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  1. You want to play this game, with the Radical in me, really? The only reason I don't dissect every message is because of your personal stake and that you put serious effort in this thread. And now, you edited your message, paranoia is kicking in, because I recognized this aspect, your personal, I am insulting you?! Yup, with the mirror will be your future, it seems.
  2. I don't know what you are ranting about, but will continue to read here and you don't tell me what to do at the end. I read where I want and make my own choices, independent from you or Fauci, is called TRUST with the family doctor. So anyone reading this, please see your family doctor. They know best, your unique case.
  3. Uhm, only had a few posts here, I guess your goal is to talk to the mirror. It appears other views bother you. Okiii. Remember, you are just a militant which uses data to fit her narrative. I could go on but I remembered the story of your sister and my education tells me to stop. In other circumstances, I would not be that nice. Is that sexism from my upbringing?!
  4. Friday, March 31 - 2023 This thread gets about 200 views a day while my centrist one, about 100 a day. Conclusion: People enjoy originality more than copy paste. Some enjoy seeing a drunk's journey. Going to bed now.
  5. The International Space Station (ISS) passes in front of the Moon as captured near Buzitka, southern Slovakia. Photo: Associated Press
  6. Daily TIp: Many streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video have region-specific content due to licensing agreements. This means that the content available in one country may not be available in another. By using a VPN, you can connect to a server in a country where the content you want to watch is available, and bypass the region restrictions.
  7. Why did the radical centrist refuse to watch political debates on TV? Because they prefer to sit on the fence and watch both sides fall off. 😄 ⬆️ Click Here to access Daily Trending News.
  8. You are an OK man, if you quit the booze, might as well, leave something behind, if not, then we argue, like dogs in the gutter.
  9. While I respect the service in the Cold War and the sacrifices made for the country, I don't think it's productive or fair to assume that all people from Eastern Europe share the same views or owe you a debt of gratitude. Some of us are new servants to the King, but the loyality is there. So, what makes you, a loud mouth telling me I am not qualified?! Difference of opinion?!
  10. Who is filled against hatred of the Crown? I respect the Crown and will rather bow my head down next to a King than a communist from the FSB. Please, do not insult my loyalty.
  11. Thanks for sharing brother Zeitgeist. We do not agree on many things, but is important to listen to opposite views. (=)
  12. / 2 The Orange Order celebrates Protestant culture and history, including the role of William of Orange in securing Protestant freedoms. This can be seen as a positive aspect as it promotes pride in one's heritage and history. I read enough, true believers, what else is to know, best of luck if you go in there.
  13. I will be the lawyer for the Orange Group: The Orange Order has a rich cultural history that has been an important part of Protestant identity and heritage in Ireland and other parts of the world. The organization has been involved in various charitable activities and has raised funds for a range of good causes. In recent years, some members of the Orange Order have worked to distance themselves from the organization's more extremist elements and promote a more inclusive message.
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