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  1. Biden or Trump can not have full power in the US. That is fear mongering the right and left uses to scare the herds. Centrist wolves know better.
  2. So Soros paid for the hats? I think you should send a tip to the the FBI to trace the Trump supporters hats that day. but then we get into another conspiracy and you will tell me the FBI is owned by the deep state.
  3. come on, you can do better just say it: all under the command of general Soros from the bunkers in Switzerland. It is all a one world conspiracy to defame a good man, The Messiah = Donald Trump. = )
  4. Do you know what the above praises reminded me of? The Internet with subtitles is great. Watch the clip closely, in my view you are one of the people at the end that keeps clapping, clapping and clapping for a Sheppard. I even set it at the exacts timestamp. Enjoy. Follower of mighty Trump = )
  5. Anyone else has a problem with this? Here is the bottom line: if you are a young family fleeing from Putin and you go to Czech Republic or Poland the armed guards will throw you back to the lion's den. Czechs will not issue humanitarian visa to Russians fleeing mobilization. Some news reports which I also read is that polish guards pushed back a crowd of young Russian students trying to get in. Also the Czechs decided to tell all the Russian hockey players not to do their job. What is some of their family are in Putin's prisons? On the other side, most of the western part of the EU, including France and Germany, remains reluctant to take such strong steps and advocates for a strong debate on the matter which I agree with. How can you not flee when you see such system? Watch below, video of the week:
  6. No. I pay my own bills. 😄 Soros is a bored old man. When you have too much money and you get bored with your life, the next drug is control. No different than the Koch brothers on the right. Bill Gates achieved more and and will be leaving behind more to the world to use for the future than the entire Soviet KGB organization ever did. So, please, why do you support as a Christian, the patriarch of Russia, a former agent of the state which informed on other people? Isn't that what happened to Jesus according to what you follow? I am all ears. I wonder how many disappeared because of the good Patriarch's informing. Here he is, nice car for a preacher, even the Mullahs in Iran don't have this quality: His codename was: "Mikhailov"
  7. Did your masters from Moscow sent you here to recruit from the troubled young men of Canada? In my opinion -> you are serving a system, in which you claim is fighting for "God" but the patriarch is a former KGB agent 😅 meaning he did everything opposite to your Christ's teachings. He informed on people which went to prison or worse. Just like people informed on your Christ. Did the handler showed you how to use a proxy server to use Vancouver as a city, to give you more legitimacy? To add a little bit of satire, that or you can't really adapt in Canada due to previous bottle issues, social issues from the Motherland and here you are raging daily about Anglo, Khazarian, etc. Social issues I mean by tribalism. Those groups built more things and achieved more things for humankind than the Russian collective ever did. The Russian collectiveness aside from knowing how to drink, what did it really left behind for people to use? I suggest if you are not a member of the FSB, and you are just a lost soul, to go there and feel good with your people. I think is less than 5 $ to build a flag. Any Russian democratic thinking is free to come here in my opinion. They should have an exchange program going. I would donate towards it.
  8. DOCUMENTARY - BBC The Death Of Yugoslavia This captivating 1995 documentary covers the struggles of the Yugoslavian people during the collapse of their country, and the subsequent wars to finally find hope with the signing of the Final Peace Accords. Part 1: Part 2-6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrkUV4-k4qc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDPI1AFhVI0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hY7BwM952ZY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oy9aqSWE5dc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cm8IsQhZYLs
  9. The United States is prepared to impose additional economic costs on Russia, along with American allies, if Moscow goes ahead with annexing portions of Ukrainian territory, the White House said. British Defence Report While some Russians are fleeing, others are staying loyal to their Sheppard. and Iranian drone over Ukraine:
  10. Yes but us in the West need to start first in our house, with our so called allies. Any news from Riyadh? Are they willing to be more open minded? Anyhow I remember a story about a conservative Iranian reporter that got caught drinking beer in Germany 😃 years ago. https://observers.france24.com/en/20170727-uproar-conservative-iranian-journalist-snapped-unveiled-drinking-beer
  11. There is some agitation happening in the Russian recruitment rooms: Sometimes is like I am travelling through a time machine. Even the clothes are Soviet era.
  12. "Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought." - John F. Kennedy *Often referred to by his initials JFK and the nickname Jack, was an American politician who served as the 35th president of the United States from 1961 until his assassination near the end of his third year in office. Kennedy was the youngest person to assume the presidency by election.
  13. Romania’s Special Operations Forces embody a motto popular among the Alliance’s elite soldiers: “Quality is more important than quantity.” While few in numbers, these commandos are capable of carrying out raids by air, land and sea, using their skills and stealth to take their adversaries by surprise. The Romanian Special Operations Forces have been working with NATO since 2003, already before Romania joined the Alliance in March 2004. Over the years, the Romanian elite forces’ unit has been deployed to NATO missions in Afghanistan and in Kosovo alongside Allies and partner countries. More recently, the Romanian operators are busy keeping themselves on the bleeding edge of tactical proficiency. They frequently participate in exercises with their NATO Allies, allowing them to exchange tactics with their counterparts from different countries. In this video, we see Romanian commandos in action. Should NATO call upon them, Romania’s elite forces will be ready to perform any high-risk mission.
  14. The FSB used to have better trolling farms than 1 liners rants in the middle of night. I guess the economic effects are starting to show for the ex-KGB organization. Latest news via Institute for the Study of War: - The Kremlin’s heavy-handed approach to partial mobilization may successfully meet the Kremlin’s internal quota of mobilized personnel, but is unlikely to generate effective soldiers and is prompting significant domestic backlash for little gain. The Kremlin is openly not adhering to its promised conditions for partial mobilization. Kremlin quotas will likely force local officials to mobilize men regardless of their military status and will likely incentivize the mobilization of ethnically non-Russian and immigrant communities at a disproportionate rate. The Kremlin likely attempted to downplay a prisoner swap with Ukraine that is deeply unpopular among Russian nationalists and milbloggers by undertaking the swap the same day Putin announced partial mobilization. IAEA negotiations around the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant are unlikely to significantly improve the situation at the plant and may provide an opportunity for Russian forces to stage provocations. Ukrainian forces likely continued limited counteroffensive operations along the Kharkiv-Luhansk Oblast border and continued attacks toward Lyman on September 22. Ukrainian military officials maintained their operational silence regarding Ukrainian ground attacks in Kherson Oblast on September 22 and reiterated that Ukrainian forces are conducting an operational-level interdiction campaign in Kherson Oblast. Russian forces conducted limited ground attacks along the frontlines in Donetsk Oblast on September 22. Russian forces did not conduct any confirmed ground attacks west of Hulyaipole on September 22 and continued routine strikes throughout western Zaporizhia Oblast. Russian occupation forces are hurriedly setting conditions to hold sham annexation referenda across occupied Ukraine from September 23-27. Russian officials created polling stations in parts of Russia, ostensibly to enable displaced (in many cases meaning kidnapped) Ukrainian residents of occupied territories to “vote.” Russian occupation officials in Ukraine likely expect to be forced to provide personnel to meet Russian regional mobilization quotas after the Kremlin illegally annexes occupied Ukrainian territories. https://www.understandingwar.org/backgrounder/russian-offensive-campaign-assessment-september-22 Meanwhile on Russian TV (subtitles at the bottom): @SecBlinken at the @UN Security Council: We see what that world looks like in the parts of Ukraine controlled by Russian forces. Wherever the Russian tide recedes, we discover the horror left in its wake. #UNGA
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