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  1. I don't even call it the ChiComm virus anymore. I just call it ChiComm or the ChiComm. People should be able to figure it out.
  2. Let me be the first then. Well...not an outright denial but a denial of the implication of the OP question that there is a lot of racism in Canada. I think the "racist" slur is thrown around too much in too many spots where it doesn't actually apply. There' s the old "Islam" isn't a religion retort. Are you racist if you call the Coronavirus the "Kung Flu," or is that just a satirical term. How about if you call it the ChiCom virus? Are Chinese Communists a race now? If you repeat the saying 'it's OK to be white,' are you a racist now? Or is the person who objects to it. Then there's the 'racism of low expectations thing.' Who's the racist when the implication is you expect a minority to be judged by equal expectations to everybody and somebody calls you a racist for such a thought? Too many times the term 'racist' is thrown at somebody but it doesn't mean what it's supposed to mean. A more accurate definition now in many cases seems to be "You said something I disagree with and you need to shut up." It's more like when Antifa calls you a fascist. The term is slowly starting to lose its oomph.
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