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  1. I agree that liberalism has nothing to do with it. - Liberals generally favour allowing abortion, which does reduce the number of lone mothers. - Liberals generally oppose draconian prison sentencing, which reduces the number of incarcerated fathers. - Liberals generally support good social services and social assistance which helps households avoid crushing poverty.
  2. Trump is just playing to his base to reinforce his popularity. His stance that the solution is to arm yet more people will not alienate his supporters, whilst the overwhelming majority of those who disagree with him on this already despise him. He doesn’t really care about guns or gun control ( he refers to his gun-owning base as ‘you 2nd amendment people’ ) but he does care about being in the news with his base-pleasing rhetoric.
  3. Scared, confused kids with military assault weapons: that’s the police! The latest timeline was given at a news conference by Texas Ranger Victor Escalon Ramos crashed his vehicle nearby at 11:28, with the first emergency call coming two minutes later as witnesses reported a man carrying a gun. Ramos then shot at members of the public, roamed the school premises, and entered freely through an unlocked door at 11:40. Police arrived on site four minutes later, Mr Escalon said. But it is unclear how close they got to the gunman or whether they attempted to enter the classroom where the shooting took place. Police initially said the officers were "inside making entry" and took cover after coming under heavy fire. This was revised on Thursday by Mr Escalon. "They [didn't] make entry immediately because of the gunfire they were receiving," he said. At 12:45, the gunman was shot dead by a team led by an elite Border Patrol tactical unit. Mr Escalon played down previous statements by police that there had been ongoing exchanges of gunfire during the previous hour. "The majority of the gunfire was in the beginning," he told reporters.
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