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  1. No. We are all humans, it you who is playing identity politics with skin color.
  2. The average white benefits from this, when half the white population is on stolen land, and almost all whites benefit from stolen slave labor.
  3. Most whites are pro-trump, simply because he displays a racist attitude, the rest don't matter.
  4. Actually you strengthen my point, Hilary worked on Barry Goldwater's campaign who promised to overturn civil rights laws and restore segregation in the 60s. Most people become more liberal as they get older and wiser, she started off as a strict segregationist in favour of goldwater.
  5. We live under a system of global white supremacy, whites are in charge of running the whole world into the ground. Of course it does, the largest number of slaves in Africa are the 200,000 African children enslaved by the French white chocolate companies on cocoa plantations. Whites are number 1 in planet raping, looking at all the top polluters per capita, WHITE! To be fair, the Africans did not have chattel slavery but the Arabs were brutal, but the Arabs never genocided slaves like whites did. Also how does bad arab behavior justify evil white behaviour? Pay back the indians, africans who you stole land from and enslaved. White people in SA set themselves up for that for centuries of murdering, looting, and killing natives, the locals know them best, they are probably getting what they deserve. I seen two white guys in SA kidnap a native throw him in a coffin then slap a rattle snake and toss it into the coffin and bury the man alive. I use to live beside a white south africa who use to brag to me about all the locals and natives he use to kill, maybe they really do deserve what they are getting. I believe it was on CNN but of course the whites who invaded libya for its oil won't use those same powers to stop slavery, so it shows that whites are willing to murder non-whites for money but not to even get non-whites freedom from slavery. Who did Genghis Khan genocide? White people have done more bad than good to most people, including other white people, look at czech and ukraine and food apartheid?
  6. Nope, this was debunked by studies, people who are conservatives end up being liberals because they see when cons take power they are complete hypocrites. Most of the old liberals are like Hilarly Clinton, started out as conservative republicans, saw all the hypocrisy and jumped ship.
  7. True, but in North America it was a white dominated and run thing, other than the jews I'd suppose. The whites kept Africans in slavery for so many centuries after they had left the old world, it is obvious why whites are thought of as the slavers. The natives would not have been rich at that time in the sense with think of, but then again the Aztec's sure did have a lot more gold than the whites. So even if they didn't know somethings the whites knew, they would have had enough gold to eventually modernize their country, no different than what the arabs did in the 1990s-2000s. Poor places with widespread illiteracy but resource rich so could bring in foreign firms to mine their resources and got rich off of royalties. White people only raped the earth. I'm not sure who created slavery, but whites were among the most brutal in their practice of it. Also whites practiced it for a long time and were running the institution in the Americas and that is where we are. White people should feel guilty about slavery and colonialism and land theft because it was wrong and they continue to benefit off of it today. Whites do that back then and they use to do it. Are you forgetting the white muslims in yugoslavia? No, they didn't. Whites fought very hard to maintain slavery in the face of global opposition. Let us not forget that France, England and Spain all invaded Haiti after the late 1700s to try to REINSTITUTE slavery after it had been abolished! It was not white brains or intelligence, over 90% of the whites coming here were illiterates, the smart and rich whites stayed in Europe because the Americas was a dangerous, lawless, violent, disease ridden uncouth place by European standards back then. Indians had gold, ie Aztecs. Aztec pyramids are pretty good, living in peace and harmony. Not mass murdering and genocide people from other continent. Not being racist. Not enslaving and murdering hundreds of millions of people across 3 continents.
  8. Trump is doing a very good job, hopefully he gets a 3rd term, China has already surpassed USA economically under Trump and diplomatically USA allies are turning to China. Probably in 30-50 years.
  9. Lol, they have the conservative party, loyal lapdogs. If they invaded, obviously we'd fight back, we'd lose. The EU and world would condemn USA and China would become the global superpower as the USA gets completely isolated politically, diplomatically and economically. Also they'd then add on a bunch of "states" aka provinces, who are left wing and liberal marked by massive ongoing riots. The costs would be terribly high and Canada has a high rate of gun ownership.
  10. Of course, I provided multiple sources, there are special loans for immigrants, are you denying this?
  11. There you go with name calling, I provided sources above and I did source the study I read. Immigrants start businesses more because they have special no interest loans. PERIOD. "The government implemented the Assisted Passage Loan Scheme to help immigrants from Europe who could not pay their own transportation. Loans were to be repaid over the two years following landing. A version of this loan scheme continues to this day and is used by resettled refugees." http://ccrweb.ca/sites/ccrweb.ca/files/static-files/canadarefugeeshistory3.htm I'm sure if locals had access to free loans, we'd do much better as a group.
  12. " Wilson/Fish The Wilson-Fish (WF) program is an alternative to traditional state administered refugee resettlement programs for providing assistance (cash and medical) and social services to refugees." So much for the lie that the don't get free stuff. "The purpose of the Wilson/Fish Alternative Program is to provide integrated services and cash assistance to increase refugees (and other Office of Refugee Resettlement populations) prospects for early employment and self-sufficiency. The program also aims to reduce their level of welfare dependence and promote coordination among voluntary resettlement agencies and services providers." In order to qualify for this benefit program, you must be a refugee who was granted asylum and is now a U.S. citizen. You must also be of Amerasian, Cuban, or Haitian heritage, or a victim of trafficking. That is the real reason Amerasians are doing so well.. https://www.benefits.gov/benefits/benefit-details/874
  13. Additionally, there was a study I read back in business school, where Chinese and Korean immigrants were explaining how all those trade deals are really just set up to help Korean Americans and Chinese American immigrants to make money. For instance, there was a case study where the Korean community leader in USA explained how they had the US government through political pressure give special economic favours for Korean products, which they got to in turn import as the producers in Korea are their relatives, friends, family, village members, or klan members etc. The study talked about how the Koreans used their political power to basically get all non-Korean wigs tariff highly and the Chinese ones banned altogether. In the case of hispanics, the us government pays illegal immigrants to set up businesses in their home country. Imagine that, a citizen cannot get a loan, but an illegal can get a loan over a citizen and get paid loans to do so. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/04/16/its-all-your-money-us-aiding-business-start-ups-for-illegal-aliens.html
  14. Well what you would have is a pan Indian state with a low population. Like we see countries who were less developed historically like Germany, Thailand, etc making large gains. Even if the Indians didn't become a state of the art society, with their low population and high resources, they'd be able to bring in foreign firms and use that wealth to get rich. You know, like the saudis and emiratis and Kuwaitis and Qataris do. It didn't matter the illiteracy rate in UAE was over 70% a few decades ago, they had resources to sell and now live a fabulously rich lifestyle. Isn't it you white people who should go back to where they came from, not the Indian people who were here first? To my knowledge, white Africans and arabs and jews were running the African slave trade from top to bottom. Arabs were not enslaving other arabs but other non-arabs and non-muslims. Further we don't live in those other countries so its useless to argue about them, and most of those African /arab states no longer even exist as whites destroyed with subsequent colonization. Other races did bad, but not anywhere close to what whites have done. There is no Native Indian version of Hitler, or transatlantic slave trade. Face it, whites are the cruelest. Given that blacks pay more taxes than whites but don't get anything like Indians and whites, I don't see how that is possible. Whites did not stop slavery, they just couldn't sustain it any longer in the face of widespread opposition and rebellions from African Americans armed and fighting off whites. The north fought the south because they feared the fighting would get out of control, spread north and overrun the north. As such, the north then rounded up african americans en masse and mass executed/genocided them after winning the civil war. aka "punchbowls". Whites did not hae ingenuity, that is why they bought slaves. Whites in America didn't even have money either, that is why they had to steal land and kidnap slaves, they couldn't pay for it, Europe dumped its rejects onto the new world. Whites didn't build roads, or railroads,or vehicles, it was all done by african americans. In fact, one of the main arguments from organized labour (white workers) back then was that slavepower was "stealing their jobs". Actually America and Canada would be more wealthy without white people. Britain, France, Spain and Netherlands looted the wealth of North America for centuries to the point that even the whites here demanded independence from the looting and corruption of white europeans. NCAA, arguing student athletes should not be paid because they are essentially slaves.
  15. Do you even know about the American immigration system which not only gives immigrants free healthcare, education, housing, social grants, funding and business loans but forces the banks to have special immigrant loans with no interest? My ex use to work in a bank in New York and she was telling me how they are required to give X billions in loans to immigrants or else face federal government clampdown.
  16. And that is Canadian culture! It is you who don't understand Canada.
  17. Lol, they will learn, most of the left wingers started out on the right wing. Also how many people born after 95 could vote in a 2016 election? You'd have just 3 years, 21, 20, 19, and SOME 18 y/os depending on if they registered to vote. You also have to factor in that Clinton was extremely unpopular with the young people and Sanders was popular but DWS rigged the democrat primary against bernie causing many young to boycott hilary. Plus once Trump's court strips away their abortion rights, they'll turn liberal real fast.
  18. Its not about most Americans, it is determined by most donors. And most donors either want cheap immigrant desperate labor who can be exploited and won't sue or whine about their rights or don't even know them to destroy American labor or they are liberal and just want more left wing inclined voters coming from left wing socialist latin american nations. None of that goes with a secured border. Do you understand that most of the farms in the southwest from Calfornia to Texas plus Florida cannot run without illegal labor or raising wages to $20-25 an hour? Hence despite hating brown people, they want them in the country to work for $7 an hour. When you add on the fact that most illegals bring their 5 kids to help pick fruit, the average illegal does the work of at least 3 hard working americans for a fraction of the price. Also what does it take to secure the border? 1. Border wall from sea to sea. 2. Secure the homelands where the illegals are coming from. 3. Stopping foreign intervention which destabilizes the home nations. The reality is that Americans have conflicting priorities. You don't get a border crisis without Iran-contra. You don't get a border crisis, without American government destabilizing latin America. However, most Americans favor the foreign interventionist wars and cia missions to harm governments they don't like. You cannot destabilize Haiti, Cuba, and Mexican government, then "secure the border". Securing the border starts there. There really is no divide. The American far left has conceded the point on illegals as the leadership is from California and has forced them too, it wasn't always that way though. Right now, it is just the far right trying to stop the illegals. The center right cannot legalize them, because if the become legal they walk off the farms and compete with regular Americans for better paying jobs and they demand $20 an hour. The left would love to legalize them but probably know they cannot win on that platform. Almost all illegals have criminal backgrounds as crossing the border outside a port of entry is illegal and overstaying your visa is illegal and lying about your purpose to the border FEDERAL AGENTS is a SERIOUS crime (most illegals actually claim to be visiting a family member or cross border shopping then don't go back). Not to mention that once they are here, the illegals then typically use a fake id to get a job, a fake or stole ssn, a fake or stole drivers license and drive without insurance. Illegals basically commit a series of ongoing crimes just to be present in the nation.
  19. Trump is right on immigration, seal up the border and just say sorry, you cannot come here, you may apply for asylum in Mexico or some other nation. These are mostly economic migrants or not legitimate refugees and asylum seekers. I saw a news story where a woman said she just wanted a good education for her son. Her Daca son graduated university, but she didn't leave the country after they got the education. So they just want money. And America cannot absorb all of latin America who wants to move into USA. Sadly, there is an unholy alliance between the center left and center right. The center left views the central americans as future voters. The center right and far right view them as cheap labor without rights. Sadly, neither sad actually cares about these people, because if they did they'd stop them from immigrating and stabilize their home nations rather than just letting them all run here. There is not one good argument in favor of illegal immigration. They claim they are fleeing MS13, but MS13 started in America! Further MS13 is killing many latin Americans here in America. They claim they are legitimately persecuted in their homeland, but if they are, why didn't they go to costa rica or panama or Argentina or brazil or Mexico for asylum? See they just want to get into an country where the pay is higher! Further if the gangs are targeting everyone, that doesn't make everyone a refugee, unless it is on a prohibited ground (Race, gender, culture,etc). My only complaint was Trump backed down on separating children, he should have double downed and not backed down.
  20. Actually that is exactly what a mosaic is. People become Canadian by staying in their own ethnic group in the Mosaic.
  21. History is simple. Bad white man murder, rape, stoleand killed, against the good brown man. White racist of today want to defend said, murder, rape and killing.
  22. It is white people's status as immigrants which makes them settlers, as the white leader always say "we are a nation of immigrants" "We are all immigrants". It would probably be much much much richer. It would be a country with a small population, lots of natural resources without all the environmental rape. Why do they have to go back to anything, it is the whites who came here? Why were good white people going to Arab and African nations to buy slaves? And if whites are so good why did they not only keep the slaves enslaved but beat, rape, murder, torture and practice discrimination for hundreds of years in all areas of society against them? Whites did not stop slavery in the Americas and blacks in Americas largely freed themselves from slavery, most whites supported slavery and fought hardto maintain it. Already tried, Marcus Garvey, and he was arrested by the American government on the requests of the French ambassador because the French and British viewed it as a threat to have millions of African Americans with recent military training and development experience to return to the continent and fight them and insisted the US government stop them from leaving. Further many African Americans rightly point out why should they be the ones to leave when they built America, the built the white house, the congress, the supreme court and the capitol, they built UVA and Georgetown and Americas most prestigious institutions. Slave days are not over because the universities and prisons are trying to defend slavery in a case before the appellate court right now.
  23. White people called themselves settlers for the longest of time. What, now they don't want to call themselves that anymore because people are holding the settlers accountable for stealing indian land and enslaving african people?
  24. H10


    Its a power grab, liberals just sneaking through a law saying that the government can now for you to take a drug test anytime, without cause, arbitrarily. This is the real reason they want to legalize drugs. They want to say everyone is high, so we got to forcibly drug test everyone with no proof.
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