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  1. Ya their peer group says hey tyrone or whatever injun name they have. Hes doing time that leaves more money for me. Bottom line no hands you can't pick up a gun. Buried you never commit another crime
  2. I vote none of the above. politicians of any stripe are filthy slimy vermin who only baglick and suck their leaders schlong. I would vote or an independant only
  3. So we should house them next door to you then?
  4. Where's my share of revenu'es. What it's becaue I'm white, I'm not entitled to any. But I pay taxes and I work for a living. It's my land too.
  5. They've been paid more than enough already. Send in the army with flamethrowers. That will get rid of these protesters once and for all.
  6. An armed revolution is necessary. Shithead is bringing back gun control beause he know's there are lot's of people who have had more than enough of politicians raping and pillaging our country.
  7. Thi site is run by crybaby politicians who hate the truth it burns them like holy water burn's a demon.
  8. A politician work. In what universe is that. They only thing politicins do is suck on their leader's schwanger.
  9. AS I said the ones who stopped voting are saying none of the above and do have intelligence. The ones who continue to put an x beside one of these slimeball's names have no intelligence
  10. It's too bad that when he's out jogging he does'nt run face first into a cast iron frying pan or a tire iron. That would give him something to cry about instead of his false tears for everything
  11. Bcause there are not very many intelligent canadian voters. The ones who don't vote are saying none of the above and are ignored.
  12. Gas chamber or the electric chair are perfectly good options but the crybaby canadian dogooders won't let that happen
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