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  1. Has nothing to do with masks. The story was about preaching one thing and doing the other. Of course she can do whatever she wants to, is the democratic freedom that we all enjoy, just don't expect everyone to fall for the marketing.
  2. Actually there are radio intercepts of Oath Keepers with their followers before Trump even spoke with one lady saying: "I will be turning the radio off because I will be a bit busy later on." I think you are talking about the other group, Proud Boys + a conspiracy theory about the FBI.
  3. Who's behind the plot to overthrow the german government | DW News --> 1 member was caught trying to contact Russian officials in Berlin.
  4. Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi had ruled Libya for more than four decades until he was ousted by a revolt in August 2011. After evading capture for several weeks, he was killed by rebel forces in October 2011. --> It was a unexpected fall for the authoritarian leader which in the past used to enjoy great popularity. Video below: (Gaddafi shown on state TV cruising Tripoli in an open-topped car) Trending News:*daily in the morning. - Peru President Castillo Ousted and Arrested After Moving to Dissolve Congress. It was a cinematic conclusion to Mr. Castillo's presidency, the first leftist to be elected Peru’s president in more than a generation. (New York Times) - Foiled plot highlights Germany’s far-right problem. (Financial Times) - Climate protesters attempted to disrupt air traffic at the Munich airport by gluing themselves to one of the runways, police confirmed. (DW) - Austria vetoes Bulgaria, Romania joining passport-free Schengen area: minister. (Agence France Presse) - First UK coal mine in decades approved despite climate concerns. (BBC) - France to begin citizens' debate on end-of-life care. (France24) - Alberta passes sovereignty act, but first strips out sweeping powers to cabinet. (The Globe and Mail) - Former police officer warns of scams involving tampered gift cards at retailers. (CTV News)
  5. The Institute for the Study of War believes that Putin is preparing Russia for a long imperialist war. In a speech by the Russian president to a meeting of the Human Rights Council on Wednesday, he said the "special military operation" (as the Kremlin calls the war against Ukraine) is a "long process" and should result in the acquisition of new territories. "Putin drew a favorable parallel between himself and the Russian Tsar Peter I, noting that Russia now controls the Sea of Azov, for which Peter the Great also fought," say American experts, quoted by the BBC . "The mention of Russian imperial history openly positions Putin's current goals in Ukraine as clearly imperialist and still maximalist," the summary said. In addition, American experts draw attention to the first use of Iranian-made Shahed drones in Ukraine in the last three weeks. The Ukrainian military said the Russian military used them again late Wednesday in attacks on several cities, including the Dnieper, Kiev, Poltava, Zhytomyr and Zaporizhia regions. "Russian forces have likely modified the drones for use in colder weather conditions and are likely to use them increasingly in the coming weeks to strike Ukrainian critical infrastructure," ISW experts said. Earlier, the Ukrainian military suggested that Russia had to suspend the use of Iranian-made drones because they are not suitable for use in cold weather. Now, probably, the Russian army has managed to solve this problem. "ISW previously reported that the Russian military is increasingly relying on Iranian-made systems due to the depletion of Russia's arsenal of precision-guided weapons," the US institute wrote.
  6. Day 17. - Did not vacuum, will vacuum today. - The used book salesman wasn't there. - Feels great to see people now on the street. - I am not going back to any office, will use whatever "credit" I have with my work to continue from home, is the end of the year anyways. Will be facing "the sword" there in some capacity around January, have no doubt about it. - I try not to think about the future days, so right now I am just focusing on a daily basis. I posted this video before, it is a great one that I will be using for today to wake up:
  7. Great Marketing. Can even twist the brightest of the minds thinking she is there for "the people". Like that time when she was raging to her district to wear the masks and then was caught partying it up in Florida, she also caught Covid after that: https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/news/aoc-tests-positive-covid-controversial-055608459.html She got out of this event by switching the conversation to sexual talk. Anyone that switches the conversation to sex talk are lazy mentally. No strong woman in my opinion dodges her mistake, a strong woman leader would come up front and admit her mistake. She switched the conversations on how Republicans are after her looks, high school talk which works it seems for this generation. This specific event just shows the hypocrisy. The same behaviour as communists back in the old lands. First they come down amongst the people to brainwash, using slogans such as "I am one of you" and then slowly become the real elite. I like the elites that tell me that they are the elite in my face. People that want to be elite but use mind games to get there on the back of "the people" -> they have 0 respect from me.
  8. The Austrian Minister of the Interior, Gerhard Karner, announced on Thursday that Austria will vote against the expansion of the Schengen area to include Romania and Bulgaria , during a meeting with his counterparts in Brussels, thus blocking the entry of these two countries into the area of free movement, transmits AFP. --- Germany supports the accession of Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia to the Schengen area and does not share Austria's opposition, German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser said in Brussels on Thursday, according to Reuters. "I cannot understand Austria's position on this. I know that Austria has great internal debates on this issue. We will support Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria, all three," Faeser told reporters ahead of talks with his EU counterparts. --- The French Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, also announced, before the JAI Council, that France will vote in favor of the accession of Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia to the Schengen area. --- A compromise proposal circulated briefly on Wednesday, writes Politico . According to it, Croatia would enter, Romania would receive the accession recommendation, and Bulgaria would receive a phased integration plan. However, the agreement failed to gain enough support, writes Politico. However, there were signs that at least Croatia could get the green light on Thursday. --- Now my rant: - After WW2 the propaganda was that Austria was different than the Germany at that time. Movies rolled that the Austrians were: "the good Germans". - but let's remember the fact: Austria was the country that gave us Hitler and when Hitler rolled into Austria, the Austrians welcomed him not with an army, but with flowers and nazi salutes. - This country in 2022 just gave the Romanian and Bulgarian populists another 5-10 %. Therefore gave Putin a big win. So the "good Germans" strike again. They gave us Hitler back then, now in 2022 are helping another dictator. - I still maintain my theory that behind all this is one country: Netherlands and maybe the U.S. should look closer at Austria's companies connections with their Russian counterparts. It is more than rumour in some parts -> the close relationship between Austria and Russia - Joe from the CIA can also check the telephone lines between Amsterdam and Vienna in the last few weeks. Did the Dutch pass the potato while putting at risk European Union integrity and NATO security? Is just a theory, nobody will ever know. - Now they are spinning it with something in 2023, the visual damage was done already dear "good Germans". End of rant.
  9. 30 Minute Deep Sleep Music:
  10. The European Commission proposes new sanctions against Russia. The 9th package targets the Russian military, defense industry, politicians, banks The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, proposed on Wednesday the addition of about 200 people and entities to the list of EU sanctions against Moscow, this new package of sanctions, the ninth, targeting among others the Russian armed forces and three more Russian banks.
  11. Is unfortunate, but I think it won't happen this time. The Israeli intelligence report came out yesterday (post above) and with some information from the ISW it seems it won't succeed, for now anyways. Eventually, the regime will fall, I will agree with that. Let us hope it is sooner than later. Key Takeaways: Countrywide strikes continued throughout Iran. Protest turnout decreased significantly, however, possibly due to divisions and poor planning in the protest movement. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei met with Supreme Cultural Revolution Council, possibly to discuss the morality patrol and mandatory hijab law. At least 13 protests took place in five cities across five provinces. Judiciary spokesperson Massoud Setayeshi announced the issuance of death sentences to five arrested protesters. https://www.understandingwar.org/backgrounder/iran-crisis-update-december-6
  12. Conservative or non-partisan group? Law or Rule? Everybody is lying, you don't know what to believe. How can you support someone like A.O.C.? I am not a right wing fanatic to say that she is a communist, but her behaviour is exactly how I seen back in the old country: You had a few people that always come up front to say that they are part of "the people" meanwhile they partied it up with the elites and had more money than the average folk. I respect more a republican establishment like Paul Ryan that just tells you in your face his views, the Randanian doctrine, etc. than someone like AOC which is gaining power and slowly becoming part of the establishment by using "the people's" name. I think -> I like Paul Ryan more. Less hypocritical. AOC has better marketing though and an army of online soldiers thinking she is the Saviour in female form.
  13. So Forbes is manipulating? I am asking, I copy and pasted the article. What are the consequences one can get for breaking this? Anyhow she was supposed the woman of "the people" so why not live like "the people"? Can an average person access that party? Oh I see, she can do it because her idealism is the "correct" one?
  14. Hope this gets investigated and also the Covid-19 money that Trump gave to Kushner and somehow dissapeared: https://www.nbcnews.com/health/trump-gave-agency-100-million-fight-covid-s-happened-rcna5692 but -> AOC too.
  15. I am on my way back to the city lights. Need to see people when I walk. Have you seen the movie I am Legend with Will Smith when he walks around and there are no people. God bless all of you that can live in the suburbs, not me. Grateful for the quiet in these almost 2 weeks though. I plan to do a full vacuuming in the condo, and go on a walk for a Tim Hortons coffee. Maybe I will visit the used books salesman fellow at the corner (if he's there) which is into conspiracy theories to see what other new things are trending in his world. 😄
  16. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Under Investigation By House Ethics Committee. The statement, which did not provide many details about the inquiry, said that the panel will announce its course of action after its organizational meeting in the next Congress, sometime in 2023. A spokesperson for Ocasio-Cortez said that she was confident that the case would be dismissed. “The Congresswoman has always taken ethics incredibly seriously, refusing any donations from lobbyists, corporations, or other special interests,” the spokesperson said in a statement. The nonpartisan Office of Congressional Ethics forwarded its inquiry into Ocasio-Cortez to the House ethics panel in June, according to the report. Typically, when that office forwards an investigation, it is because the office has reason to believe an ethics law was broken.  Wednesday’s statement, attributed to acting Chair Susan Wild (D-Penns.) and Ranking Member Michael Guest (R-Miss.), says the disclosure of the investigation “does not itself indicate that any violation has occurred, or reflect any judgment on behalf of the committee.” via Forbes which will have updates here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/zacheverson/2022/12/07/alexandria-ocasio-cortez-is-under-investigation-by-house-ethics-committee/?sh=16057feb622c
  17. The United States denounced "loose talk" on nuclear weapons after Russian President Vladimir Putin said Moscow would only use an atomic weapon in response to an enemy strike. Declining to respond directly to Putin, State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters, "We think any loose talk of nuclear weapons is absolutely irresponsible." via Agence France Presse.
  18. The fact that Georgia holds runoff elections turned out to be rather cruel for Herschel Walker. Not only had he underperformed every other statewide Republican candidate in Georgia in the November general election — all but Walker won with relative ease — he then faced four weeks of increased national media glare that only reinforced the severe shortcomings of his candidacy. And he ultimately lost by an even larger margin the second time around. I agree with @Aristideshe left at least by not agitating the waters. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2022/12/07/walker-trump-georgia-loss-republicans/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=wp_homepage
  19. Trending: Once a fearsome diplomat, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is now complaining about gender-neutral toilets in Sweden. Video:
  20. Alright let's not talk about Jewish people anymore and struggles with real practical extremism (directly or indirectly), because I risk losing my temper for personal reasons too and then we will have a show here. Defenders you hear this, this is what the right says too, I gave you the Omar example above. Knights. You are picking up the microscope like every populist to gain upper hand in my view. I never said "moderate" voices should just allow fascists to talk. "Ye" went away in the bin of history, many more to follow. I meant that the climate was on Twitter during the previous leadership (which got Trump elected btw) was as such when the 2 herds locked horns, you took no prisoners when it came to real moderates, libertarians, etc. Is one of the reasons that I got involved myself in political talk, before used to just listen and laugh.Don't have the education for it, but what are you selling really, all you activists on both sides?Just some verbal tactics to gain followers and everyone that does not sing your way is a target? Understand the party might be over now, is perfectly normal to feel frustrated. Musk is different, still have to work more on the scripts against him. One more time for you and the people that disrespect the federal agencies which keep your system sane: https://www.fbi.gov/wanted/capitol-violence The FBI are the real anti-nazis.
  21. The left wing charged emotional questions do not work with me. This -> and using the Jewish people struggles to push political points. That works for "yes men" in other threads. I find it quite hypocritical both the left and right use the Jewish people as a shield for their own points to push. One side, your side says that Nazis are next door (disregarding the great work which the FBI does) and you are there to protect them, the other side says they are here to protect the Jewish people too, from Islamic extremism. Some from the right use this tactic towards Representative Omar instead of facing their own bigotry. So both sides, the left and right are "protectors" of the Jewish people. Please. The amount of propaganda that was at Twitter before Musk took over, in my opinion they had moderators that were emotional beings justifying their actions like you are. What happens when you start aiming the "guns" at people that were simple in the middle? or people that are moderate? Some of those people go underground and that is how real extremism flourish. I take a different approach. I think is time a force in the middle speaks up, conversation first however if this McCarthyism keeps up on both sides -> maybe is time for centrism to adopt a more decisive voice and start acting like MSNBC and Fox News. No more reason: just a few lines of propaganda. At 6 am towards the left and at 7 am towards the right. Then the next day we switch the time slots. With the level of discussion in society at this time, I think a centrist populist movement would have success. Musk has 1 year credit from me, depends on what he will do. PayPal, do you know that product, SpaceX, Tesla, etc? At this time, I trust Musk better than "handled" .
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