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  1. 1 minute ago, DogOnPorch said:


    And your evidence that the entire Universe is only 6,000 years old is from a book that was written in the Bronze Age...by folks who thought the Earth was flat.


    No...they all have to be wrong according to your version of the Universe. You don't get to pick and choose....either atomic bombs work or they do not.

    He's no mathematician. He's certainly not a scientist.


    There is more than one Philip Stott on google.  The one I heard was a professor from South Africa.  Think he was born in England.  He has taught mathematics in university I believe.  He has traveled around the world attending conferences and such on evolution and lectured on the subject.  He has written at least one book on related topics.  He is a very knowledgeable speaker.  Yes, I believe he has a degree or degrees, most likely in mathematics.

  2. Just now, DogOnPorch said:


    So let's recap: you have no understanding of ANY of these things but have allowed an 'expert' to tell you that things like physics, chemistry and mathematics are wrong.

    You might see where I think you're out in left field picking daisies...

    This is where you are misunderstanding what I believe.  I never said I don't believe Physics, chemistry and mathematics.  I do believe in the conventional teachings about them.  They do not conflict with the long earth age beliefs.  Mathematics, chemistry, and physics is based on certain laws and principles which I would agree with.

  3. Just now, DogOnPorch said:


    You're disagreeing with far more than Evolution.

    Well yes, anything that claims the age of something in the universe was long, i.e. millions or billions of years, would not be in agreement with biblical creation.  I would have to disagree with long ages of things.

  4. Just now, DogOnPorch said:


    What? The scientific method is not being abandoned no matter what your church leaders say.

    Well, professor Stott said it has not always been followed as it should have been.  Sometimes claims have been made without clear proof and using the scientific method.

  5. 1 minute ago, DogOnPorch said:


    So physics, chemistry, mathematics and such are all simply wrong?

    No, of course not.  Professor Philip Stott explained that the scientific method was actually abandoned by many scientists.  He explained the importance of the scientific method.  Some theories in science have been abandoned as new knowledge is discovered.

  6. 1 minute ago, DogOnPorch said:


    What about metallicity? Do you have some knowledge of chemistry and how all that works? 

    Some but it was a long time ago.  I had a chemistry lab in the basement when I was a kid.  Had quite a collection of chemicals.  Passed chemistry in high school but can't remember much now.  I know a little about chemical reactions.   What about metalicity?

  7. 3 minutes ago, DogOnPorch said:

    Another question would be...just for you pondering...why can we see farther than 6,000 ly?

    The same reason the earth was created with a certain age.  The whole universe would have been created with an apparent age.  In an instant the universe would have been created with galaxies, stars, etc.  Even with the light from stars giving the impression it has been traveling for billions of years, when in fact, it must have been created to appear that way.

  8. Just now, DogOnPorch said:


    How did he do that? Or is the above probability theory all that convinced you?

    I suppose I'd have a few other questions...but let's stick to this. What about metallicity? It shows the Earth wasn't created in the beginning...but rather after other stars went supernova in order to make elements beyond Lithium. As well, new stars & planets are being made as we type on our devices...any idea why?


    No.  I was convinced the account in Genesis is true before I heard his slide presentation.  He went into all kinds of things that were very fascinating.

    The universe I believe was created at the same time as the earth.  So all the planets, starts, galaxies, black holes, etc. must have been created at the same time.  Prior to that, perhaps there was nothing.

  9. He believe the earth could have been struck by a giant meteor that caused a huge tidal wave to rush around the earth several kilometers in height.  There may be some evidence for the earth being struck by a giant meteor because the earth could have been knocked off of it's axis.  There is scientific evidence based upon the amount of the wobble and they have calculated when it was hit by the meteor.

  10. If you gave a monkey a typewriter and allowed him to keep typing until he typed out the complete works of Shakespeare, how long would it take?   That is like the theory of evolution.  Statistically there is not enough time in the universe for evolution to occur because the random chance processes don't have enough time to create an evolving life.  He said mathematically it is not possible.

  11. Just now, DogOnPorch said:


    Do you believe that?

    Yes.  I believe the King James Bible.   I was fortunate to be able to hear a series of lectures by a scientist Professor Philip Stott for four evening on the subject of creation and evolution.  It was a slide presentation.  He showed how from a scientific point of view the theory of evolution doesn't hold up and many other things.

  12. 4 minutes ago, DogOnPorch said:


    How old is the Earth?

    Theologians have estimated from the events in the Bible that it is possibly six thousand years old.  I think they get that from a timeline of events recorded in the Bible.

  13. Just now, DogOnPorch said:


    So coal was created by Yahweh already in that form of carbon? Not as living plants first?

    That makes sense.  According to scientists, doesn't it take millions of years to convert plants into coal?  So the coal you see today must have been created with the earth.

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