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  1. πŸ“Ή NATO Youth Summit | NextGen Freedom & Security Young people from Europe and North America will join a transatlantic conversation at the 2023 NATO Youth Summit, which takes place in Brussels and Washington, D.C. Organised by NATO and William & Mary, the event will provide young participants with the opportunity to engage, build links, enhance understanding, exchange views and explore how NATO addresses challenges that the young generation sees as critical to their security.
  2. πŸ“Ή Belgium: Royal Antwerp the Belgian title in a dramatic end to the season. In the dying minutes of a three-way race for the title, Racing Genk and then Union Saint-Gilloise were set to become league champions. But Antwerp's Alderweireld struck in the 94th minute to make it 2-2 at Genk. And that sparked wild celebrations as it was enough to hand his hometown club their first title in 66 years.
  3. While it is important to address any breaches of the law and hold those folks accountable, one should also acknowledge the invaluable work of organizations like CSIS in safeguarding our country and how maybe those people did it out of patriotism, who knows the reasons. Constantly doubting or attacking a reputable institution like CSIS, which plays a crucial role in keeping the nation safe, undermines the efforts of dedicated professionals who deserve our respect. You said you were a former lawman, it's important to recognize the expertise and dedication of those within CSIS. While personal experiences, did one CSIS person pissed you off? Satire! may shape opinions, but it's essential to give credit where it is due and show support for the professionals working tirelessly to maintain security here.
  4. and what is this nonsense with mythology, elite, and anger at institutions? What's corrosive? To look at politics as just a superficial environment full of professional liars that use labels to "win" something. That use language to manage to get away with lying, manipulation, and on the web, use childish insults to gain the upper hand, hoping some will back down? That is your world of politics man, and the AI has made the game very interesting, very interesting. What's corrosive? Do your job, my friend, you and all you activists in politics do your job and serve society instead of lecturing on what is good and what is bad, and what is corrosive. Corrosive is to stay dependent on Uncle Sugar, Free is to not be dependent on Uncle Sugar. I hope I made it simplified and I did not even use AI to write. End of rant. 😎 PS: You are still my friend (=)πŸ˜„
  5. More CSIS smears. So I guess the 1. Germans are wrong? The same germans say that China is the climate change, Russia is just a storm. Details below: https://www.dw.com/en/china-spying-on-germany-say-intelligence-chiefs/a-63467038 2. and the Americans had to run a probe here as to how bad it was after coming across information in another part of the world about the growing CCP issue north of the border: https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/us-dragon-lord-probe-book-1.6783063 So, in my view -> CSIS is trying to alert the population, Trudeau is not allowing a public inquiry and your argument is that they want to damage the government? For what aim?
  6. <-- NBC News Chuck Todd is leaving too. https://www.politico.com/news/2023/06/04/chuck-todd-to-leave-meet-the-press-00100102
  7. A person runs in front of the rising full moon, known as a strawberry moon in Los Angeles, California, United States. Photo: Zuma Press
  8. Poll: Do you believe that college admissions can truly be colorblind, regardless of whether you support or oppose affirmative action? Opponents, supporters of affirmative action on whether college admissions can be truly colorblind: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/affirmative-action-supreme-court-deciding-cases-on-college-university-admissions/ I will go with other answer: In my opinion, affirmative action is crucial in certain areas like social work to ensure diverse representation that reflects the communities being served. It bridges the disconnect caused by having a workforce from a different racial or ethnic background in predominantly black or Hispanic communities, enhancing support and understanding. In my opinion, affirmative action should NOT be a priority in areas in technical areas. Merit should be the primary factor in college admissions and employment decisions, as technical expertise and skills are crucial in this field. Emphasizing equal opportunities based on qualifications and achievements ensures a competitive and competent workforce. It is a sensitive topic, because I get all the arguments about the best to rule, and the smartest to rule, and I have that mentality about school, and competition for the top spot, however, is it practical for all scenarios? Is it practical to send people from a different racial or ethnic background to a predominantly different community after they finish school?! That does not help the system. I voted for other in a way agreeing with affirmative action in some aspects while in others I don't.
  9. In my view, human machines tend to be more rational when they distance themselves from tribalistic (political, and otherwise) tendencies. When a man or woman engages in a debate with someone holding a different perspective, progress can be made 1 vs 1. However, when you gather five folks with identical mindsets or political ideologies, reason often takes a backseat to the mob. It's akin to being in a soccer stadium, where groups of like-minded people congregate. In such an environment, it becomes challenging for them to engage in reasoned discourse with those who hold opposing views.
  10. #TravelSunday View of Sri Lanka https://centrism.ca/sunday-drone-travel/ (=) !Updated: πŸ’­ Random Thoughts https://centrism.ca/random-thoughts/ πŸ“š Fact Check & Awareness https://centrism.ca/fact-check-awareness/ πŸ–₯️ Technology Advice https://centrism.ca/technology-advice/ 🚍 Transit Trends and Solutions https://centrism.ca/transit-incidents-stories-trends-and-solutions/
  11. It appears someone else pulled a stunt like this, might not be Abbot. California is investigating after a private jet carrying migrants arrived in Sacramento, officials say: https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2023-06-03/california-investigating-who-sent-16-migrants-from-texas-to-doorstep-of-sacramento-diocese
  12. No, Trudeau does not want to change him. β¬†οΈπŸ“° Trudeau continues to stand by David Johnston despite calls that he step down. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he is committed to keeping David Johnston in place as Canada’s special rapporteur on foreign interference, despite a majority of MPs voting in favour of his stepping down from the gig. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-trudeau-continues-to-stand-by-david-johnston-despite-calls-that-he/
  13. 1 / Random Song found on YouTube:
  14. Healthcare Plan: First of all when I said that, I was referring to Market-based reforms that aim to increase competition and empower individuals with more choices, without denying healthcare to those in need. It's about balancing personal freedom and ensuring access to quality healthcare for all. Chinese manufacturing: Outsourcing to China wasn't exclusive to one party. Conservatives prioritize protecting American jobs and addressing unfair trade practices to level the playing field for American manufacturers. Alternative energy: Conservatives support a diverse energy portfolio, including exploring clean coal technologies and utilizing domestic energy sources like fracking. The gradual transition away from petroleum does not happen over night.
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