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  1. We now know that SNC Lavalin has a corporate reputation for bribery - not only in Libya but in many other countries - to the extent that they are blacklisted by the World Bank, preventing their participation in any project that they sponsor around the world. We also know that they illegally donated over $100,000 to the Liberal Party - money that forcibly had to be returned (they also illegally donated $8000 to the Conservatives). We also know that they are perhaps the most aggressive lobbyists in Canadian history. Would it really be that much of a stretch to think that SNC influenced the Liberal Party through the back door by making donations to the Trudeau Foundation?
  2. Wow! Put it all on her! Amazing. I guess we'll jest have to wait and see what Canadians think of this mess.
  3. Why is that not considered a lie - after he said she didn't? So far, he's shot himself in both feet and a hand. As I've said already, he's going to try the same trick he pulled on Rose Knight - his groping victim. Here's what he said about her - and he will say something similar about the "pressure" that was applied to Wilson-Raybould: "Who knows where her mind was and I fully respect her ability to experience something differently."
  4. Women will decide the next election - and they form 50% of the voting base in every province. They voted in droves for Trudeau last time. They are smart enough to see through this fraudulent "feminist" and what they are seeing is not so pretty, notwithstanding the hair. Many will feel safe with Scheer - a family man with non-threatening cherubic looks. The Indigenous votes will also dry up - perhaps just by staying home. The polls will start to move if they haven't already. When a brand hinges on one person and that person self-destructs - there's no place to go. Here's a great example of Trudeau at his finest - and for the life of me, I can't understand why this stuff doesn't get reported - only a brief sample:
  5. Interesting that there hasn't been any speculation as to why Scott Brison resigned when he did. Why not wait closer to the election? Why then? Could it be that the PMO gang needed that domino to fall at that time?
  6. Agreed. Jobs are not as big an issue as the apologists for Trudeau would have us believe. The contracts that they have will likely be allowed to be completed - if only to avoid costly transitioning. Any contracts that they might bid on in the next 10 years would be won by other Canadian companies using Canadian workers. And all of that is dependent on SNC LOSING the criminal trial and then even so, perhaps the judge may offer his own "remedial" sentence that might be far less that a 10 year prohibition. One thing is sure - if we don't crack down on Corporate ethics, it will either continue unabated - or corrupt lobbyists like SNC will gain and undeserved advantage. It has to stop.
  7. You forgot one "ethnicity".....she's a woman. Put a man in her position and I can pretty well guarantee that you would not have heard the cat-calling that's been going on - belatedly and finally being toned down by the Liberal Party. What a mess - and one they created and fueled themselves.
  8. Trudeau's latest statement was that he met twice with Wilson-Raybould in the past day or two - once for 30 minutes and again for 45 minutes. He made a curious statement, saying that SHE reminded HIM that back in the fall, he stressed that it was her decision to make - and hers alone. Why would a PM feel the need to tell their Justice Minister that? As Justice Minister, she would obviously know that. It seems more likely that Wilson-Raybould REMINDED him because at the time, Trudeau KNEW there was a lot of pressure being applied to her by the PMO and others. That's the only scenario that makes any sense - that she was "reminding" him of that pressure.......if of course, we are to believe Trudeau at all. Literally EVERYTHING points to undue influence being applied.
  9. The Star has been frantically trying to "normalize" the actions of Trudeau and the PMO. In today's edition, the blaring headline of a Thomas Walkom piece shouts "Our system allows for politicians to influence Judicial proceedings". Imagine what China thinks when they read that headline....and they will - totally irresponsible. It's not only about Canada and Huawei - Canada/Trudeau raised themselves up as an example of Western Democracy's morally superior separation of politics from the Justice system - and the Rule of Law. Stories like this - and alleged actions such as those of this government soil the high ground that supports our democracy. There have been several other sympathetic or misdirecting stories - including another today that had a large headline that SNC had met with Andrew Scheer last year - as they had with just about every MP of any influence, including the NDP's Singh. Sorry - The Star has a paywall so I can't provide links.
  10. That's because with Harper - you just KNEW it HAD to be corruption because the man himself was evil.....but with Trudeau, people KNOW he's an honest guy who's doing his very best to do politics differently - so he should rightly get the benefit of any doubt......(extreme sarcasm)
  11. We'll just have to wait. If Trudeau doesn't allow her to speak publicly, she should leave the party and sit as an independent and tell her story. If there is merit to the story, she would be viewed as a hero (except at The Star and CBC) - Truth to Power......and from an indiginous perspective, the bloom is quickly coming off the Liberal Rose anyway. If there is nothing to the allegations, she'll certainly have some explaining to do as to why she left everyone hanging.
  12. In case people think that the SNC Lavelin charges are not that big a deal........ Link: https://business.financialpost.com/executive/canada-now-dominates-world-bank-corruption-list-thanks-to-snc-lavalin
  13. I read The Star article and couldn't find any indication anywhere that the government was considering cuts in this area. Remember - it's The Star. Pure speculation - fear mongering actually. They used the term "gut" for heaven's sake. Unless someone has some evidence to the contrary, I'd file this under Fake News - or just irresponsible journalism.
  14. I stumbled across this song when looking for a version of "Tonight" from West Side Story. It's from 1974 but OMG - what a great tune and is now one of my alltime favorites. It remained mostly hidden because it was recorded by studio session musicians and never had a "real" band to duplicate the sound. The studio singer who did all the backgroun vocals was Paul Da Vinci - whose voice covered an incredible three and a half octaves. The group in the video are lip-syncing as you can tell by the disinterested "crowd". Music was a lot of fun back in 1974. Put some headphones or earplugs on and treat yourself to Tonight - by the Rubettes.
  15. Instead of developing international relationships to the betterment of Canada - he has alienated just about every country/leader that he's come in contact with. China of course. The TPP was a debacle. Trudeau was a personal no-show at the signing ceremony - with no reason given. The Japanese PM was furious. Australia saif Trudeau "stabbed them in the back". The other participants had similar feelings. India - incredibly damaging and embarrassing. Belgium? He didn't even find the time to meet with the Royal couple. The US? After Trump had agreed to forego the NAFTA sunset clause - and on the eve of Trump leaving for a North Korea summit - Trudeau had the nerve to say "Canada would not be pushed around".
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