to run a TV/music/movie empire. 

    I wonder about that.  The fact is right now it's DEATH to your career and insta-cancel if you don't appear hard left in the entertainment industry. You MUST express a strong left wing view.  But - there's a lot of reason to believe many people are faking it and don't really lean that way. I suspect if there WAS a 'safe space' so to speak where there was no punishment for "wrongthink" then a very surprising  number of actors would turn out to be more right of center or center

  14. 3 minutes ago, bcsapper said:

    So, @Rebound was right then.  There are lots of definitions.  I've seen two posters with two definitions.   I'm sure there are more.  Useless question in the OP.

    I don't think that's really fair.  You can take most words and ask people to define it on the spot and get the same effect. As people what 'obese' means specifically and you'll either get very vague and general answers like 'fat' or you'll get a number of technical answers like x percent of body weight is fat or you'll get something in between like VERY fat instead of just overweight or fat.  And we've had that word for over a century now :)

    People use words with a general idea of their meaning or at least how THEY mean it and that's pretty much true of every word.

    Now you're right - the op should have included a definition that could be generally accepted in the OP. His failure to do so makes the thread very difficult.

    But that doesn't mean there isn't an accepted definition.

    It is generally agreed by most people that a practical definition of the word is the one presented by the dictionary, and most would agree that it is NOW becoming used as a pejorative for any ideology or policy that is "excessively" or impractically left wing exclusively. 

    And as a reasonable person - you can fix the problem of the OP's mistake not including a definition by simply starting your post with YOUR definition so that there's a frame of reference for your reply.

  15. 1 hour ago, Americana Antifa said:

    I was working in a school in 2018, before covid. In order to be there, I had to prove that I was vaccinated against a bunch of diseases.

    Did the government FORCE me to get vaccinated?

    If they threatened to fire you without compensation if you did not comply and that job was your primary income that you use to feed and house yourself and your family - they ABSOLUTELY forced you.

    That's called coersion.

    Now - you can argue that such force was necessary given the pandemic, you can argue that sometimes we have to step on individual civil rights and liberties to address a greater right held by a greater number of people. But - you can't really argue that you took the vaccine by 'free choice'  if you were being significantly pressured to do so.

    This isn't complicated, and it's been recognized in law for a long time.

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  16. 1 hour ago, Americana Antifa said:

    Tell me you're triggered without telling me you're triggered. Seriously, the projection, it's no good, my guy.


    Whenever you fall back on cutsie buzz words like 'projection' and 'deflection' etc it's pretty obvious you're feeling like someone "got" you and you're having trouble coping. :)  It's predictable and consistent.  And we both know when i'm laughing at you (along with most of the others here) the only thing 'triggered' is my sense of humour watching the human train wreck which is your life :)

    Seriously i don't think a single person here respects you or your opinion much but you come here every day and look the fool for our amusement. I can only assume that masochism is a real hobby for you ;)

  17. 2 hours ago, Moonbox said:

    I love that I'm still getting paragraphs-long responses explaining my emotional state, when he's replying to a one-liner. 

    Just because you can't think of more than one sentence before your brain cramps up doesn't mean the rest of us can't :)

    2 hours ago, Moonbox said:

    Holy projection.  ??


    Ummm - yeah, that's not what projection means :)    But - hey, you can't think for more than one sentence sooo... i'll let it slide this time. :)

    You have a good night there little guy :)

  18. 9 hours ago, Moonbox said:

    I have 6700 posts since 2010. You have 1800+ since...March?  February?  ?



    So you choose to waste more time - but because you do it over a longer period it's better? ? :)

    That's pretty dumb isn't it. That's like saying "Sure i lost 6000 dollars gambling, but i'm proud of that because i did it over a period of time".  Either being here's a waste of time or it isn't.

    But what's really funny is that as far as i can see i've contributed more to the actual discussions than you have in far fewer posts.  All you've done is show up and whine and cry about how others type faster than you and it makes you SOOO mad. :)

    Listen kid - your mommy may care when you cry and pound your fists on the ground but most other people are just going to think you're a child. When you grow up and actually have something intelligent to add to the conversation rather than trying to bully your betters then we can talk,

    In the meantime this appears to be nothing more than you with sour grapes that you look stupid and others are a little more intelligent than you and actually engage in conversation

    But hey - if you want to follow me around like a frightened chihuahua yapping from the other side of a fence then you go ahead :) I can always use the chuckle :)

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