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  1. Tucker kills it again.

    This time on the latest of Nancy's phony committee shit show thingees that pretends it's investigating the "mostly peaceful" (comparatively) protest at the Capitol building last January.


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    2. Argus


      Carlson continues on with his mission to kill as many Republicans as possible. Way to go, Tucker!

    3. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      You like the RINOs, right, Argus? Did you see your boy, Kinzinger weeping alligator tears at the hearing, committee or whatever that farce is supposed to be?

      What a he-man.


    4. Shady


      It’s sad that so many people have become deranged by the mainstream media, and think that a riot, no different than the BLM riots, is insurrection or somehow a coup.  I don’t know how mental illness can set in so quickly.  But I have a greater understanding of how propaganda spreads, and how the media creates narratives by repetition.

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