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  1. I don't believe masks work. Never have.

    From the beginning of this Chi-Comm virus scare I've worn a mask but always below the nose and I just pull it up when some shopkeeper or busybody wants to be a nuisance about it.

    Recently though, I've just decided I'm over all this worthless mask mandate, semi lockdown, vax passport garbage. Time to rebel.

    I still do the below the nose with the mask thing. But now when Big Pharma's legion of Karens pester me about it I've discovered a trick.

    I still pull the mask up but I no longer just ignore them and keep walking. Now I turn towards them and as I pull the mask up I display my middle finger. There's nothing they can do about it and if they could see behind the mask they'd see me smiling.

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    2. sharkman


      No, I never believed in Qanon.  I checked it out but never could make any sense of it.  I thought that something this important should be clear.

      (BTW, the Kraken is slated for a civil war in the US by second quarter 2022.  It’s gonna be ugly for those poor people and we’ll suffer from the impact)

      No, I’ve been following AG, RDB, and KC.  I can say that a major media organization will fail soon…stay safe, it’s gonna get real cold in January!

    3. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog


      Thai is the eternal conundrum of the Internet: whom to believe? A halfwit's anecdotal observations while standing in line or rigorous scientific data?


      No. To me the "eternal conumdrum of the internet" or at least one of them is dummies who post links without reading or understanding them. 

      I've read a bunch of studies on the fallacies of mask use. You know you're not getting the truth when they start talking about "droplets" over aerosols like the "study" you posted does.

      When you start reading multiple studies you'll get cautions against prioritizing droplets as the danger. The real danger from viruses like Covid Xi is an aerosol infection. Aerosols linger in the air and the particles are about three times smaller than the mesh-holes in a drug-store mask.

      Speaking of drug-store masks the box mine comes in only promises protection against "non-toxic dust and pollutants." It's not even brave enough to claim protection against droplets. Think they were able to comprehend what you call your "rigourous scientific data?" Then why weren't they brave enough to risk a lawsuit by at least adding viral and bacterial protection from "droplets" to their list of things their masks will protect you from?

    4. OftenWrong


      Poor BubberMiley. Around here we use a thing intelligences. forget the googler, use your intelligences.

      For example,

      It is reasonable to assume we should not breath other people's exhale.

      Now, there is a difference when you just get a little of their exhale, to one where you entirely hale theirs in. I'm sure even you may follow that.

      So when they're standing on their X and you're behind them, they are haling out for a while. All that smelly dirty vaccine-laden breath is all around them.

      Then the lady says, "Ok sir, come forward please." Everyone advance one step in line. You stand on the X because, you are a good and dutiful old boy.

      And there, but for the grace of god goes thou, as they say in the covid ward.


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