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  1. That makes more sense. So it's not really too much money.
  2. So is speaking against a particular religion or ideology "hate speech"? What is the definition of Islamophobia? Is it referring to speaking against a group of people or does it include speaking against a religion? For example can one be opposed to discrimination against women or certain people? Or will that be Islamophobia? I don't think the word "Islamophobia" can be enshrined in any kind of law but the word is undefined and can be made to apply to whatever one wishes to apply it to.
  3. I will deign to say it was the U.S. military that made the decision to drop the bomb, not necessarily Trump himself, although he may have been asked. At least that is the impression I got from the news.
  4. Mr. Dao was not engaging in unruly behavior. The reason they removed him by force was because they wanted his seat. The fact that he was removed with excessive force is what was illegal his lawyer says. He received serious injuries. That is what was illegal. Airlines do not have a right to do whatever they please with a passenger.
  5. The theory of evolution has been rejected by a number of scientists. I watched a four or five evening slide presentation by Professor Philip Stott on creation versus evolution. Dr. Stott is a noteworthy scientist who once believed in evolution but dismissed it 45 years ago after a lot of scientific consideration. He demonstrated on slides how the mathematical laws of probability make evolution an impossibility. The theory of evolution is based on the claim of random chance processes. It claims that over a period of time, the right atoms and molecules will come together to form the building blocks of life which will then eventually advance to higher life forms. But the problem with this is Prof. Stott said is there is not enough time (in terms of billions of years or more) for the right combinations to come together to form life. He likened it to giving a monkey a typewriter and letting him type randomly until he finally types the complete works of Shakespeare. How long would it take. Well the Professor made some calculations and found that it is essentially an impossibility because there is not enough time available to complete the project by chance. The same with the forming of life. It couldn't happen that way because the chance of it randomly happening would take an unreasonable amount of time. For all intents and purposes, it's just not a possibility that it could happen that way. Another thing professor Stott pointed out is the problem with the big bang theory. The universe is a very orderly mass of stars, galaxies, black holes, etc. According to the big bang theory, there was at the beginning an initial explosion and the universe came out of that. The problem is an explosion produces disorder or chaos, not order. So that means it could not have been an explosion at the beginning. The universe is very orderly. Also, the big bang theory still does not answer the question of where everything came from. Scientists have theories of course, but they cannot answer the question of where the matter or universe came from.
  6. Just saw on CNN that the passenger received a broken nose, lost two teeth, received a concussion, and received injuries to his sinus. He will require reconstructive surgery. His lawyer says he came from Vietnam in 1975 and what happened to him was more horrifying than what happened to him in Vietnam. His lawyer says the excessive force use on him was illegal. United Airlines claims they will make changes so this will never happen again.
  7. No. I just heard on the news today the lawyer for the passenger dragged off said the airline police at used excessive force in dragging the passenger off and he said it was illegal. The man received serious injuries, possible broken jaw and other damage in his face, possibly sinus damage. He is in hospital and may require surgery;. Also damaged foot. Lawyer said it was illegal how he was removed. Working on a lawsuit now.
  8. This is exactly the kind of thing that concerns Canadians about Muslim immigration. It is just a matter of time before this kind of thing starts in Canada, if it already hasn't. If there is not already laws to prevent people from imposing Sharia law on other people, there should be. Instead of M103, they should work on a law to prevent this from happening in Canada. Maybe we should let some of the Conservative candidates know about this. They could come up with a campaign promise to deal with it.
  9. Canada's anti-Islamophobia committee will begin meetings next month. http://debatepost.com/2017/04/13/canadas-anti-islamophobia-study-will-start-next-month/
  10. Asylum seekers coming into Canada receive up $1419 cash per month. http://debatepost.com/2017/04/10/alysum-seekers-crossing-into-canada-receive-up-to-1419-cash-per-month/
  11. You're using a completely different set of circumstances. As a judge I would say inadmissible evidence. Award the passenger damages and expenses. This was simply for the convenience of the airline company. They should have found another solution.
  12. It also depends how they were treating the kids in their everyday life. If they were overbearing, that is no good. The article doesn't tell how they were treated so it's impossible to know. If it was just these three things, that shouldn't warrant shutting the place down, but if there is more to it than that, it would be a different matter.
  13. I am very disappointed in our Liberal (and NDP occasionally) governments in B.C. They have allowed the real estate prices in Vancouver to skyrocket for decades and ordinary people can no longer afford a home in one of Canada's greatest cities. The lowest price home is around one million dollars. Scandalous what politicians allowed to happen. Now we are reaping the consequences which you describe above as one example. They have no interest in being Canadian and assimilating.
  14. The Vancouver real estate tax is too little too late. The house prices are up around a million dollars for the cheapest house. It should have been dealt with 40 years ago.
  15. Regardless of his history (which they did not know and is irrelevant), he did not create a disturbance. He simply refused to go. The airline was wrong to remove him by force. Now the airline is paying. In this country, we don't believe in treating the paying public like that. People have to be treated with respect and dignity. Millions of people have seen it and are strongly opposed to the way he was dragged off the plane and injured. This is a form of physical assault.
  16. Who cares what the criminal history of the passenger was? He had a ticket and did not cause as disruption like the airline claimed. I think I saw on TV that United Airlines shares dropped the other day by a billion dollars. Wow! Money and millions of people have spoken.
  17. WASPS (white Anglo-Saxon Protestants) are an endangered species in Canada. There may be many Orthodox, Catholics and others who agree with WASPS and actually form a kind of coalition to support the idea of defending a Canadian culture from the onslaught of those from other parts of world who oppose our culture and traditions. I believe it has historically been known as a Judeo-Christian culture. It is the western culture which was brought to North America from Europe starting around 500 years ago. It has been falling off the tracks in the last 100 years because of pressures of various sorts, including the liberal ideology of "multiculturalism". Multiculturalism has been a failed experiment in some ways. One need only look at the mess in Europe to realize that. One does not have to be a Jew or Christian to still believe in the Judeo-Christian culture as the basis of our western culture and democracy.
  18. That would cost the medical system too much. Too many people visiting doctors already for very questionable reasons. When I was visiting Manitoba last year, I found they had brought in a new regulation requiring anyone to get a doctor's prescription to buy 222s with caffiene & codiene. So when you have a headache and need some 222s, you can't even walk into a drugstore and get them. I was shocked. This is costing Manitoba a fortune. You must wait until the walk-in clinic opens and go sit there, maybe for a couple hours. Glad I don't live in Manitoba. How much does it cost the medical system in Manitoba for one doctor's visit? Far more than the cost of a bottle of 222s.
  19. Ontario has been mis-managed so badly by the Liberal government of Ontario. It is a total disaster. The Liberals went whole-hog into the green thing. I think they have the green energy act. Then they started building wind generators like crazy. They used taxpayer money to subsidize the green energy industry and that cost Ontario far more money. They wasted billions of dollars with the gas plant fiasco when they shut down gas plants. They wasted hundred of millions of dollars in the computerized medical records system disaster. To make matters worse, the people re-elected the Liberals in Ontario in the last election. Now they will have carbon pricing which will push up the cost of living even more. On top of it, you have the insane real estate prices in the major cities like Toronto that make it impossible for a middle income person to buy a home.
  20. No, I don't think it is a good idea. First, I don't believe in man-made climate change. Google Ten Reasons Climate Change is a Hoax. Secondly, fossil fuels will be needed for the forseeable future. There is no viable alternative. Canada has a huge geography where many Canadians live in small towns or villages scattered over this vast country. Many people must travel long distances for various reasons. Electric cars are generally far more expensive than gas or diesel powered cars. Many people must drive trucks for their jobs and electric is not a viable option of trucks because of the amount of power trucks require. The main reason I oppose it is the high cost of electric cars and the inability of being able to drive long distances without stopping frequently for long periods of time to re-charge the batteries. We have a vast fossil fuel resources in the ground in Canada and we need to find ways to get pipelines built to be able to sell it to foreign markets. Right now Canada is losing billions of dollars because of the inaction and incompetence of the govenments of Canada.
  21. I agree with you that materialism is a problem. I don't think if someone becomes a christian it means he has to give up everything he has. Everyone is at a different level of prosperity. Some have much; some have very little and are just trying to make ends meet. Rich people often donate generously. I don't think I use the bible as a damning weapon; I hope not. I don't think that is the way it is to be used. But is is full of warnings which we cannot ignore. The good thing is the bible teaches God is merciful and ready to forgive. Yes, Jesus is a healing agent. I agree with that. There are so many people suffering in different ways. There are many situations that people are in that there might not be an easy solution for. Family problems are major. Surely there must be an answer for that through the bible. I think Jesus is the answer. Yes, this is Easter week, an important time of the year for christians everywhere. Cheers.
  22. Back in the 1970s, 1980s, and maybe later, we had some priests in central and south America who were apparently teaching "liberation theology". Maybe Google it. This is a marxist theology that supports revolution, including violence. This appealed to masses or the uneducated catholic people in those poor countries in central America. That may be why you had the war in El Salvador and some other central American and south American countries. Also don't forget the present pope is a Jesuit priest and he has promoted socialist ideas and criticized capitalism. So what is his ideology? Meanwhile the Vatican is probably the richest corporation in the world with billions of dollars accumulated over nearly 2000 years.
  23. The heading for this subject is not something I would choose. If one is following the teachings of the bible (and few of us are strictly speaking), how does one say it is too much. But if one is in the wrong religion, then any amount is too much.
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