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  1. The point I'm making really is that if the extreme right can be seen as a monster, then the extreme left is a smaller monster. The Right, however, a great big monster. The Left a mega-monster. And the situation gets worse as I am being clinical when I say this and am leaving politics out of the analysis. And, there's no need to reply to this as I need to be moving along. The time being spent in a moderation queue (that shouldn't be long) and an inability to edit my posts while waiting has now become my cue to leave.
  2. Those on welfare - Actively marginalize and dispense with. It's called fascism and it does not allow diversity. Only the state matters.
  3. I understand what it is you're saying and you have summed the build up to those outcomes up pretty well, and we should always be on the lookout for similar situations building around us that's for sure. But it might be too easy to become distracted when looking for these, overlooking greater potential threats. As, it's just that I've noticed that 'educated' types in searching the horizon, don't always notice what is immediately in front of them, the existing real threats, distracted (in this instance) by those threats that appear to be emerging but maybe are only benign in reality. Being too far on one side or the other is itself being blinkered anyhow. I like to think of myself as being a rationalist but then still get things wrong quit a bit. And maybe it's that rationality will lose out to emotionality in the end. And I'm not sure we will be left with as much as our idealism in the end. But in some ways we don't have long to find out, that's at least in we will be able to continue to discuss what these are.
  4. Far left? Far right? What does this mean. Are these groups significant? If no less than the US president can get together so few people and have them lose so badly, including on home side fatality, do these people matter all that much? I'm new here today and already confused,
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