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  1. Churches pay no tax...A child is more likely to be molested at church than in a transgender-friendly bathroom. Reported child abuse accusations against US protestant churches average 70 per week, though the actual number is likely higher due to under-reporting. Anyone who pays attention to the news recognizes that youth pastors are often associated with the sexual abuse of children, and of course there is always the despicable, ongoing, and never-ending sexual abuse of children in the Catholic church. Christians: *god is good* God: goes on to create a battle royale where less than the top 0,002% kindest people qualify for eternal life while the remaining 99,998% burns in hell for eternity Religion is evil and we shouldn't give them a free ride for their houses of hate. As for golf courses I just put that in there so bible thumpers wouldn't think I was solely picking on them.
  2. Church" s and golf courses are the biggest waste of prime real estate
  3. If only had the French had rakes....They could have prevented this tragic loss. This is retribution for Catholics sexual abuse on young children.
  4. This is absolutely horrible. It is an architectural marvel and filled with an inordinate amount of priceless history. The fact that it is a cathedral is completely and totally irrelevant. Thankfully there are no reports of injuries or deaths. Yeah, well, I'm sure "God" will get all the credit for that....
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