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  1. Lying Biden told Russia he wouldn't send troops to help the Ukraine. Ok Im cool with that they are not a nato nation. But he said he would help Taiwan if China invaded and the his staffers said no we will not. Which is it ? Taiwan isnt a nato nation so what's the difference between the 2. ? Is joe scared of putin and not scared of china ? Or did he just get confused and mixed up again ?
  2. The left would cry foul and demand the national guard be called out and people jailed
  3. Sadly democrats are the ones who endanger democracy . You may have noticed how they plotted to kill kill trump senators supreme court justices andcare encouraged by thier leasers. You may have noticed how blm rioted for months killing and assaulting police and citizens doing billions in damages. That spurred gun ownership. The legal gun owners restrained them selves while the liberals acted like animals
  4. Yes a armed population keeps democracy's safe .
  5. saying things will be different when blacks get guns are the words of a moron . I was born poor and white . got my firs job at age 16 . I have cut wood for a living dug graves farmed and filled steam locomotives from the 1800 with coal . I also worked in central offices as a install tech for ma bell and digital eqt made experimental drugs and chemicals .I had my own fed ex route worked as a plumber , I was also a manager for a fortune 500 company in California was a bank messenger for a ski resort and also manager at a ski resort . I also worked on the space shuttle the eelv and several other space craft and I was employed by a private college and self employed a couple times . None of that maters , I dont care if you were Harvard and MIT educated common , lack of common sense makes you a moron like her and Joe My Iq was checked when I was young and it was 120 but its not about iq its also common sense and ethics .
  6. no they regularly incite violence , and seem to feel its their right . liberals think they are above the law
  7. Nothing to apologize for , but Im sure you can look i up if you wanted to but heres a link about it . I think we have other transportation issues to worry about that are far more important. https://www.bizpacreview.com/2021/04/07/roads-are-racist-buttigieg-claims-racism-physically-built-into-americas-infrastructure-1056443/
  8. racist highways and bridges lol yes they call me names all the time
  9. Have you not heard of the transportation issues America is going through ? shortages etc ? Seriously you cant be hat far out of touch
  10. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/view-joy-behar-says-gun-173246632.html?fr=sycsrp_catchall Class A1 moron for sure and a racist hiding under the liberal veil . clearly she has no clue that blacks have guns just like any other race and lots of them . Just count the shootings in Chicago ,nyc la and Detroit , Baltimore DC Atlanta etc its not white Mormons doing all that gang banger stuff . Also millions of black Americans own guns legally and are responsible with them . She is a fine example of the kind of wacko moron that the democrat progressive party of outrage draw.
  11. He was more concerned about racist roads and bridges . he ignored the real problems hes a moron .
  12. Joe set another record from yesterday . national average went up to 4.97 a gallon hes a real record breaker
  13. During a pandemic and a transportation emergency our transportation sec mayor dumb ass took months off so he and his husband could adopt a child and his biggest concern was racist h8ghways and bridges . hes a moron
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