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  1. Almost everything these days reminds me of that fairy tale the emperor's new clothes. 

    I mean, let's face it, Joe Biden is the emperor in that story.

    But here's another one.

    The social media service Tik Tok is well known as the home of the wacky woke nutcases. 

    But here's a young woman speaking sanity to the Idiocracy.

    She's so out of place with her rational dead-on observations of the societal naked emperor I expect her to get censored, canceled or worse.


    1. Boges


      I like how both Madison Cawthorn and MTG commented on this Tweet. Not sure I'd like to be counted with those two. 

      Comparing border security to Universal Healthcare shows the real lack of perspective in much of America. 

    2. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      So those are couple of names that are pariahs to the Progressive Socialist narrative. Who cares. Nobody is trying to change the minds of you Progressive Socialist indoctrinates. It would require a deprogrammer and weeks for each one of you.

      However those who are still capable of reasoned thinking would be influenced by that young woman's unashamed noticing of the obvious. And that's what you're really whining about.

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