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  1. Who are you eluding to? Be specific. "Fascists" don't resonate as factual, just like someone saying "fake news" without providing context. Source? What about suicide post treatment? So there are no common complications to these surgeries? Why would anyone want to caution against a 99% success rate, and almost zero complications? The issue isn't the treatment, is that doctors are pressured to present this option to more people who would actually be best of with alternative means of treatment. Uh, Trans activists. When you have the power to lobby against businesses in a consumer society, media will pale in comparison. Especially when it is also flooded with trans activism. Activism is great. I am not so behind the extremism.
  2. If more people respected that notion, comedians would still be pushing envelopes vs trying to sound the same. One side is given a megaphone.
  3. It matters in knowing how his objectives would lead to conflict the moment he lost control of the state.
  4. One being unacceptable, and the other deemed as "dangerous". Just maybe his shows sell out, because an overwhelming amount of people including myself, agree with a lot of what he says. Being doxed and harassed online is different.
  5. Has any of the countries that he wanted ever belonged to him? Why do you think the US adopts strategic ambiguity with Taiwan?
  6. So you're saying de-transition doesn't occur? Suicide dramatically drops or is all but eliminated after transition? A doctor's job is to assess on a case by case basis. Common sense means, that this requires a lot of questions to be asked. A thorough assessment to be made. Not all kids will benefit from transitioning. Again, common sense. To use as much caution as possible, before providing medication or treatment, and certainly prior to providing surgery. I'll side with doctors, that have common sense and heavy handed expertise, vs doctors that just read what they are told by activists. Or pressured to do anything. Scientists are funded by the government for the most part, and doctors are governed by government bodies. The trans activists would be wiser to use facts and biology to gain more social acceptance, than lobbying and social pressure, forcing their preferred wording to things (you lose the crowd, when you try to convince people that there are limitless genders), which is why you see so much division on the issue. One extreme, you have fantasy, the other, you have suppression--I tend to side somewhere along the middle, where I feel doctors should be allowed to question, as long as this is done carefully, and in the best interest of the patient. How would you explain that in societies that embrace gender neutral practices, will still have girls with normal estrogen levels, adopt more "feminine" behaviors, and likewise with boys with normal testosterone levels, adopting more "masculine" behaviors? Most men still gravitated towards masculine behaviors, and careers that are dominated by men, and most women gravitated to feminine like behaviors, and careers dominated by women? The overwhelming majority of people, will naturally gravitate towards behaviors predisposed by their gender they are born with. This isn't socially created, and has long been debunked. I'll side with common sense here, and stray from those in the media pushing extremist views.
  7. With that in mind, Taiwan applying for NATO, would all but guarantee war on their island as well. One must understand the dynamics of the situation, in knowing what poking the bear will result in. This war was preventable. The US is attempting to destroy Russia, in what has become a proxy war, where they don't have to lose any of their own soldier's lives to fight. Russia will never back down, and would rather escalate, than to lose face. One needs to know who you're dealing with, and this mindset that this will result in a win, is insane at best. Russia will continue with the total destruction of this country, until Ukraine is brought to the negotiating table, on terms that are acceptable to them.
  8. Taiwan and Ukraine are territorial disputes. One is supported by the west, in that acceptable ways to call Taiwan, is to call it Taipei. The other is not. If you read about history, you would see why both are contested plots of land. As a result, the more control that is lost on these assets, the likelier the eventuality of war will occur. This is a brutal invasion, but one must look at the motive behind it. This isn't a random invasion, based on Putin being bored. This was a land grab, many years in the making.
  9. If I google your name, and see you protested a Pride parade (or planned to), and went to Fox after getting arrested, refusing to accept that maybe your approach was inappropriate, not your opinion--I'm assuming you'll be a headache to employ. It would be a hunch. That's because he escalated it. Deliberately no less, and then had the nerve to play victim. If you made an insanely public spectacle about your views, with trans kids in your class no less, you at the very least would be deserving of the suspension. I see it like someone I went to school with who was deathly allergic to a specific substance. It was as a result, banned from our school. This was part of the policy, to protect them. Someone defiant, felt entitled to bring such product to school, and got suspended. They knew the policy, and chose to defy it, putting someone's life at risk. He wasn't in any way shape or form, constructive. Constructive, is pushing for unisex washrooms. What he did, was dehumanize the trans students in his class, and then slapped them in the face by attempting to counter-protest their Pride parade.
  10. In your opinion. I think he's incredibly thoughtful, and his jokes have more depth to them. That's the beauty of how subjective that comedy is. As an artist myself, evolution is part of your growth. That's because we have police, security that would stop the attempt. You can picket, harass people attending a show, threaten the host, but again--there are laws that will protect such people. But to say that the attempt has never occurred, is ridiculous. The difference, is now people have social media, and other avenues, to dox, threaten and attempt to cancel artists with views they don't like. Very different from dangerous views.
  11. https://cbsaustin.com/news/nation-world/pediatric-group-accused-of-silencing-debate-about-affirmative-care-for-trans-youth https://www.dailysignal.com/2017/07/03/im-pediatrician-transgender-ideology-infiltrated-field-produced-large-scale-child-abuse/ https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-transyouth-outcomes/ How many do you want? 5-10? "If gender is a social construct, then sexual orientation is a choice" Dr. Debrah Soh
  12. Notice how Dave Chapelle is not funny to activists? Funny, isn't a good measuring stick, as it's incredibly subjective. Also, insults are highly subjective, as I have seen hilarious comedian roasts. I make racial jokes all the time, and have broken the ice on touchy subjects due to it. My wife is no different. She will make racial jokes, but can pull it off as you wouldn't expect those words to come from her Asian mouth. Probably why Ali Wong sells out her shows. Comedy is about context. Someone without common sense and a capacity to read between lines should be banned from comedy shows.
  13. Same country that froze bank accounts from "terrorists" with unacceptable fringe opinions. Here's an uneducated guest on what may have happened. He boldly stated his opinion. The trans activists opened up a complete tsunami of complaints to the principal. Seeing who it was, they (the principal) panicked and overreacted. Probably even considered demanding deportation, even though he likely was born in Canada. Crisis and cancelation averted. Dodged a bullet. Canada is a highly centrist country. Fox News won't matter to most.
  14. https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/253702/canadian-catholic-school-student-who-was-suspended-for-protesting-transgender-bathroom-policy-speaks-out
  15. There's a fine line between standing up for your rights, and attempting to troll and bully another, after multiple warnings. Further information points to him trolling: https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/253702/canadian-catholic-school-student-who-was-suspended-for-protesting-transgender-bathroom-policy-speaks-out No. I firmly believe there are two genders. There. Opinion stated. What he is doing is borderline harassment. Especially since the school has an ironclad policy on their stance in this matter. I see this as no different than me being offended at a religious symbol, and demanding a store to take it down. In their store. Just the sheer level of entitlement behind the act is mind boggling. Planning a counter protest during a pride parade (follow the paper trail on this kid), is how you lose people who may have supported you on the washroom fiasco. He wasn't just voicing his rights. Let's make things clear. I would be uncomfortable with what looked like a female walking into the men's room to use the facilities. If they told me they were male, it would make me no more comfortable than a thief pointing a gun at me, reassuring me that they were loaded with blanks. There's a joke I could throw in, but its too soon. You can break laws and rules as you wish. Thats the beauty with adulthood. Actions have consequences. He chose to act, refused to back down, and if it's worth the fight, should continue. But at a certain point, he will realize that his opinions have robbed him of tons of job opportunities. So he planned a counter protest against a Pride parade to dial down the temperature? He wanted attention, they called him on its and he is grasping at straws trying to play the victim. He isn't a victim.
  16. Fox and CNN tend to sensationalize to build division. Like, if they say someone was arrested for saying there were two genders. Read the fine print, and he was doing it naked, while in downtown Houston and spitting on people. I don't call casually leaving out key info, news. One will sell papers, the other gets ridicule. Main reason I want to know the entire story with a headline like that.
  17. I think standing for your beliefs is the right thing to do. However, a wise man knows when to stop. I guarantee they told him he would be trespassed. He wasn't entitled to be there once the warning was issued. He was entitled to fight for his voice to be heard, in respect of the rules. If there are rules in place, he doesn't have the right to break them. I was suspended for a couple fights, and threatened with expulsion. I broke the rules, and paid a heavy price. Don't like the rules, you go to the governing body of the school system. This is illegal and discriminatory. You're describing a person with that tattooed on their forehead and making patrons uncomfortable and being asked to leave. Fox is leaving a lot out. I would want to hear both sides.
  18. No, he had the choice to leave. He should have escalated it via the school board. He chose high entitlement and bullhead tactics, and returned. These are all choices. His opinion only closed the door from their side. He could have demanded it to open, by going above the school. I know someone who had police called on them, for refusing to leave school premises on a totally different matter. If I have a private business and you abuse my staff, or speak of subjects that makes them uncomfortable, I can ask you to stop, then have you trespassed. Sorry, but am as opinionated as it gets and have yet to get arrested or even a citation, so I call BS on his victimhood. Part of me wants to say well played, on letting them taste their own medicine (the activists in them, wanting to shut him down).
  19. While I don't disagree with what started this, I don't agree he was tresspassed for stating his beliefs. There are two sides to every story. They just maybe have a code of conduct that was violated, and he refused to leave, so they assisted him. Maybe am a cynic. But when someone plays the innocent card, then deliberately go to Fox News with a red MAGA like hat, its incredibly difficult to believe he was peacefully minding his business and was accosted by police for no reason.
  20. I think anyone who knows me will know how I feel about gender. I don't mince my words if asked. However, there is a time and place for everything. Message boards for debate, green light. Trying to humiliate someone trans just wanting to use the washroom? Get over yourself, or take it to the school board. If they don't want to change a thing, consider changing schools, same choice that trans kid would be faced with if tormented. Part of why I can't side with most conservatives on this issue. Am a strong believer in human rights, but you can't coddle people all their lives, on the other hand.
  21. Know what you stand for. Being attacked for it is irrelevant in my opinion. If my child stood up for what they felt was right, I would be proud of them. I tried to walk away from a bully as a child, and they kept following me around, feeling I was afraid. I just really didn't want to fight, and even though I have a background in combat sports, am anti-violence. He eventually cornered me, giving me no choice but to defend myself, as a crowd cheered on what they thought was going to be me turtling and getting knocked out. He had horribly miscalculated my passive posture. My principal scolded me for fighting, and how horrible I was as a person, drowning out my pleas I told her I made to the person to leave me alone. My mother was proud of me. I stood up for myself. The bully was forced to respect me, and others knew it was a bad idea to test me. Yes, it sucked, but once I started standing up for myself, vs trying to walk away which I was taught (ignoring the bully), I grew in confidence and became less afraid to voice my opinion or speak up. Plenty to learn here. Certainly am not condoning violence, as I don't think it was a good choice on my part. Or he can take a page from those who got him arrested, and milk the victim card and learn nothing.
  22. If say a child of mine was in the girls washroom and someone with male parts was showering in the same space making girls uncomfortable, it isn't my job to challenge the trans student. Its my job to voice my concerns to the school board. I am not trying to embarrass that student, but rather voice my concerns that isn't it the right of all students to feel safe? Girls included? I don't know. From my experience, approaching touchy subjects sensibly in real life, you tend to have your concerns taken more seriously. Make your concerns into a caricature, and get taken accordingly.
  23. Sorry, but he didn't get arrested for saying women and men are different. They are different. He got arrested for trespassing. However, likely got put in that position not for stating the obvious, but pushing his far right conservative views onto others. I don't believe someone who will proudly wear a MAGA like hat, will peacefully diplomatically voice their concerns. This is coming from a proud conservative, no less. As a conservative the first thing I want to do, is distance myself from the far right. I hate when news do this, and deliberately sensationalize stories go get clicks. Its precisely why I laugh when someone tells me they watch news for information. This is entertainment. Just like I wouldn't force my political opinions down my employers throat. You're there to do your job, and thats learn. Take your concerns to the school board, or acting bodies. Create a stink and do what he likely did and try to harass and intimidate, and get removed from the premises.
  24. Thats because very few are willing to go against the current social pressure to provide gender affirming surgery or treatment, right down to pediatricians at times going against their training, even though it has been debunked that such procedures do not dramatically reduce negative outcomes in the community. As a doctor, your job is to offer the best possible care for your patient. Quite a few doctors have spoken out against this, actually. Many point to this group's initial journal entry which was debunked, yet still is being used to "show" that gender affirming treatment is the only way: https://ajp.psychiatryonline.org/doi/10.1176/appi.ajp.2020.1778correction Bigotry is starting to lose its meaning. Some activists will use the label to silence opinions they don't agree with, regardless of how sound the evidence is at supporting the claim being made. I don't think that there is a doctor out there, that would be willing to be labeled as discriminatory, so of course adoption of whatever they are told to adopt, will be done effortlessly, when the consequences are being labeled a bigot and more insulting, having people with zero medical acumen questioning their qualifications. This would be ridiculous, based on the fact that they quite demonstrably breathe like anyone else, bleed and more obvious even, have features that will often tell you they are Asian just looking at them. What you're eluding to, is more of someone who is Caucasian identifying as Asian, and obtaining surgery to change their appearance, and demanding to be seen as no different. Reality, is most don't want conflict, so would just play along to keep the peace. Not really. There is an obvious standard. My wife is part Chinese, and part Filipina. You can tell just looking at her, that she's Asian. What you're supporting, is a gender ideology that has no standard. It cannot be quantified. You will have a very difficult time going against someone legally for misgendering, outside of the accepted standard of she her, he him and they them. That hasn't stopped activists from doing so (in terms of socially shaming, and pressuring), which again begs the question. What is the standard. How many genders are there? Or those cherry picking information to support their claims. When you are being given new inclusive wording as a doctor by the body that employs you, you don't ask questions, or at least not publicly. This isn't indicative of approval. Its indicative of wanting to keep your job. Quite a few doctors have risked it all in writing books, or debunking claims, knowing the backlash would be blistering as it would be swift. Best to just give treatment to whoever comes into your clinic, and offer no resistance whatsoever. You know, like a doctor discouraging medication that would destroy kidneys, and encouraging diets which is in the patients best interest. Thats their job! Of course, the point we are debating is a case by case basis, and should be treated as such, medically. Not to appease activists. No, there are quite a few acceptable terms. Hundreds. My issue aren't the terms. Its the lack of standards behind them. Me refusing to use one, outside of the approved ones I mentioned earlier, could be grounds for dismissal. Acceptably by your standards. Yet nobody can come to a consensus. To be quite honest with you, I hope I do one day get fired for this. I would enjoy every single second of not only going for my severance and unpaid vacation, but the lawsuit I would launch, to boot. I have absolutely nothing to lose, and the sad part is it takes someone like me, to call out the insanity.
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