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  1. I apologize for thread drift....And you are right about Canada being the best country .It has given me health care ,education, allowed me to build a medium sized company....
  2. I am not biased I hate all religions....they all operate on a lie including Muslims
  3. Do you just randomly say its a metaphor when the bible has ridiculous writings How bout taking a rib from adam to make eve Noahs arc....real or metaphore Parting of the sea The bible is full of shit
  4. Does it make it ok because priests dont sodomize children as much as joe public Statistically if u lump in sexual abusers from general population that define them selves as being religious added to the churches bum jammers....no contest Dedicated to the Eradication of Religion
  5. Does Catholic Church have bigger sex abuse problem than other religions? Does Catholic Church have bigger sex abuse problem than other religions? | Local News | buffalonews.com
  6. Researchers reveal patterns of sexual abuse in religious settings Researchers reveal patterns of sexual abuse in religious settings | Folio (ualberta.ca)
  7. You spew your beliefs' so they are fodder for rebuttal. remember i have hard evidence u have nada....faith a book of stories. Science is real....religion is ignorance OH today is Sunday..the priest and ministers pick their new alter boys.
  8. What is faith...its the basis of your religion...since your religion has no evidence its based on faith ....how can you respect religion with the lies...giving false hope tele evangelists making millions from weak minded followers...the replica of noah's arc...a joke in itself...distorting science and you say apologize....GFY
  9. You cant handle the truth....your filthy cult is sexualy assulting children...what the hell is wrong with you predators'....one religion even sucks the penis of a child that has just been circumsized....be alot of priest are frothing at the mouth when they hear that....sick phuks
  10. somehow eating an apple is way more serious than sticking priests peckers in little boys.... Dedicated to the Eradication of Religion
  11. Thats one of my favorites especially the talking snake ......what a load of shit just because they were tricked into eating an an apple by wait....wait....a phuking talking snake
  12. Eradication of Religion will come by the hands of science when humans wont need to pray for healing as science can fix gods mistakes...with genetic engineering...correcting the dna sequences that cause parkinson's, , cancers, blindness, sickle cell, muscular dystrophy It is science that is finding the answers through hard work...not some mighty creator Where is your almighty god when covid was reeking havoc prayers did nothing....but science did Proving once again god is fake
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