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  1. 2 hours ago, blackbird said:

    What about the Fraser River watershed. That extends way to somewhere around Jasper in north east B.C. in the Rocky Mountains.   The Skeena River watershed extends from Prince Rupert on the coast  hundreds of kilometers inland into the northwest B.C.   Sounds like a good argument to claim half the province.  Just pick any geographic feature and make your claim.  Canada or B.C. will pay, and pay, and pay forever.  I grew up in the coastal mountains.  So the whole coastal mountain range is mine argument.

    Fact is that there was no reason to stray inland from the 'coastal strip' . . . . old growth stands of  hemlock/spruce/red cedar on the west side of VI and north coast are virtually barren in regard to understory/brush/berry/food producing vegetation.  There was no need to penetrate the coastal vegetation to any great degree because everything to sustain the coastal tribes was at their fingertips along the coast.  Their claims of everything 'as far as the eye can see' are bogus, and should be treated as such.

    The horse cultures of the prairies were a different story however . . . mobile natives competing with other mobile tribes for a mobile/seasonal food source . . . . the old scars run deep back there.

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  2. Coastal Indians had all their necessities on the beach /coastal strip lands, and the water.  There is virtually no indication of any Indian influence inland  from the Pacific coast.  Prairie tribes pursued a nomadic existence with their food source, the bison.  Prairie tribes have a legitimate claim, coastal tribes have a disputable claim to interior coastal land.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Michael Hardner said:

    I joke about PP's LGBTQ "squad" but it's probably good to put that kind of moralizing behind us that he puts these tokens in his inner circle.

    We are a society of shallowness and proudly so.

    Maybe they're not 'tokens' . . .  It's fairly obvious that Trudeau does not like smart, independent women thinkers around him (Chrystia Freelunch is neither, just a bobble head) and they are soon tossed aside . . .  


  4. Again, what would make you happy other than sharing thoughts with Zeitgeist?  

    You seem stuck in the past . . . .is this a healthy outlook?  I'll gladly forward this small quip that puts things in perspective for myself and kin . . . 

    The buffalo are gone.

    They're not coming back.

    Get over it.



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  5. 9 minutes ago, Dougie93 said:

    simply for you to understand that your nation is not in Ottawa

    I do not care about Ottawa.

    the soul of your nation is across the sea

    In the past, I'd be referred to as a 1/2 breed. Among friends it's still the term used. My soul is deep in the northern prairies.  It's my real and emotional home.  Nothing from across the sea is relative to my connection to my prairie home.  

    where Canada Bereaved broods over the fallen

    upon Vimy Ridge

    this is where we come from, the story of our people

    Not all of us . . . not 100%

    many nations bound together, to win the Great War, in a Hundred Days

    from Amiens to Mons

    the birthplace of the 20th century



  6. 34 minutes ago, Dougie93 said:

    the Commonwealth is nothing

    the Commonwealth is not the British Empire

    the Commonwealth is just a cultural organization

    it is not political, it is not a state, it is not an alliance

    the Commonwealth is 52 countries, 2.5 billion people

    many members of the Commonwealth are republics not in even governed by the Crown

    such as Bangladesh  Malaysia, Sri Lanka,  Nigeria & Singapore

    many members of the Commonwealth are sworn enemies of each other

    the two largest members of the Commonwealth being India & Pakistan

    the alliance which binds America, Britain, Canada, Australia & New Zealand, is not the Commonwealth

    the alliance is the United Kingdom United States Security Agreement ( UKUSSA )

    it is sometimes called the Anglosphere

    or by the title of the associated intelligence pact called Five Eyes ( FVEY )


    What's your idea/wish for the perfect governance of/for Canada ?  You seem to be very disenchanted with this country.  What would make you happy ?

  7. 12 minutes ago, impartialobserver said:

    Lawn signs are for the weak who need affirmation. I get all of the information that I need about candidates from doing some reading a few weeks before an election. I do not care in the least if someone agrees with my choice of candidate.

    Are you a Canadian citizen?   . . .  if so, do you vote federally or provincially?

  8. 3 hours ago, Dougie93 said:

    frankly, all the things that I embraced when I was a Canadian Nationalist ?

    the history, the culture, the art, the music ?

    I rarely encounter a Canadian anymore, who even knows what I'm talking about

    my Canadian Nationalism is so old school, Canadians don't actually embrace it anymore

    the culture of Canada now, is all going down on the internet with smartphones

    that's not even recognizably Canadian to me

    If you hadn't gone into the forces, what other vocation/career/employment would you be suitable for/make you happy?

  9. 23 minutes ago, blackbird said:

    You must be very naive if you think you will get satisfactory answers from Trudeau or a liberal.  The most you will get is information obstruction on "national security grounds", obfuscation, diversion, confusion, and blame shifting.

    And, if all the above fail, he'll try to play the racism, misogynist, un-vaxxed, etc., etc., card.  Nothing's beneath that clown.

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