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  1. I don't believe masks work. Never have.

    From the beginning of this Chi-Comm virus scare I've worn a mask but always below the nose and I just pull it up when some shopkeeper or busybody wants to be a nuisance about it.

    Recently though, I've just decided I'm over all this worthless mask mandate, semi lockdown, vax passport garbage. Time to rebel.

    I still do the below the nose with the mask thing. But now when Big Pharma's legion of Karens pester me about it I've discovered a trick.

    I still pull the mask up but I no longer just ignore them and keep walking. Now I turn towards them and as I pull the mask up I display my middle finger. There's nothing they can do about it and if they could see behind the mask they'd see me smiling.

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    2. OftenWrong


      In the politicized environment of today you are hopeless, BubberMiley. Since your only option is to seek advice from the googler, it really is best for you to stay indoors, permanently.

    3. sharkman


      I’m starting to think that I’m off Bubber’s Christmas card list!  Oh well, might as well add to his angst:

      There are over 70 scientific studies that prove Ivermectin is effective against Covid, but they are being suppressed and cancelled.  
      When scientists can’t even tell the truth because they get their funding cut, the results that the masses get is propaganda.  

    4. BubberMiley


       Remember how you fell---hook, line and sinker---for the QAnon Kraken scam. This is the same. There are internet algorithms targetting halfwits like yourself. You would be angry if you were smart enough to see how you're being manipulated.

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