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  1. 1 hour ago, DUI_Offender said:

    You have no idea how to decipher a legitimate news story, from a story that is composed of lies for propaganda purposes.

    You have the skills and expertise, but only you, right?

    1 hour ago, DUI_Offender said:

    are sympathetic to Russia

    More realistic to the fact that when you have an army in your country, a solution will have to include them, especially so, if their army is more powerful than yours.

    1 hour ago, DUI_Offender said:

    a news item based on facts

    News have no biases? No political alignment? No means of persuading you to consider alternate realities by using facts, but presenting them in a non objective manner?

    You're questioning my intellect? 

    Again, pick the argument apart. Easier to make someone look bad by doing so. Just a thought. 

    Try it, sometime. 

    You telling others how you schooled them, is literally that prostitute telling others she only "did it for a short time".

    You're fooling nobody.

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  2. 1 hour ago, DUI_Offender said:

    so you can come up with intellectual arguments.


    4 hours ago, DUI_Offender said:
    7 hours ago, Perspektiv said:

    I admit. I am full of shit, and cannot produce a source for my claim.

    At least you finally admit that you were wrong. 

    Edited 4 hours ago by DUI_Offender

    Exhibit A?

    Not sure what is worse. The attempt at humor, or the fact you had to scramble back to it for the spelling errors.

  3. 1 hour ago, Army Guy said:

    you are the master of pulling stuff out of your rectum

    Yes, but it doesn't count if done by a gloved hand, while in a glass house.

    Leave it to that poster, their farts smell like Channel perfume.

    Reminds me of a high school friend that didn't flush after taking s***s, because he knew where they came from. Its let it mellow when its yellow. Still sketchy, but socially acceptable. 

    For some odd reason, that friendship didn't blossom into adulthood the first and last time he did that at our house.

  4. 37 minutes ago, robosmith said:

    Are you joking?


    Putins war put the fear in people, but am quite confident another Trump term meant there was an even greater pressure on people to conform to spending thresholds as people wouldn't get away with it under Trump.

    Very easy to, when you won't get humiliated or called out for it.

    39 minutes ago, robosmith said:

    NATO membership skyrocket

    Trump made paying your dues as a member, be of greater importance.

    I like how people dismiss Trump because he's a total d*** and a jack** at times.

    I base it on performance on paper.

  5. 2 hours ago, Moonbox said:

    I suppose claims made on Reddit are also valid for citation now?  

    If what is being claimed is accurate then sure. I look at the validity of the claim, vs where it originated from.

    IE if you told me Britney Spears died, and showed me a Reddit post, I would question it, but would look into it.

    If I couldn't confirm your post, considering her star power, a quick Google search would suffice, I would know it was bogus.

    I won't dismiss something because of where it comes form. I will dismiss it based on its accuracy.

    I am eluding more to this nature some have, in dismissing news because its a highly conservative or democratic or liberal source.

    You know, vs point out the bias if applicable or the falsehoods vs that being worthy of dismissal based on where it comes from.

    I have found tons of accurate stories following comedians. If anything, a lot of what comedians will push will be funny because of how brutally true that it is.

    Ridiculing views that don't align with yours to me is lazy. Its dismissing without bringing any merit or better argument to the table.

    What happened to picking apart the logic and argument and presenting a better one?

    Some prefer the easy views, likes or validation of cutting corners.

  6. 14 hours ago, Army Guy said:

    In Russia lives are cheap, and they have many of them, the question i have asked Why is russia using these tactics,, if it concerns them then we should see a reluctance to use these tactics, and yet across the entire front we see 10 to 20 attacks a day...resulting in heavy losses and while these attacks are very expensive on russian lives, they are also expensive of Ukrainian lives and resources...consuming them faster than NATO can support..

    Exactly. This puts more pressure on Ukraine, as the west is starting to show cracks, in losing patience due to a lack of results vs the investment being provided.

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  7. 6 hours ago, DUI_Offender said:

    What else is new

    You inventing an imaginary argument, because you have nothing to bring to this one? 

    Not presenting where I made a sweeping statement you're claiming I made, and further running from it because you were called out on it?

    And watch you predictably put your own words in this bubble to represent mine, while demanding I present you with links for some reason, rather predictably. You're literally proving my point every time you post.

    I hope you understand irony o_O.

    In 4, 3, 2...

  8. 6 hours ago, blackbird said:

    At some point, there will have to be a solution found that will satisfy both sides, even if reluctantly.

    Compromise, negotiations and dialogue. Point am making in thread. This is the only way this war ends.

    You cannot end a war with Russia in your country, without some compromise with them.

    Russia will need to understand anything that doesn't ensure the safety of Ukraine, is garbage.


  9. 51 minutes ago, DUI_Offender said:

    Make a ridiculous claim

    You often need to have things spelled out and take things out of context or put words in mouths that don't belong.

    If am the devil, you're an angel with a pitchfork. 

    The "bla bla bla" quoted, then trying to take the high road in your post, is like watching my toddler nephew fight, while kicking a sibling when the parents aren't looking, and crying foul when he is hit over the head with a toy.

    Duck, next time?

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  10. 2 hours ago, DUI_Offender said:

    If you want a shit product from a country with no human rights, one can obtain it. India, China

    China has tons of high quality products. India is one of the best producers of textiles, which is why many use them in fashion.

    You're ignoring the good products that come from China. If you use an I Phone, you literally contribute to the very work environment I am eluding to. 

    This isn't standard in the west, unless you're looking at companies hiring immigrants who would actually remain under such conditions. 

    Your studies may be correct for say, Canadian or American born employees in each respective country, but any deviation from comfort would have such people whine, which is why a lot of such jobs get outsourced.

    Buy strawberries, then again. You need specific type of employers to get the most of such people.

    Yes, in the west. If you think you eating organic fruit is any different, it isn't.

    Of course if you treat most people like dirt they will leave. 

    What I am eluding to, is that in some settings the opposite rings true. 

    It will entirely depend on where you get your employees. Hire an American to pick watermelon, and they will likely whine all shift, and want vacation time after a couple work days.

    Your books and stats are nice and tidy, but savvy employers know how to circumvent this.

    Same reasoning that will have inmates in Russia going to battle, and fight with the ferocity and brutality that matches the will of their employer.

    27 minutes ago, DUI_Offender said:

    You tell me

    I told you, there are no means to know, as numbers are inflated and essentially are educated guesses at best.

    You felt otherwise. Shouldn't you be showing me?

  11. 4 hours ago, DUI_Offender said:

    A high turnover rate nearly always means that the best and most productive employees leave for better jobs.

    Some jobs (IE factories), will and can operate optimally with a revolving door. 

    Long term, bullying will not work. Short term, this often tends to get results.

    In jobs where short term employment is the norm, you will see such managers often get great results, at the expense of morale and turnover.

    Am not saying it's a good thing, just pointing to the fact when you have a person running things like a dictatorship, you tend to get compliance especially in an environment where you have little to no rights.

    Look at temporary foreign workers, as an example. You clearly have zero experience with employees in legal limbo, regarding their immigration status, if you think they are mostly working in non abusive situations where they aren't fully exploited. All done, legally, or rather with impunity from legal repercussions.

    Yes, even in the west.

    Also, high turnover usually can be kept at a minimum hiring certain employees. IE temporary foreign workers  or immigrants. 

    4 hours ago, DUI_Offender said:

    I did a 4 year degree in Occupational Health and Safety

    That's nice. It doesn't stop this type of thing from happening. 

    Some are more vulnerable to it than others.

    Again, quitting isn't a luxury everyone has.

    Must be nice when you do.

  12. 8 hours ago, DUI_Offender said:

    this would mean Russia has lost nearly 150,000 people as of June 1. 

    Again, when looking at the volume of persons lost, this has hurt Russia, but they could sustain such losses for 2 to 3 years per some experts, before them folding would essentially be their only option.

    Ukraine could not sustain such catastrophic losses for that long.

    Additionally, they don't have the manpower and consistent weaponry to sustain that level of pressure on Russia. 

    You need to be insanely confident in your suppliers to put forth such an effort. Ukraine is not.

    8 hours ago, DUI_Offender said:

    Until Vietnam, the US used to execute soldiers for cowardice.

    Russia has low morale, but highly motivated troops. Or at least, have shown more motivation than their enemy, in the more recent months.

    8 hours ago, DUI_Offender said:

    What more could they possibly do?

    They can amplify the pressure, if they sensed imminent victory. They aren't moving full throttle currently.

    8 hours ago, DUI_Offender said:

    The Russians threw in the towel

    I just don't see it in this conflict, but would be happy to be wrong on it.

    8 hours ago, DUI_Offender said:

    So what you are saying

    I don't support war, period. I support Ukraine's right to defend themselves, but sooner or later they will get to a point where the west will tire of heavily finding a stalemate for years.

    In the long game, the odds favor Russia.

    8 hours ago, DUI_Offender said:

    It depends on the source.

    Sorry, but I don't trust any source for accurate death tolls. These are guesstimates at best.

    Unless those agencies are on the field, they are no different. I see it like predicting weather a month or two from now. 

    Propaganda PR, to make one look worse or superior than the other. If your media is pro Ukraine, the numbers will always make Russia look like they are losing. Pro America, and things may look more grim for UKraine.

    Once the dust settles, I believe is where you will start to see more "real" numbers, once mass graves are uncovered and things actually tallied.

    8 hours ago, DUI_Offender said:

    Companies are more productive when they reward their employees for good performance

    Managers that are bullies typically get the best performance out of their staff, but also the highest turnover rates.

    You've clearly never worked at a factory, if you feel playing nice is how you get people to work and follow orders.

    If your military is soft, you have a valid point. This is Russia.

  13. 5 hours ago, DUI_Offender said:

    Russians tire of the war

    Russia is still business as usual with countries like India, China and countries in the BRICS alliance. 

    Not sure where you get the impression they will tire. Death tolls?

    This is a country where dissenters were literally tortured and/or killed on the battlefield. 

    Tens of thousands of people were thrown literally to their deaths, just to hold off Ukraine until spring.

    Russia will gladly throw bodies this as long as it takes.

    The more desperate they become, the more dangerous they will be. Not more docile. 

    I just don't see in what world Russia throws in the towel, with the overwhelming advantage that they have militarily on Ukraine.

    5 hours ago, DUI_Offender said:

    Yesterday, you insinuated that supporting Ukraine was the position of the "left".

    Nothing wrong with supporting them. Something wrong with supporting them without an end game, considering the stalemate that they have. 

    This is only buying them time. There is no way they win on the battlefield.

    5 hours ago, DUI_Offender said:

    like they should throw in the towel

    Nope, echoing their own leaders flustered, and documented high ranking officials speaking on the low morale.

    When your morale is that low, you can't expect these people to win on the battlefield.

    5 hours ago, DUI_Offender said:

    Do you not realize that the casualties ratio favors Ukraine by 2:1

    Nobody knows for sure the exact casualty count.

    People will always make their own numbers sound better.

    Also that casualty count does little when you consider the overall sizes of the armies of each country.

    5 hours ago, DUI_Offender said:

    Russian morale is at an all time low.

    Dissent can get you killed. A lot easier to fight when you know the potential consequences in failing to do so.

    Ukraine showcases the true consequences of that low morale, plus the freedoms they enjoy.

    5 hours ago, DUI_Offender said:

    And please don't tell us "Russians don't care

    They do care. I am saying their military is superior in size, and ability.


  14. 4 hours ago, DUI_Offender said:

    This is a pipe dream.

    Then NATO will have to provide weapons to Ukraine indefinitely, and see how long they are willing to do so. 

    I am just not confident someone like Trump winning would be wanting to pursue this. More "us first" leadership that is sweeping Europe.

    I would be okay with indefinitely supporting Ukraine, if that support was signed long term, and wasn't  heavily bogged down in politics. Blaming this party or that party won't change that. Division and cracks in the armor, is what Russia wants.

    Right now, its at times slow, there are so many constraints and this is having devastating effects on the morale of Ukraine soldiers.

    Sign a deal where a certain amount of your spending budget is allocated to this. Show no hesitation and no wavering in your commitment in action. Not only in words. 

    This is chess. No kinks in the armor. Zero doubts Ukraine will have full support as long as it takes needs to be the message shown.

    What I see now, is a Ukraine not confident in their allies, and heavily rationing attacks as a result as they are not confident in their tools.

    I also see a western ally wanting to see gains, but inconsistently providing weapons. Catch 22.

    Russia isn't present at recent talks. China didn't back these talks up, as a result.

    Long term, this favors Russia.

  15. 20 hours ago, herbie said:

    You mean use common sense and address the causes of the problem?

    A lot of people can't afford where they live. Costs of living are skyrocketing. Food. 

    Lose hope, and you tend to find drugs and alcohol to fill that void.

    Look at San Francisco. Look at the average rent there.

    Look at where most of the elites live. Look at where the bulk of the spending for schools go, or the areas. 

    Drugs are easily obtainable. Safe injection spaces. How easy is access to treatment for drug addiction?

    How much of a deterrent to commit crime?

    How much easier to fall into social and cyclical cracks?

    20 hours ago, herbie said:

    Punish, punish, shame, belittle and lock them up! Pretend the victims are the problem. So much easier

    Doing drugs is a choice. I have nobody to blame but myself, for doing the drugs that I did as a youth.

    Destroying the relationships that I did. Hurting the people that I did.

    My choice. My consequences. That is life. I made my bed, and laid in it, until I made the choice to find a way out.

    There no longer is a push for accountability. 

    I want to smoke crack and rob stores to fund it, and am now a victim. Seriously?

    Uh, no. Your choice to smoke crack made you a drug addict.

    The choice to steal, made you a criminal. A thief. 

    There are and should be consequences for both.

    If I am missing all my teeth, and take dumps on your lawn while cursing the devil and chasing birds while sticking up corner store clerks for free smokes at knife point, the poor choices I have made, have resulted in people laughing at me. Being disgusted by me.

    It used to be something shameful. To smoke crack. 

    The term crackhead was derogatory. Meaning, you would be making an insanely d**b mistake to even start.

    Give me a break. 

    Fixing problems at their source is nice, but this soft speak to protect people's feelings is becoming a joke.

    Actions have consequences.

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  16. I don't understand the shock. What am I missing?

    Options are a hollowed out corpse, that still has a pulse (Biden). But you are truly voting for Kamala Harris. 4 more years out of Biden, is about as believable as a stripper who is 46, telling you she is paying for college.

    The alternative, is a loose cannon, who still has some tread in the tires.

    The US seemingly would rather go hard right  than hard left. Ask Hillary Clinton.

    How is Harris any different, or any more likeable?

    Biden had an opportunity to silence those rumblings at the debates. He didn't. Crapped the bed. 

    Then with a teleprompter he's all of a sudden revitalized? 

    There is no disrespect to Biden. He is way too old for the job, and is showing his age.

    Give him the hook, and let him go out with dignity, or risk him having Trump beat him.

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  17. 50 minutes ago, DUI_Offender said:

    Since surely the Russians won't commit a slew of war crimes,  up to,  and including genocide against Ukrainian civilians in the aftermath.

    Any negotiations must include immediate protections for Ukraine.

    Nobody is trusting Russia in any of this. Well, anyone not named Trump.

    Anything short of an immediate joining of NATO, could only be seen as stall tactics by Russia. They have shredded agreements before, so an agreement that helps Ukraine must be immediate and binding, regarding Ukraine security.

    Their goal from the start, was all of Ukraine. They have failed, and pivoted. 15 to 20% of Ukraine and turning them to a neutered state would also be a win, allowing for further attacks. This bullying will never stop, until they gobble Ukraine whole.

    They are prepared for a very long war and to take heavy losses, regardless of whether this is what they wanted. Russia doesn't value life. The west does. Their gravest weakness when fighting someone like this.

    They know the west will eventually tire, and are betting all they have on that very scenario. They aren't wrong. Their attacking civilians obviously shows desperation, but that very desperation is nonetheless applying far more pressure on Ukraine, when looking at its plummeting approval regarding the initial unwavering and uncompromising stance on a potential resolution.

    Russia doesn't respect agreements, laws. Standards, even.

    Choosing to fight this out for 5 or more years, puts Ukraine at risk of losing support by the western public voting in more "us first" leadership that are far more self serving. This applies far more pressure on Ukraine to accept a deal. That, along with less support on a hard line, and people fatigued and wanting the war to stop.

    Right now, Ukraine is holding very strong and has high backing by western allies. This can change in months. Hold as long as you wish with the support. Reality does exist, which is the point am making. That support will wane.

    Ukraine winning is just not feasible. Ukraine will be wisest to negotiate with as strong a hand as possible.

    Like I said. War is chess, not checkers. Your emotions mean little.

    The reality is Russia has the upper hand, and like you said. Ukraine is in survival mode.

    Sometimes to ensure survival, one must make sacrifices. 

    What am saying is the pressure to sacrifice is minimal for Ukraine. It will be deafening by 2026. 2025, even. Book it.

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