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  1. 2 hours ago, Queenmandy85 said:

    Like I said, the Soviet Union was our close ally in WWII. Without them, the war would have been a lot worse for us.

    Both Canada and the US have close relations with Saudi Arabia. Human rights are a foreign concept to that government.

    You seem to think it is ok to be dealing with Communist or totalitarian dictatorships.  As I said, that stems from perverse liberal ideology.  Liberal politicians do not seem to have ever had a problem cozying up to dictatorships like Communist China or as you mentioned, Saudi Arabia.  We should never have had anything to do with them or with the USSR.  But former PM Pierre Trudeau had no problem cozying up to the USSR or China.  He was able to do it and still maintain strong support in Canada.  Very strange but it just proves many people in Canada are totally lacking in knowledge and discretion when it comes to Communist and other dictatorships.  They are responsible for dragging Canada in the mess it is in. 

    Why you do not understand the difference between having a close relationship with the U.S. and one with Communist dictatorships is a mystery many of us will never understand.  The only conclusion I can see as a possible reason is you idolize liberalism as a kind of god.  Through that false god you have somehow come to believe America is not the best system and should not be a close ally.  You seem to believe China or other non-western countries are the equal of the U.S. or even better to have foreign relations with.

  2. 54 minutes ago, Queenmandy85 said:

    Perhaps you would like to give that some context. What was the question he was answering and what exactly did he say?

    If Canada and the US had not opened up relations with china, that country would still be a Maoist Communist country. Now it is just a kleptocratic dictatorship.

    Communist China is still a Communist, totalitarian, one-party state.  It is not democratic and has no freedom.  You seem to believe in the extreme liberal ideology that thinks these kind of countries are ok to deal with.  They are not.  They are a growing menace in the world.  They do not believe in freedom or human rights for people. They have very cleverly infiltrated much of Canada through various levels of government and have enormous influence in Canada and other western countries.  They are a threat to the west.  

  3. Just to prove how Orwellian Canada is becoming look at three thoughts or comments three of our political leaders have made.

    1.  John Diefenbaker, a conservative PM, thought back around 1960 that the Communist government of Cuba should have a chance to succeed.  (consequently the U.S. CIA had an eye on Canada)

    2.  NDP leader Jagmeet Singh reportedly stated that the Communist revolution in Cuba helped the people.

    3.  Current PM Justin Trudeau expressed his admiration for the Chinese Communist system.

       Is there any hope for Canada?  Not much.

  4. 11 hours ago, suds said:

    2.b  Freedom of thought, opinion, blah blah blah, but you gotta be nice about it, or else!

    Since there is nobody who is qualified or has the authority to make a judgment about what is nice or what is rude about Peterson's speech or anyone else's, it is ridiculous for any court or association to set themselves up as judges of people's comments on youtube or social media.   They should simply butt out and respect everyone's right to their freedom of speech.   Michael and the other liberals have completely lost the argument on that point.  They should quit trying to make Canada into an Orwellian system.

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  5. 19 hours ago, Queenmandy85 said:

    Like Conservative Prime Minister John Diefenbaker?

    Yes, Canada has had dumb leaders on some issues.  Although I have never seen pictures or information about Diefenbaker cozying up to Fidel Castro the way Pierre Trudeau and his wife Margaret did and the way Justin Trudeau has affection for Communist systems.  The Liberals have cozied up to Communist dictatorships far more than our Conservative politicians. 

    Sadly our Canadian governments have not stood strongly with our American neighbours against Communist dictatorships like Cuba. The Liberals have failed far more than the Conservatives.  Read the history of PIerre Trudeau's time in office.  It is shocking how Trudeau senior cozied up to the Communists.  He was one of the first to establish diplomatic relations with Communist China when Mao Tse Tung was leader in 1970.  I think many Canadian politicians somehow think Canada is a superpower in the world greater than the U.S.A. and can be totally independent.  This is very naive and dangerous for Canada.  We need to be strong allies of America and stand against authoritarian and Communist regimes.  We are not doing a very good job with the kind of leaders we have.

    "Between 1960 and 1963, Diefenbaker defied the U.S. government in a display of stubborn nationalism. When Kennedy’s predecessor, Dwight Eisenhower ordered a trade embargo on Cuba in 1960, Diefenbaker refused. Canada and Mexico became the only two countries in the western hemisphere to ignore the embargo. Diefenbaker believed that the Castro-led revolution that overthrew Fulgencio Batista deserved a chance to succeed. It also helped that he saw an opportunity to make a few dollars."

    Castro cronies in Toronto, JFK vs. Diefenbaker and paper companies: Why CIA plotted to sabotage Canada | National Post

  6. 30 minutes ago, TreeBeard said:

    You have blasphemed Allah on this website and offended Muslims with your speech.  Should you go to jail?

    Not what I was talking about.  This is a discussion/debate forum where one can and does talk about their religious beliefs and you can disagree with Islam or Christianity, which you do.  Everyone disagrees with what others say on here.  Are they "offended"?  I don't know.  Never heard people say they were offended.  Usually they just reply with some counter argument or comment.  So no, nobody should go to jail.  It is still partly a free country.  If you get offended by what other people say, maybe you should not be on here. 

    Comments against other religious beliefs are not necessarily blasphemy either.  The definition of blasphemy is: the act or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things; profane talk:  Therefore if one is defending the true God of the Bible against the false gods, that does not fit the definition of blasphemy.

    These kind of forums are definitely not the same as being in a public place such as a bus, restaurant, or park with other people.  People should not be blaspheming in a public place.  Do you swear or blaspheme in cafes or other public places around other people?  That is repulsive.

  7. 17 minutes ago, bcsapper said:

    Obviously, blasphemy should not be illegal.

    I don't think you would have respect for strangers in public places, like restaurants, buses, planes, and any place where the public gathers.  In a free society, everyone should be able to go to public places or on public transportation without having to listen to some foul-mouthed twit swearing or blaspheming the God he worships.  I am sure you should understand freedom of speech does not include the right to offend other people in those situations who just happen to be sharing the same public space.  It is just a simple matter of respect for other people and strangers in public spaces.

  8. Just now, TreeBeard said:

    @blackbird - don’t you want laws against blasphemy?  How do you square that with your supposed love of freedom of speech?
    Freedom of speech only if you like the speech?

    Blasphemy is a whole different category.  Yes, it should be illegal.  There are certain things that even freedom of speech does not permit.  But it should be very limited.  Liberals and left want to forbid anything they disagree with.

  9. 2 hours ago, Michael Hardner said:

    Nope.  I'm sure you love using those terms but how about talking about your hypocrite Peterson who preaches accountability but makes YouTube videos when he has to face full adult discipline.  

    Also - what kind of professional conducts themselves like that ?  He's a disgrace.

    I watched part of a youtube video of him discussing Exodus in the Bible with six other knowledgeable and gifted speakers and found nothing wrong.  Why you would say he is a "disgrace" is absurd.  He has 1.4 million youtube followers on his youtube channel I listened to.  He obviously has a huge population that enjoy listening to him.

  10. We know both Trudeau (father and son) had a love for Castro and Cuba's dictatorship as well as China's Communist system.  Don't be surprised at the direction Canada is heading.  NDP leader Singh even reportedly said the Communist revolution in Cuba was good for the people.  Canada is slowly becoming more authoritarian.  We are cooking like frogs in a pot of water.  It is a slow but sure process of growing authoritarianism run by bureaucracy.  Examples are the imposition of carbon taxes, which steadily increase.  The so-called "just transition" away from fossil fuels and the net zero targets.  The continuing saga of new laws to control the internet. The federal public service has increased in size by at least 25% since Trudeau was elected in 2015.  Liberals (and NDP) really do believe in big government as the provider, driver, and solution to everything in life.  Sadly many Canadians believe this too and more are falling for it every day.  That is pure Marxism.  People fled from Cuba to escape the Communist dictatorship, yet we had leaders who actually cozied up to the dictator, and many Canadians continued to vote for them.  What does that tell you about these voters?  In the future, it is not inconceivable that many will be fleeing from Canada.

    I escaped Castro's Cuba for freedom in America. Sixty-one years later my family still celebrates our arrival (msn.com)

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  11. 1 hour ago, Michael Hardner said:

    I don't think that the college could be so stupid as to be surprised with dr. Peterson's response.

    Their motivations seem pretty clear.  Peterson will have to abide by the code and stop being such a special lil YouTuber or face the accountability he's always talking about...

    You sound like a radical liberal with Orwellian ideology (Marxist).  Many liberals are Marxists pretending to be mainline lovers of democracy and freedom.  Fakers!  You claim to be a conservative.

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  12. 7 hours ago, bcsapper said:

    But the statement does nothing of the sort.  Try again.

    Evidently you don't even know what your own statement means or you are in denial.  Your statement in essence says that men that do evil are doing it from a religious conviction, correct?  Which of course is a broad generalization and not the truth as I have explained.

  13. On 8/31/2023 at 4:32 PM, bcsapper said:

    Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.”
    ― Blaise Pascal

    There is a lot of truth in that statement.  Islam is a prime example.  Other examples are cults that committed mass suicide like the Jonestown massacre.

    There are many groups that have seriously misinterpreted the Bible or taken parts of it and misused it for crooked purposes.  However, there have also been secular ideologies and leaders who have done great evil in the world without a religion behind them.  Examples are Hitler and the Nazis,  Communist leaders like Stalin, Chairman Mao, and Pol Pot of Cambodia that committed war crimes and mass murder.

    The point is there is a God who revealed a clear truth in the Bible which if followed correctly would not result in evil, but the opposite.  The human race is clearly on the wrong path and is full of evil.  This is not the fault of God or the Bible, but it is the fault of a fallen human nature or evil corrupt heart.

    "  9  The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? " Jeremiah 17:9 KJV

    The conclusion I would say is while your statement has some truth in it in the corrupt and evil world we live in and many follow false religion even within the western Judeo-Christian society, the statement is incorrect to lump ALL people with religious convictions together as doing evil or the cause of evil.  It is a false generalization by painting every religious person with the same brush.

  14. If you want to see examples of government over-reach, authoritarianism, totalitarianism, just read the B.C. freshwater fishing regulations.  Incredible endless regulations closing rivers for certain times of year, such as the summer months on one river.  I wrote to the government to complain about the excessive regulations and the political leader did not reply, but had some bureaucrat in fisheries reply to me with incredible explanations.  Such things as the river temperature being too high in the summer months.  Whew!  That is a reason to deprive a small number of people from fishing in that river in the summer?  Also not allowing any boat motors larger than 10 HP on a lake. What?  I have an old boat and old motor with a 15 hp motor, and I am expected to go out and buy a three or four thousand dollar motor if I want to fish on that lake with my boat?  This authoritarianism is a result of Socialist ideology that thinks government knows best about everything and citizens have no rights at all.

  15. The authoritarian government of Ottawa with it's totalitarian policies of carbon tax, transitioning the oil/gas industry, extreme regulations for net zero, etc. will make no difference to global warming or climate change.  Canada's contribution of CO2 to the atmosphere is just a drop in the bucket and other countries are not following Canada's radical agenda.  Man cannot control the climate and never will.  97% of atmospheric CO2 is natural to begin with. The other 3% is from fossil fuels and mankind cannot exist as we know it if that is significantly reduced by force or authoritarian rule.  The world depends on oil and gas for the necessities of life and will for the forseeable future.  Many products are derived from oil.

    "On the constitutional front, federal plans are shaky. Ottawa’s net zero policies require provinces and territories to adopt certain electricity generation targets by 2035. Of course, some provinces outside the West are pushing back. Nova Scotia — reliant on imported coal — is opposing Ottawa’s targets and its punitive carbon tax levies that are hitting low-income Nova Scotians particularly hard.

    The Constitution specifies provinces and territories have jurisdiction over electricity generation. Which makes complete sense. This level of government is better able to prioritize and manage its own plans for electric generation.

    Informed observers have pointed out that Ottawa was able to weasel into this area through appealing to its shared jurisdiction with the provinces over the environment. Project Confederation – an independent public policy organization based in Alberta – has  pointed  out that the decision to give the feds and the provinces shared say over the environment was one arrived at solely by the courts. The environment is not even mentioned in the constitution."

    QUESNEL: Manitoba needs to join Western Front against net zero nonsense (msn.com)

  16. 16 minutes ago, TreeBeard said:

    I find much of what you say doesn’t line up with the word of God.  You claim God didn’t mess up, but God says in scripture that he was disappointed in what He created.  Me messed up.  

    Actually what I am saying is correct.   God does not "mess up".  You can Google these topics and you will not find any rational website that says God "messed up".  That only comes from someone like you.   If you simply put a verse into a search engine, such as Genesis 6:5, you will find a number of websites that explain its meaning.  I have not seen any that try to put the spin on it you do.

    Take Genesis 6:5 for example:


    Taking the genealogies of the past chapter literally, this is especially sad. (I am not sure what this sentence means.  It could be wrong)

    The long lifespans of Genesis 5 imply that there was an almost-unbroken line of eyewitnesses to man's earliest history, right up to the year of the flood. Mankind's sin is not the result of error or drifting or ignorance. It's the result of a deliberate rejection of God.

    God's conclusion about the state of humanity is an all-encompassing declaration of human depravity. Left to follow our own way, apart from God, men and women will always choose evil. It's not just what we do; it's who we are without His direct involvement and transformation of our hearts. This goes a long way to explaining God's apparent decision to drastically reduce human lifespans (Genesis 6:3).

    This verse offers another clue to the nature of humanity: Our sinfulness, our inclination to do what is harmful, begins in our minds or hearts. In our Godless state, we do not happen into sin. We intentionally plan for it. It's where we want to go. It's not just our actions that are the problem; it is the hearts and minds that produce those actions.

    We haven't improved over the centuries. Our natures remain the same. When describing the Day of the Lord in Matthew 24, God's coming judgment for human sin, Jesus declares that it will be as in the days of Noah (Matthew 24:36–39). All these years later, without God's redemption and recreation, the human heart remains inclined to plan for evil continually.  unquote

    What does Genesis 6:5 mean? | BibleRef.com

    That does not mean I take everything a website says as absolute truth.  There could be error in some of them.

    Why God gave man a chance I don't have the answer for.  We could speculate.  Maybe God felt it is only fair to give mankind a chance to see if he will respect and obey God.  That seems reasonable.     Unfortunately much of mankind did not obey God and follow him, but chose to do evil.  Hence the great flood to wipe out life on the earth except for Noah and his family.

    The fall of man is why we have so much evil and suffering in the world.  It is why we have sickness, death, and world wars.  I would not be surprised if WW3, a nuclear war, is on the horizon.  I don't know if I will be here to see it.  The book of Revelation does give a grim forecast of what is coming before Jesus Christ returns, after which he will establish a peaceful world for his saints.  All evil doers and Christ rejecters will be eliminated and gone.


  17. 1 hour ago, TreeBeard said:

    God could’ve created people so that didn’t happen, right?   But he messed up bad

    Again you are talking nonsense.  God could have created robots instead of humans with free will.   But what would be the point of having a world of robots?  In his wisdom, he created man with free will and told him what not to do.  Man messed up by ignoring what God said.  Man ate the forbidden fruit and thereby broke his relationship with God.  Man was entirely in the wrong.

  18. 51 minutes ago, TreeBeard said:

    How do you tell if you’re the one deceived by Satan?

    Isn’t it prideful to boast that you can’t be deceived by Satan, but everyone else is?

    You tell by comparing what one says with the Bible, God's written revelation to man. "Thy word is truth".  If what someone says doesn't line up with the word of God, you know there is something wrong.  That is why the Bible is vitally important.  It is the source of truth and it reveals error and falsehood.

    I never said I could not be deceived by Satan.  I have been lots in my life.  I never said "everyone else is". 

    If you think scientists know more than God, then that is an example right there of falsehood.



  19. 15 minutes ago, TreeBeard said:

    Science loving Christian’s who don’t take the bible literally will be in heaven.  Amen. 

    It is highly questionable as to whether they will be in heaven.   The Bible is the only truth that is absolute and tells us how to get to heaven.  If you don't believe it, then you likely don't know or believe in God and his Son, Jesus Christ and don't know the way of salvation.  People who think they know more than God are totally deceived, probably by Satan.  Ever heard of the deadly sin called pride?

  20. 19 minutes ago, TreeBeard said:


    well, God could’ve created some 3rd cousins so they didn’t have to screw their own sisters, maybe?

    As I said, God is sovereign over how he created the universe and how he created mankind.  Who are you to question how God did it?  What is your purpose?


    19 minutes ago, TreeBeard said:

    Which specific scripture did I twist?  

    You twisted Scripture in a general way, not specific.  For example, you say God "messed up" and accuse our first ancestors of "incest".  That is twisting Scripture or twisting the truth to suit your own anti-God agenda.


    19 minutes ago, TreeBeard said:

    Science loving Christian’s who don’t take the bible literally will be in heaven.  Amen. 

  21. 1 hour ago, TreeBeard said:

    Right.  So God messed up his first attempt at creating people.  He had to start over! 

    No, God never messed up.  Man was given free will and chose to do evil of his own accord.


    1 hour ago, TreeBeard said:

    So, you’re pro-incest?    Ewww

    No, of course not.  We are talking about the time of creation of Adam and Eve, not the present.  At that time in Adam and Eve's family, it would not have been a sin.  How else could the human race be propagated?


    1 hour ago, TreeBeard said:

    It’s easy to know right from wrong.  And God does many evil things in the bible.  

    For you it seems impossible to know the difference between right and wrong.   God does nothing evil in the Bible.  Twisting Scripture to suit your own agenda does nothing good for you.  God is completely a Holy God.   Without sin.  You are treading on dangerous ground.  God holds your life in his hand and where you spend eternity is infinitely important.  God wants you to admit you are a sinner and repent and believe the gospel of his Son, Jesus Christ.  Your choice.  You can continue on the road to hell or choose Jesus Christ to be your Savior.

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  22. 3 hours ago, TreeBeard said:

    Except if God does it.  
    He killed everyone and everything except Noah and his family because He messed up on his first try.  That’s evil.  

    And they had children. All boys.  

    Who did Adam and Eve’s children have sex with to populate the planet?   There was only 1 female in existence!  Ewwww

    “Incest is best” -Psalms 151:1

    You are talking absolute garbage.  If you really wanted to know, you could easily Google it.  You failed in your attempt to discredit the Bible or God.  

    The earth's population was destroyed because they were evil.  "5  And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually."  Genesis 6:5 KJV

    Since it was the first couple, obviously some of Adam and Eve's children formed a couple.  Obviously Adam and Eve had one or more girls as well.  Nothing wrong with some of the children forming a couple in that situation.  How else could they reproduce?   We are talking about the beginning of the human race.  God determines what is right or wrong.  In that case it was acceptable since it was the only way to replenish the earth with humans.

    Do you realize how dumb it looks trying to judge God in comments?  Kind of like a mosquito judging an elephant and saying where he can walk.

  23. 2 hours ago, CdnFox said:

    In the beginning, the Universe was Created.  This has made a lot of people very angry and is widely regarded as a bad move.

    -Doug adams.

    That doesn't make any sense.  The fact that God created man and woman with the ability to procreate and keep the human race going is just another proof that God is infinitely powerful and intelligent.  The fact that man rebelled against God is not God's fault.  It is entirely man's fault.  He allowed himself to be deceived by Satan. 

    The whole LGBTQ thing is just rebellion against God and God's ordained way that humans should live.  It really creates anarchy in human society.  God ordained man and woman to live in a certain orderly way.  But because of man's fallen nature, man rebelled against God and still do.  Besides the sexual thing, man rebels against God in many other ways.  That is why six people a day are dying from drugs laced with fentanyl in B.C. alone or about 2,000 per year.  It's why we have wars.  

    Another country in Africa has been taken over by an armed military group.  A number of countries in Africa have had this happen in the last five years or so.  It is anarchy.  Little or no respect for law and order and governing authorities.

  24. Lots of comments from perverse, twisted minds.  Evil is evil and all the talk in the world about freedom and liberty to do one's own thing doesn't change that fact.  God created Adam and Eve, man and woman.  The only sexual relations that God condones is in marriage between a husband and wife, i.e. a man and a woman.  Everything outside that is wrong.  Man was created biologically different from a woman and it is obvious why they are created that way.  The normal sexual relationship is between a husband and wife and is the only one God condones.  It is the only one that perpetuates the human race and creates a stable family relationship with which to raise children.  If anyone has trouble understanding that, their minds are likely poisoned or blinded by Satan, the prince of darkness.  They need to study the Bible and change their attitude and be born again.  See gospel of John to learn how to be delivered and saved.

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