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  1. This one's smile worthy if it turns out to be true Almost sounds like it's out of the Babylon Bee, right now:

    Pelosi Bought $25 Million, 11,000 sq ft Beachside Mansion…in DeSantis’ State of Florida!

    Pelosi getting ready to retire and flee Commiefornia after her and her Demonrat cronies destroyed her own state. Now she wants to live under Republican governship on the other coast. 

    Also good for a chuckle how many of the global warming elite want to pay so much money to live along the Ocean after telling everybody the rising water apocalypse is coming.

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    2. BubberMiley


      That's a long-winded way to say you're not surprised you gullibly fell for fake news again. Maybe you should look for a different news source. You're obviously being taken advantage of.

    3. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      Again with the reading problems, Bubber. There was no claim that story was real. In fact the probability it wasn't was clearly stated along with an observation it sounded like a Babylon Bee story. Anything else only exists in the fantasy reality of Bubberworld.

    4. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      The story interested me because even if it didn't turn out not to be true there was the possibility some dummy would want to post the lie it was claimed to be true. This would allow me to observe the truth in the reality that this kind of thing does happen all the time in Commiefornia and the world of the Democrat elite so the troll rumor would be easy to believe. 

  2. Am I allowed to do this on my profile page? Dunno...let's find out.

    Every once in a while The United Spot comes out with a comedy video that's hilarious and spot on, and I'd like to share it.

    Here's an example|:


  3. I don't think I'm allowed to post this on the open boards as a live playing video but it really needs to be seen or at least made available to the gullibles so they can get over this tripe they've been fed by Big Pharma's puppet liars that what they're calling a "vaccine" has made them not infectious and invulnerable for all time. It hasn't and it doesn't.

    So I'll post it here:


    1. Cannucklehead




      But it's not 100% effective!!!! Wha!!!


    2. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      I get "forbidden" when I click that link.

      You obviously didn't watch the video you think you're critiquing so I'll tell you what's in it.

      It uses headlines from news organizations and medical sites making claims like what you posted above in the early days of the mRNA therapeutic they call a vaccine, then it shows headlines from similar organizations as more information comes out showing the percentage of efficacy going down, down and down to the final point they found some claiming, I think it was 30%

  4. See, that's what I'm talking about.

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    2. Boges


      Pretty much. 

      Wahhhh!!! I don't want to get vaccinated for the good of the greater good of the community. 

      I wouldn't want someone like him flying a jet I'm on anyway. 

    3. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      There's no evidence to believe forcing vaccination on the naturally immune is anything but stupid. This idea of a "pandemic of the unvaccinated" is hogwash based on twisted, cherry-picked stats.

      They brain-trained puppets of the corporate media into running in circles squealing away like little piglets about how the tiny population of unvaccinated are coming to get them because they don't want to have a potentially toxic therapeutic calling itself a vaccine injected into their bodies. The converts of progressivism are a bunch of wannabe crybullies being played by a bunch of wannabe tyrants.

      They should change the spelling of the psychology term Project to Progject. Progs...they never fail to get everything completely wrong by flip flopping the facts in the opposite direction.

    4. Boges


      Cherry picked stats like the overwhelming number of people in the ICU are unvaccinated? 

      Keep bitching. No one that matters is listening. 

      The anti-vaxx community is marginalized and ignored, as they should be. 

  5. OK, now I know this one is not the Babylon Bee.

    But it's just as much fun. Race baiter Al Sharpton meets his match in Del Rio Hecklers:


  6. IPhone is coming out with a new device that will do the Naziesque 'Papers Please' for them and they're so proud.

    Watch how smug this guy below is as he tells you about it. Why are these types always so smug?


    1. OftenWrong


      Because they are scared shitless about their own mortality.

    2. Boges


      The video is a parody. 

    3. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      And...I blush, but damn, did the Babylon Bee not catch that dead on, or what...right down to the smug.

      I imagine I would have caught that spoof if I knew anything about Iphones. 13 is a high number, right?

      I almost want to get angry at the Bee for something else though. It's like, 'don't give Apple any ideas.'

      They'd most likely already thought of it though.

  7. The puffed up,  flag-hating, wokesters of the American women's soccer team got knocked out of contention for gold and silver today.


    They got beat by these girls:


    OUR GIRLS! Canadian Girls. Proud Canadian Girls.



    Win the Gold. PYggvSm.gif

    Chew on that wokester, flag-hating Americans. Get Woke. Go Broke.


  8. Tucker kills it again.

    This time on the latest of Nancy's phony committee shit show thingees that pretends it's investigating the "mostly peaceful" (comparatively) protest at the Capitol building last January.


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    2. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      The opening of that hearing pretty much said it all.

      The Nance approved congress people marched in and gave the 4 supposed witnesses hugs, smiles and handshakes.

      'Sure...this is going to be an independent, non-partisan hearing. Sure it is.'

      Now bring out the weepy Adams. (Schiff and Kinzinger)

    3. Infidel Dog
    4. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      Looks like some good may come out of Weepy's performance at the Pelosi theatre of performing arts though.

      Check out the for real Republican babe that will be taking him out in the midterms.


  9. This is a good scrap between Dr Fauci and Dr Rand Paul. Entertaining and worth sharing:


  10. Just for fun...

    This was being passed around at CPAC Texas.


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    2. Boges


      Even if true, it's ultimately just a few hundred votes. And there have been extensive recounts to unearth such "fraud". 

      Seems the MAGA crowd will only be happy if any inconsistencies get extrapolated to reversing the result of the election. 

    3. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      (Even if true, it's ultimately just a few hundred votes. And there have been extensive recounts to unearth such "fraud". )

      No longer considered factual. The 4,000 duplicate votes Tucker is talking about were discovered as a result of a lawsuit and those numbers were independently confirmed by a left leaning newspaper.

      The famous footage of the mother-daughter team cheating with their supervisor was said to be "debunked" but that debunking was itself debunked.

      There was what they called an "official" audit under RINO AG and Stacey Abrahams toadie Brad Raffensperger, but they keep finding problems with that to the point that even Ratburger himself is starting to backtrack.

      The last I heard records were unsealed at a judge's request and they found a memo within the report where an auditor was listing discrepancies. A lot of them.

      Here are some more sources. Most are admittedly partisan but you can usually find embedded links taking you to first source quotes or mainstream sources.









    4. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      There's a Senate hearing on the Arizona audit Live, right now.


  11. I notice it's becoming popular amongst regressives to claim Critical Race Theory doesn't exist or if it does it's it's only amongst the legal community.

    If anybody tries to lay that latest example of the left's penchant for ignoring the obvious show them this smug nicompoop who has somehow acquired employment as some kind of "teacher."

    She's going viral. Good for you Crazy Lady.

    1. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      Warning your going to need a life jacket the tears are pretty thick...

  12. Oh noes! Q796QSn.gif

    Another "insurrection" at the White House.

    No wait...relax...


    Stop worrying National Guard. Nancy won't be bivouacing you in Parkade basements to bring you out for display in the afternoon this time. She won't be constructing her chain link show fence.

    It's just her friends...the Climate Commies.


    1. QuebecOverCanada


      Domestic white supremacist terrorists.

    2. OftenWrong


      Shades of things to come.

      #Climate emergency!

    3. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      Apparently AOC led the protest.

      Wasn't she supposed to be in therapy over the last "insurrection?"

      I'm sure I read that somewhere. She wasn't cowering in a closet blocks away from the action this time like she claimed she was last time. She was right in the middle of the action. Isn't therapy amazing? She's cured!

  13. Georgian Democrat Stacey Abrams gifts us with the ultimate example of a Two-Faced political lie:


    1. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      And here's some more on Liar, Stacey Abrams latest lying lie - just in case you think that's just a meme:

      To be fair though Democrats aren't the only lying liars in Georgia. Republican in name only and confederate of Abrams in the Georgia vote fix, Brad Raffensperger has had to do some fancy footwork, backtracking lately too.

  14. Texas is going to build its own border wall.

    It's about time somebody like a state Governor thought of that.



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    2. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      Sweden has been pretty "charitable" in the last decade or so with opening their borders.

      Is Lady D recommending we try harder to emulate that model?

      What's she saying? If you're not on board with rape, robbery and murder you're not a Christian?

      Who said you have to be a Christian to be on board with strong borders, anyway?

    3. betsy


      Diahlamah doesn't understand the Bible.  She just likes to cherry-pick.

      The Bible clearly states we have to follow the law of the land.  Illegal immigration is going against immigration laws.  It is also dishonest - jumping the line ahead of all the ones who are patiently waiting.





    4. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      Yeah, and you can keep Guatemalans in Guatemala and be charitable to them there.

  15. Here's the latest claim on Fauci you won't be hearing on the corporate news. It concerns this:


    In a recent study, Pitt scientists describe scalping 5-month-old aborted babies and grafting their scalps onto the backs of lab rats to keep them growing … in the study you can see the pictures of little baby scalps growing tiny baby hairs on the backs of lab rats and lab mice. Each one of those scalps… represents a little PA baby who would have grown those little hairs on their head if they had not been killed by abortion for experiments with rodents.


    The claim is when he wasn't having his government organization finance bioweapons research for Communist China he was financing the above.

    Did this guy always want to be another Mengele when he grew up or something.



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    2. BubberMiley


      Quit being China's bitch, OW.

    3. OftenWrong


      You sound all defensive, BubberMiley, as usual. Now you're even defending China, because we said bad things.

      Oh well.

    4. BubberMiley


      I'm defensive because you and your Q brethren are following the script for discrediting western democracy?

      Oh sorry. Too many big words beyond your reading level.  Hence, the paraphrase: Quit being China's bitch!

  16. Might be too much truth in this one for some:


    1. Boges


      Or none at all. :lol:

  17. The true leader of what's left of the free world will be speaking any minute now from the NC state GOP convention.

    They say this is going to be a good one:


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    2. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      No. It's not for you. It's for patriots of all nationalities who appreciate patriotism.

    3. bcsapper


      It's actually quite nauseating.

      But hey, if you like it, that's all that matters.

    4. BubberMiley


      Worst porno ever!

  18. Tony Fauci has been criminally fraudulent. How much harm has been done by his lies? It may be historical.

    He should spend the rest of his life behind bars.

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    2. Argus


      So the science changed after multiple studies, but you can still pass on the disease if asymptomatic. It's not rare at all.

      Research early in the pandemic suggested that the rate of asymptomatic infections could be as high as 81%. But a meta-analysis published last month1, which included 13 studies involving 21,708 people, calculated the rate of asymptomatic presentation to be 17%. 


    3. Boges


      If funny people think shit like that is funny. 

    4. Argus


      It's even funnier, and weirder, people think shit like that is true.

  19. The YouTuber Bearing puts Chinese and Russian Military ads next to the new Biden approved woke ads the American Military is putting out.

    You won't know whether you're going  to lose your lunch watching one set or crap your pants in fear watching the other. Try to guess which is which:


    1. DogOnPorch


      The 3rd Pregnant Women Division will strike down America's enemies with demands of sushi and pickles. 

  20. For those who think they were able to shut Matt Gaetz up with bogus, trumped up charges allegations or stop Americans from noticing their 2020 election was riddled with "irregularities."


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    2. Shady


      Acknowledging problems with the 2020 election, isn’t a lie.  You can acknowledge those problems but still acknowledge that Joe Biden won the election.  It’s not an either or.  Stop trying to make it that.  It’s Orwellian.

    3. bcsapper


      Arizona will sort it all out.  Trump will be President again by Independence Day!

    4. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      We were hearing there was an investigation into Matt a month ago.

      The left's "anonymous sources" said they had some girl who was going to put the finger on Congressman Gaetz for some heinous crime.

      Very well. Where is she? Where are the charges against Gaetz in a court of law? Nothing happened. Nothing is going to happen other than Matt Gaetz is going to continue exploding lefty heads by challenging their idiocracy. Just like he did yesterday in the House.

      They don't like it when you do that. They invent lies about you if you do. And where would an idiocracy be without idiots who want to believe them?

      No month old celebrity video is going to change that. Just confirm it.

  21. It does seem to true that it's more black democrats using racial slurs like "Uncle Tom, Oreo, or Coon" against fellow blacks, however does that mean that it's just Dems who are black being racist.

    Not at all:



    1. Shady


      They hate the most important diversity.  Diversity of thought.  Black people aren’t allowed that right.

  22. Vernon Jones is running against Kemp in Georgia.


    I like that. I used to hear him talk at Trump rallies.

    I think he's got the best chance of beating Stacey Abrams if he can somehow get a fair vote count in Georgia. He might because Abrams RINO stooge Ratburger will have to concentrate on his own problems in the midterms and his lieutenant governor stooge knows better than to even run for anything this year. 

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