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  1. Ohh look - the leftie has no argument so it's just the usual ad hominems. "You like to see people die so i don't have to listen to what you say". Followed by a few faked and cherry picked stats that prove nothing in the slightest. Well - you leftist revel in this stuff - enjoy i guess.
  2. May not be an option for long. Based on a little forcasting it could soon be up to 3/4 and the jobs are where the jobs are. Pretty quick the idea of having your own single bedroom apartment will be gone. People will have to share a bedroom with someone just to get by. and that will leave a lot of people in a pickle when the music stops and they don't have a chair. And the lowest paid will not be able to afford a place no matter how many they have living there
  3. This OPINION is USELESS without FACTS!!!! Go ahead and post proof that the cops knew during the shooting that he specifically had an ar 15 and that's why they didn't enter because they were afraid of the rifle.
  4. Well, there's no need to make them sound more respectable than they were, but sure.
  5. More bureaucratic. Bureaucracy always leaves holes for a wise rat to sneak through.
  6. Yeah One of those rare times we agree pretty much 100 percent. This just doesn't make sense, and if it was a ukraine attack they'd probably own it. But - it sounds like complete horsehockey.
  7. LOL - i'm sure it's a great comedic comparison but it might be wasted on most of this audience.
  8. https://tnc.news/2023/05/01/ban-assault-style-firearms2/ ..... Canada’s pressing issues, like the opiate crisis, an explosion in gang violence, bail reform, and a marked decline in mental health if their concern was “genuine.” “These are the determinants of violence with or without firearms. But they have prioritized gun bans above all else, the measure with the least potential to yield results.” “As we’ve said all along, this is about polarization and votes. If the Liberals truly cared about public safety, they’d repeal their (2019) Bill C-75,” said spokesperson Tracey Wilson. Thank god we're spending billions to target lawful gun owners and not wasting time addressing those innocent criminals.
  9. So you had insurance coverage which covered you in the meantime Definite whooooops And you do get short term disability from ei while you're applying for a disability - at least these days. SO triple whooops
  10. Oh - and while i've already shot down your argument here entirely it's worth noting this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_people_in_ancient_Roman_history The romans had names for people with different colour skin. So they definitely without a doubt divided people into various skin colours in their minds. Which means they recognized their skin colour as being one group and other skin colours other groups. They didn't consider those other people necessarily inferior, but they did group them that way.
  11. And then there's this: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/40-per-cent-rent-hike-landlord-surrey-1.6830185 Agree to 40% rent hike or we may sell your homes, landlord tells Surrey, B.C., renters It was bound to happen. this is blow back for "no rent increases during covid, can't evict during covid, and next to no rent increases during inflation surge of 8 percent where strata fees and such went up like crazy' And they'll get away with it too.
  12. Mongols. Not mongrels. People lived in fear of the Mongols. They're gone, you're safe now.
  13. yeah - your stuff is kind of bullshit sooooo... that's more of the problem i think. It's entirely important and relevant. You're just not very bright and i assumed your intelligence was higher. That's my bad. I'll go slower - Even if most christians weren't ALIVE during jesus' time they would still share in that HERITAGE. Jesus would be part of their shared christian HISTORY. Most blacks were never slaves. Like ever. So it is NOT a common shared heritage. In fact the ones who were slaves in american for example make up a teeny tiny part of the black population Where as the number of christians who track their faith back to jesus is pretty much 100 percent. Did that make it more clear for you? Hope so, it's getting harder to explain things more simply. Sorry - are you SERIOUSLY suggesting white people "DESIGNED" black people? As to the rest they absolutely were. Sorry. Many 'white' peoples were sold as slaves and shipped to foreign lands where they were forced to work and live as second class citizens. Or even forced to fight to the death for the crowd's amusement. And then there's the Irish and indentured servitude. Then what you're clearly saying is there REALLY is no black culture in north america. So why do we have black history month? of course they did. All peoples tend to develop a hierarchy in their minds. The order that they consider themselves 'part of a tribe' so to speak. Nowadays it might be family, city, province, country. etc. In other words - people realize they're part of THIS family, but that all these familes are part of the same city, and all these cities are part of the same province, etc. And you tend to allign yourself that way. So Vancouver people tend to root for the canucks - and so do most british columbians (and golf players). And if they aren't in the playoffs they'll tend to go for a western team because western canada vs east. And if there's none of those they go for canadian vs us. Etc etc. So absolutely they would have distinguised against other peoples and recognized the identity of "local" peoples' first. the greek city states competed with each other - but came together against the Persians that they saw as a different people. They would have referred to 'greek' peoples the way we refer to 'european', vs 'Persian" which was a darker skin and different look. Swing and a miss kiddo.
  14. Says the leftie Sorry if the truth upsets ya kiddo. Yet we're hearing that there is all through this thread. For that matter there's no 'culture' called 'black'. There's many black countries and black populations within countries and such. but nothing that celebrates 'white ' history the way 'black' history would be. Or first nations etc. There's no shared culture called black . But certainly there is a shared history. Can't argue wiht that can you Created? So... you think someone painted us? We weren't white before? Or we were but nobody noticed? That's one of the dumbest things you've said. And that's saying something Source? So there is no black history? Cool story you made up. Sounds good. they didn't tho. Most blacks never lived under slavery, nor did any of the others. And if you think history didn't have white slaves you're brain dead. So what you're saying is that you agree we need a white history month.
  15. So you say you didn't know that our borders are defended with guns now? Or are you just lying And you have no actual rational response, just a bunch of whinging about how terrible we are for telling you the truth. As to your kind - they tend to die out on their own when food gets hard to come by and you have no place to live. We're already seeing that. PPs popularity is on the steady rise, justin's is falling. Kids are turning from the ndp to go with the CPC. When crap get real, liberals get tossed.
  16. But it can't happen. Texans and everyone else knows that the lefts goal is to ban all guns. So - their position to prevent that has to be to allow all guns. There's no room for rational discussion when one side has no intent of being rational. Look at this thread - for CORRECTLY pointing out that the gun is not the issue here and the guy could have used any type of gun or even any other tool i was told that i must love to see people murdered and care more about guns than people. In the face of that kind of lunacy, the gun owners of america are not going to be interested in giving up a millimeter. So the discussion will never happen. Meantime - this really is an issue of the bad guy.
  17. Sure. People are paying half their income to rent becasue what else are you going to do. We see a little 'urban camping' and such but that obviuosly isn't for everyone. So - you have to pay.
  18. Especially the most sensible. THere has to be balance. Sensible people recognize that but the trans activists refuse demanding that everything be 100 percent as they want it. Then they're shocked with the backlash.
  19. Did some one give him the gun? Or did he go get one. When bad guys want to do a bad thing, they'll find the things to do bad things with. You ONLY stop that by focusing on the bad guy Ahhhh yes - the typical leftie lie whenever they lose this kind of discussion. "If you don't agree with me, you must be a heartless murderer who loves to see people die". how disgusting. This is why there will never be a rational discussion on how to deal with mass murders. People like you simply prevent it. Listen bud - if YOU really cared about the victims you'd be HONEST about how to address the issues. Whether the killer used a gun or a knife or a hammer or a chainsaw or a firebomb or ran over them with a truck - it doesn't matter. The common denominator is always the bad guy. So before ANYTHING else - if you REALLY care you'll be looking at how to better stop bad guys before they go lethal. But you DEMAAAAAND it's all about guns when obviously it is not. And then claim that OTHERS want it to be all about guns because they're heartless. What a joke.
  20. Residential schools were required by the first nations and optional for them, so they chose to use them. Sorry - like most racism, yours doesn't stand up to the facts.
  21. IF you're trying to claim that some how the gun is the problem and not the violent illegal who had previously been deported then i'm afraid it's you who're being uncaring. The bad guy could have used any kind of gun, or most knives, axes, shovels to do the killing. but none of those things would have killed anyone without the bad guy. The problem here is the bad guy. Not the particular tool he chose this time.
  22. To a point. You get a few seconds where everyone's packed and then people start to mill around. And if you're on full auto you just miss 4 times instead of one each time you miss. And it's very very difficult to control the gun to focus on the clumps of people I mean the proofs right there - 60 people for 1000 rounds. There's an old saying - you can't miss fast enough to win a gun fight.
  23. So you have next to no experience. Thought so. And? You think you couldn't fire more and hit more without one? Sorry - i can fire an AR with aimed rounds almost as fast and i guarantee i'd hit a hell of a lot more targets lethally. Most of the injured were hit with shrapnel or the like, not life threatening at all. 60 hits for 1000 rounds? He was just wasting ammo. People think full auto somehow makes a gun 10 times more deadly. It doesn't. Which is why actual assault guns nowadays mostly use 3 round bursts. Full auto isn't what you think it is. He had 10 ar's with him as i recall (clearly worried about jams with the bumps stocks). So - lest say he had even 4 pistols with him. Slap a couple of 30 round mags in a glock and walk up to the crowd and start popping people in the head from the back. With a crowd you could easily use two and get consistant hits. You've fired a 9mm - very easy to control with rapid fire with a little practice. So - firing at head level on the ground with the target you're going to hit someone in a crowd that big even if you miss. In about 10 seconds you could dump both mags - that's likely 60 life threatening hits. Pull the next two and you've got the crowd running away in terror and easy pickings. The death toll would be massive. Instead he mag dumped from several hundred yards away and the vast majority of his shots missed. We're LUCKY that was the gun he was using. Honestly - at that range with a good hunting rife with detach mags if i had 10 minutes to shoot at a crowd like he did the death toll would be well into the hundreds. Bump stocks do NOT make guns more leathal.
  24. Yeah -sorry that wiki entry is both wrong and pretty bloody bias if you read it. It's got some other glaring inaccuracies and 'creative interpretations' as well. I guess that's why you didn't link to it. In fact it wasn't till much later that it became actually compulsory. 1920 - Duncan Campbell Scott, Deputy Superintendent of Indian Affairs, makes residential school attendance compulsory for children between the ages of 7 and 15. https://nctr.ca/exhibits/residential-school-timeline/ That's when it became mandatory. Before then it was optional. And originally it was not even particularly desired. Macdonald wasn't keen on spending the money. Which is why he got the church to do it. I get you want everything to be 'whitey's' fault - but no.
  25. One leads to the other. You drive people out of the market, then price goes up. As landlords back out of the market (especially the small onezies and twozies owners) the demand goes up and the remaining ones can collect more. And they push that because they know they may not be able to raise rents again. The Gov't could pass a law any time they want limiting that because it's flu season or whatever. So - while landlords can't raise rents on people living in tehir units, they CAN jack the rent horribly when that person moves out for the next person. And this is what happens - and people either get caught paying insane rents the next place they live or they're forced to never ever move - which for most isn't practical over time. Not to mention renovictions and such where those who stay too long get punted anyway.
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